Raging Elk rushed on the machines Karakulino

Karakulino. Udmurtia. Aggressive moose attacked cars Karakulino area. According to the press service of the State Veterinary Udmurt Republic, the animal had sailed across the Kama River, in the village was Kolesnikov. Coming ashore, the moose was behaving inappropriately, aggressively threw the cars. The result was a vast stock removal of the wound and died from loss of blood in the ravine, near the time farm of one of the villagers. Veterinary Laboratory experts analyzed the pathological material and found that the moose had been sick with rabies. Disinfect the place of death and disposal of diseased animal carcasses.

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A nuclear power plant in the Saratov region cut off power unit

According kp.ru, this morning on rumors Saratov region — something not at Balakovo NPP. Third eneprgoblok again does not work. The people held their breath, waiting for the official announcement and calmed the nerves with red wine. Like, say, radiation helps. But found no reason for panic. Currently third power BNPP really disabled. Yesterday, at about 18:00, he was routinely off-loaded by 50%. Management has decided to temporarily reduce power during exercise. Ten days ago, on June 19, is a hardware failure — because of the temperature sensor glitch occurred automatic shutdown of the power system. Less

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In lakes Bashkiria mass fish die

This spring, the lakes of Bashkiria has already registered five cases of sudden and massive fish kill, according svobodanews.ru

The first warning sign came in early April, with the lake in the Annunciation Achikul region of Bashkortostan. Local fishermen said they found a large number of dead carp.

According to the analysis of water samples showed that no contamination of the lake.

Another case of mass death of fish in the same month occurred on Lake Bath in October. According to the national department Rosrybolovstva dead carp, tench and pike.

That's why the choice of solutions —

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Britain has organized a large island off the Falklands baiting rats

The team of researchers led by the world of their British colleagues will go next year to the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic Ocean to participate in a unique-scale operation to exterminate the rats, the organizers of the project.

To implement it at the request of the fund preservation of the natural heritage of South Georgia was assembled a team of 25 experts from the UK and other countries. In February 2013 they will travel to South George, which is 1.5 thousand miles east of the Falklands archipelago, for the destruction of flooded island and threaten

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Resident of Mari El killed by lightning, three others in hospital

Man killed in Mari El lightning during a thunderstorm on Tuesday, and three of his friends were hospitalized, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, a representative of the investigative department of Yoshkar-Ola regional Souskiou Anton Vitsyuk. On that day, a group of four people had a picnic on the banks of the river near the village of Malaya Kokshaga Yakimova. Storm began. Young people have decided to wait out the storm, standing under a tree. "As a result of a lightning strike 30-year-old man was killed and three were hospitalized," — said the source. Investigators are checking on the incident, during

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In the Chinese province of Anhui landslide occurred

The city Huancheng Anhui Province, located in the eastern part of China, there was a landslide. A plot of land broke down about 15 meters high. It was followed by two two-storey houses that were on the same hill, but a few feet above. Enclosure houses completely destroyed and can not be restored.

During the seven year old boy suffered disaster, on which the flood of mud and stones. After a three-hour rescue operation rescue team managed to extract it from the dam was still alive, but the child died in hospital from serious injury.

In addition to

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Downpour paralyzed traffic in several parts of Odessa

Vehicular traffic in several parts of Odessa on Tuesday was paralyzed by rain and strong winds, reports Ukrainian news agency UNIAN.

The city flooded several busy roads, the wind knocked down the roadway about fifty trees, which led to the formation of traffic jams on the streets Williams Chapayev Division, Bulkowski, Prospect Shevchenko Lustdorf road and some others. Movement difficult and in Peresyp where traffic jams formed.

Flooded several underpasses, including in the central street of the city — Deribasovskaya community services workers are clearing drains.

Because of the strong wind breaks occurred lines on the streets Dunaevskiy, Luzanovskoy,

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Downpour paralyzed Chisinau

Some months ago, then a candidate for mayor and the current mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca promised first thing livnevku clean. July 21 downpour did not last long, though, had done a lot of trouble. Torrential rain simply paralyzed Chisinau! The city, however, as always, was not ready for the elements. Stormy rain flows were similar to the powerful agricultural, capital instantly formed long traffic jams, hundreds of people were late for work or business meetings … In urban lowlands formed natural lake, preventing normal driving through traffic.

But this summer, soon all dried up and nothing reminds of the July

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Recorded an intense flare on the Sun

Two powerful manifestations of solar activity occurred in the same area lights at intervals of a day. Both coronary mass ejection belong to classes that can cause magnetic storms on Earth. Second, the strongest indignation, registered February 14 at 23:50 U.S. Pacific Coast time, accompanied by an extremely rapid release of the hot plasma of the solar corona in the direction of the planet. The flux of protons, electrons and heavy elements reached Earth in minutes instead of the usual day or two.

Phenomena registered American scientific satellite — Solar Dynamics Observatory (GSO), said

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Saakashvili: its very similar to Robespierre

The head of the Republic of Georgia, Mr. Saakashvili poddverg criticized representatives of the new government apparatus of the state spent in the last few weeks of arrests. Saakashvili said that the situation in the country a matter of concern not only in the society of ordinary Georgians, but also among the partners of Georgia from the western states.

As the agency REGNUM, Mr. Saakashvili accuses new Government that for them "anything and everything possible to be arrested." "In conversations public and private nature such messages are heard, and this is certainly a matter of great concern", — complains the

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