Earthquake hazard in the region of the nuclear reactor at Bushehr

Iranian seismologists have made a secret report to the government. In it, they warned of a "real danger" of a powerful earthquake in the nuclear reactor at Bushehr, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.

Scientists warn: "Seismic hazard in Iran could recreate the scene of the disaster, similar to what we see as a result of the earthquake in the Japanese nuclear reactor in Fukushima."

IAEA experts in Vienna, however, suggest that the findings of the report have been ignored by the government, which, with renewed energy continues to insist on the immediate commissioning of the Bushehr reactor

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6.0 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Mexico and Guatemala

Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred on Sunday under the water to the west of the border of Guatemala and Mexico, the site says the U.S. Geological Survey.

The epicenter of tremors recorded in 06.22 local time (16.22 MSK), located 26 kilometers from Guatemala City EQA and 28 kilometers from the Mexican city Suchyate (Chiapas). The earthquake lies at a depth of 35.3 kilometers.

Information on possible casualties and material damage were reported.

Solar aktivnost1 to 5 September

Solar activity for the period 31 August to 4 September and flash in the sun class M.



Videos sent astronomer Alexzendr.

Solar activity for September 5


Freshwater dolphins baytszi stranded

Due to a prolonged drought the water level in the rivers and lakes of the basin the middle and lower Yangtze River was below the historic low. In addition to the negative impact on shipping and land reclamation shoaling river threatened river dolphin! Baytszi — rare freshwater dolphins that live in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Dongting and Poyang lakes. Scientists believe that a population of about 1,000 individuals, even less than the number of giant pandas, which are "a treasure of China." As a result, the 200-day drought, the water level in Tyanechzhou State

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Deaths of birds recorded in the three districts veterinarians Amur region

Bird deaths recorded veterinarians Amur region backyard in Tambov, Michael Constantine and regions, at first ill individuals were suspected smallpox, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Deputy Head of the Regional gosvetnadzora Olga Atavin.

The first signs of the disease poultry owners private holdings Mikhailovsky district recorded 19-21 September. Owners of farms videotaped characteristic smallpox rash bezperevoy body parts of birds.

"In Michael's birds were the characteristics of the disease, but laboratory evidence we have. Confirmed cases of 30 individuals killed two. Hosts most farmsteads just did not wait for the mass deaths of birds and destroyed all the chickens with

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Tornadoes and flooding in Arkansas, USA


VILON, Arkansas. April 26. Four people were killed and 12 people miraculously survived, hiding in the cellar of the size of a closet. Arkansas governor said he was surprised, as a result of the elements of such a force was avoided over the many victims.

On this night, throughout the state of incessant storms killed eight people. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, meteorologists expect further deterioration in the weather.





Tornadoes and flooding in Arkansas, USA

Radiation levels measured at three hourly weather stations Primorye

Only three stations Primgidrometa, according to updated figures went into high alert mode and measure the background radiation every hour in connection with information on underground nuclear explosions at the site in the neighboring North Korea, according to forecasters Primorsky Krai.

Central News Agency of North Korea on Tuesday announced a report on the successful underground nuclear tests — to undermine the "light and compact bomb" great destructive power. Previously reported, all stations Primgidrometa went into high alert due to the DPRK's nuclear test.

"In connection with the receipt of information on underground nuclear explosions at the site in North

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Cold and snow again shackled to Europe

Much of Europe was once again dominated by hard frost, snowfall disrupted air and rail service in many countries, according to ITAR-TASS.

Thus, heavy snowfall led to the closure of the international airport Geneva. As the press-secretary of the air port Bertrand Stampfli, per night dropped about 12 inches of snow is expected in the near future new snowstorm. Canceled more than 20 flights.

Heavy snow and ice paralyzed the movement of aircraft and vehicles on the south and west of Germany. In the largest in Germany international airport of Frankfurt am Main today canceled 200 flights. "Most of

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Lightning broke the movement

With the enormous challenges facing the passengers yesterday, decided to use the Long Island railroad. All post by LIRR, except branches in Port Washington, was blocked after a 4:30 pm near Jamaica due to lightning stopped working alarm system. After 2 hours, the movement had begun to recover by switching semaphores manually, but an hour after the train had to stop again. In restricted mode, the traffic on all lines was restored only to 11:30 pm, some service was restored on all lines. As of 2 am train every hour to the east and west to Babylon, Huntington, Long Beach

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In Bulgaria, the raging storm

According to the "Monitor", the hurricane went through seven areas of Bulgaria Sliven, Yambol, Burgas, Varna, Razgrad, Silistra and Dobrich. Many fallen trees, damaged roofs of dozens of houses, due to heavy rain flooded basements of many buildings, difficult to move on the roads.

In Varna, four passenger cars damaged by fallen trees.

In Burgas region several villages without electricity.

In Rezovo rainfall of 87 liters per square meter, in Varna — 10 liters per square meter. m, in the Chablais — 14, in Dobrich — 18.

In Yambol rain fell continuously throughout the night. In the village of Elhovo

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