Ukraine: Nikolaev blossomed in January

Nicholas on sidewalks and lawns in full green grass, sometimes blossoming flowers, some trees have swollen buds and lilacs and do let down the foliage.

Do you think that spring has come to the city? Not at all! If you open the calendar, you can see the surprise — in the court of the peak winter month of January.

In Mykolaiv region, as indeed in the whole territory of Ukraine, recently there has been an abnormally warm weather, which, apparently, was the cause of the "spring" bloom.

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Snowfall in Switzerland

The famous Swiss resort of Davos declared threat of avalanches. The last few weeks here it is snowing. As a result — two-meter drifts. Experts say: this was not there 70 years.

The number dropped this season precipitation in 2 times more than last year. And this despite the fact that winter has come to the Alps rather pozdno.Napomnyu, the first snow fell at the ski resorts in the middle of a clearing dekabrya.Sinoptiki weather is not promising. Precipitation in Davos continue.

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List of future ghost towns published magazine «Forbes»

1. San Francisco, USA may disappear due to the earthquake. Researchers from the University of California with a 75% probability predict that by 2086 in the San Francisco earthquake happen magnitude 7 or greater. San Francisco is also one of the most rapidly declining U.S. cities. All this is part of the displacement of the expensive and geographically hazardous coastal areas inland. Major disaster may accelerate this trend.

2. Detroit, USA

The reason — the decline in the population

Detroit's population has decreased by a third since 1950, to about 950,000 people. Anticipated that the population will decline slowly

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Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 occurred in Afghanistan

Tremors of moderate intensity occurred on Thursday night in North India.

According to the TV channel NDTV, which refers to the data of meteorological services, the epicenter of the earthquake was a magnitude 5.8 in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan.

The earthquake has affected Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India. Information on casualties or damage have been reported yet.

Canada and Britain have antipremiyu Dodo

Canada and Britain have sixth annual antipremiyu Dodo to reduce the number of species of animals and plants during the UN Conference on Biodiversity (CBD), expiring on Thursday in Hyderabad, India, the organizers of the conference.

Annual antipremiya — rubber dodo bird — for the loss of biodiversity has been awarded since 2007 an alliance of non-governmental environmental organizations. It received its name in honor of the extinct dodo bird as a symbol of all the disappeared human-induced species.

"Undisputed" victory "Canada awarded for violation of several geoengineering ban approved by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in 2008

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Post-hurricane Kuzbass

In the Kuzbass, one person was killed and two others injured in a hurricane, flown over the region.

During a hurricane in the Kemerovo region Tashtagol trees crushed several people. One woman died and another child were injured.

And on the streets of Novokuznetsk — these kakdry made just there — communal gather around the wreckage scattered trees and tore off roofs antenna and shell plate.

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Exploit the tires properly

To control any wheeled vehicle, the transmission traction and braking, to protect it from vibrations needed wheels and tires mounted on them. Pneumatic tires and is integrally cast.If the tire rubber and cast polymer base constrains external shocks and vibrations, the pneumatic tire is the limiting factor, gas (air) pressure. All passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks equipped with pneumatic tires manufacturers.More rubber is classified into radial and bias tires. It depends on the design of the cord. Now almost all the tires for cars radial. It is more stable on the road surface.But, like the wheels on a

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In California, because of the nature of fire hundreds of residents evacuated

Evacuate about 400 homes and elementary school staff are at risk of wildfire near Lake Isabella Lake in the south of the U.S. state of California. Flame spread promotes strong winds, reaching speeds of 65 km per hour.

Injured in a fire that threatens to spread to more than a hundred dwellings, no, said on Saturday the authorities in California Kern County.

Fighting the fire are about 500 firefighters. Their efforts managed to extinguish the flames on the 45% area covered by the fire. Fire Protection Service predicts worsening conditions, as the wind in Kern County does not calm down

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Locust attacks Kharkiv region

In Dvurechanskom region Kharkov region registered seat locusts. The pest was on 100 hectares of perennial grasses, and gradually began to move on a sunflower in the neighborhood. This was "Glavred" the press service of the Hogan.

The press-service informed that the locusts survived thanks to a warm winter, so the threat of such centers exist in every district. Given the characteristics of the biology of the pest, which in a short period can cause significant damage until the complete destruction of sugar beet, corn, sunflower, millet in the Kharkiv region are planning to establish working groups to carry

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In the coves of Peter the Great Bay found increasing concentrations of mercury

A press conference with the participation of specialists Primgidrometa. As stated by the Head of the Centre for monitoring environmental pollution Galina Semykina: "We have recorded an increasing concentration of mercury in the waste water entering the bay of the Gulf of Peter the Great. The situation began to deteriorate in 2010, when the mercury was detected in high concentrations in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great. We can not yet know the precise cause, but the pollution of the coastal waters of Primorye affected by several factors, including numerous landfills, waste water which is directly

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