7.9 earthquake in Mexico. Video

A powerful earthquake in Mexico — seriously shaken popular resort of Acapulco — eight on the Richter scale — damaged hundreds of buildings — injured seven people — there were no casualties …

According to seismologists, the tremors were felt in several other states, including those in Mexico. Gathering information about the damage continues. Brunt of the disaster has already been called one of the strongest in recent years.

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Especially in shallow water explained by tsunami

Scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder have used mathematical methods to the characteristics of the waves that appear in shallow water before it hits the tsunami and found that depending on the nature, what kind of energy wave will cover the island. Only found two special types of waves — X-shaped and U-shaped, so called because of the form that gets water mass.

Conducted their research in the wild, researchers saw that the usual direct waves in the interaction form another type of waves, X-or Y-type. Moreover, if the closer to the coast during the tsunami waves

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In the Dnieper fish die because of algal blooms

Dnipro tsvіte. Vlіtku water at rіchtsі perenasichena in? Dorostyami. After that bake zabrudnenіst stink Shvydko rozmnozhuyutsya. A ribі — brakuє kisnyu. About naslіdki tsvіtіnnya rіchki — Olga Chepіl.

Pomiluvatis pіdvodnim svіtom, and along pozbirati smіttya. Ninі Tse two osnovnі zanyattya dayverіv on Dnіprі. Vtіm ostannє boys brought ROBIT navpomatski. Shinyo-dwellers zelenі Roslin rozmnozhuvalis, potrіbnі pekuche sonce that pozhivnі rechovini. For tsogo zazvichay staє in prigodі whether smіttya yak.

Olga Chepіl, correspondent of:

— Pid hour doschіv zelenіє water less then — tsvіtіnnyu bіlshe spriyaє spec. The axis can be seen here — scho pіsok — navіt bіlya

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Turkey. Flood

Severe flooding in eastern Turkey has paralyzed life in several cities. Due to heavy rains the river overflowed. Authorities closed the school, they remain in the homes, in the streets raging flood of mud.

Elements took the life of 20-year-old girl. She lost control machine, the car fell into the river. Two more people were missing. Rescuers are searching their

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Nizhny Novgorod filled up with snow

In Nizhny Novgorod, cope with the consequences of heavy snow that hit the city this past day. Was put on the streets all the utility machinery. This year's first snow has caused serious traffic congestion, a few hours have been recorded dozens of accidents. Forecasters predict that rainfall will continue throughout the entire environment. Images from the snowy Nizhny Novgorod sent to our website "Mobile Reporter" eyewitness Alexander Borisov.

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Earth creaks

The frightening sounds that they hear people from different parts of the world.

Zemletsyanie magnitude of 5.1 occurred in Japan

The situation in Japan following massive earthquake today, is completely under control — all strategically important infrastructure functioning normally.

According to incoming reports, lines of railroads, airports and power projects in central Japan and the north-west of the country, where the 5.1 magnitude earthquake was felt most of all, to be in order.

The epicenter was at a relatively low magnitude of 5.1 located in Ibaraki Prefecture. But because of the extremely shallow depth — only 10 km — strong tremors were felt in 14 prefectures, including Fukushima and the Capital Region. Reports of destruction or injuries were reported. According

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Heavy snow complicated the situation on the highways in Latvia

Traffic hampered throughout Latvia due to heavy snowfall, which began on Thursday night, according to the online version of the leading national media.

As the press service of "Latvian State Roads", the main highways of the country and regional zaporosheny in many places ice.

Complicated because of snowfall and vehicular traffic in the capital, Riga, the city formed a large cork behind schedule public transport. Bred in the streets all snow removal equipment.

According to forecasters, the fresh snow will melt in the next few days.

For unknown reasons Bliznyukovskom District Public killed fish

Establish the circumstances of mass plague fish Bliznyukovskom area. April 6 at about eight in the morning Bliznyukovsky PO GUMVD Ukraine in Kharkiv region called the Chief Inspector of Civil Protection Bliznyukovskogo PO EMERCOM in Kharkiv region. He reported that on April 5 at the pond near the village Uplatnoe Bliznyukovskogo area experienced massive fish kills. Reservoir with a total area of 60 hectares at Bliznyukovskoy district administration in July 2002, rents private businessman, resident of Vine. As the site GUMVD Ukraine in Kharkiv region, according to preliminary data revealed about 100 tons of dead fish: carp,

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Jellyfish threaten Israeli electricity

Jellyfish can leave Israeli cities without light. Large thermal power stations, "Orot Rabin" has now been proved under threat of closure.

The thing is, that in the Mediterranean had multiplied so many jellyfish that are sucked into their tons of water cooling systems of power plants. Filter is very difficult, because the number of jellyfish increasing day by day, so that an accident is possible.

Plant owner, the corporation "Israel Electric", decided by the end of this summer to stop work "Orot Rabin". Now this power facility produces more than 20 percent of all electricity in the country, so

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