Raising funds for the maintenance of three orphaned cubs announced in Primorye

Environmentalists have announced fundraising feeding and maintenance of three Amur tiger cubs, which, having lost her mother, to the people in the Maritime region, said the fund "Phoenix".

Three of four-Amur tiger November 27 came to the military unit involved barking dog. Predators tried to suppress it, but they are frightened guard who drove the cubs back into the forest. Next tigress could not be found, and the protection of wildlife officers decided to take the edge of the cubs from the forest. During the week, all the cubs were captured and sent to a special rehabilitation center for predators.

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Strange tremors in New Jersey, the U.S. has puzzled residents

December 10, 2011. Buildings shook, bottles rattled, bells rang, and many of New Jersey shouted "Earthquake!" yesterday morning.

However, despite the evidence of more than 60 people, a representative of the U.S. Geological Survey said that none of the seismometers stationed around the state did not register even a hint of a shiver.

"This is clearly not an earthquake," said geophysicist John Bellini, speaking at the U.S. Geological Survey office in Colorado. "My guess — more than likely that it was thunder or a sonic boom."

However, a representative of the National Weather Service said it is unlikely that

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The repeated failure of the soil to the Baltic


Repeated sinkhole occurred in the Baltic. The video details.

Global warming: a visual confirmation

The spread of desert vegetation in northern areas earlier evidence on the impact of global warming

Landsat satellite observations suggest proliferation of shrubs as a result of global warming.

Comparison of vegetation in northern Quebec for the period between 1986 and 2004 shows its spread. Thus NASA satellite data confirm that the twenty-year warming in Canada has led to an increase in the number and density of shrubs and grasses.

Was the first to detect these changes and study them in detail. Until now, scientists' attention was directed to a prominent picture of melting sea ice, and changes

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Hunters in the tornado

Hunters in the tornado, getting to the American Great Plains, should be aware that it is not safe entertainment. Dangerous moment experienced team Discovery Channel, when too close to a tornado.

Fans of the weather, of course, follows the adventures of the team of hunters to the storm, which gathers data at the heart of a tornado. In the next series of "Catch a tornado (Storm Chasers)» hunters were divided into three groups.

The first is a truck that is equipped with a Doppler radar, which indicates the location of a

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In Transbaikalia caught piranha

Zabaykalskie fishermen were quite surprised when caught in the lake Arahley piranha, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". At least, that's what the staff identified the fish section of ichthyology Chita city zoo. Rather, piranhas released into the pond one of the local residents — in all likelihood, someone bothered to mess with it.

The content of piranhas in the home requires a lot of patience and a lot of time, the "Chita.Ru." However, people prefer the version that the pollution of the lake and its shores mutated perch.

"Usually, pike, perch, sorghum, in our rudd or bulus, come across, but here

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How to choose the right product?

In this article, we'll show you how to choose a refrigerator and gas stove. The process of buying a refrigerator is a very troublesome thing, and in order to select the correct instance of the need to carefully deal with the tasks to be performed by the device. There are a few things for which to look for when choosing a model.

So, to start, note the size and volume of the refrigerator. Most likely you have placed it in the kitchen and so calculate the size of the model. You also need to consider the fact that the

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The water level in the rivers of the Carpathian fell to a record low

The water level in the Ukrainian rivers dropped to record lows. In the Carpathians, in some rivers the rate of least in the last 30-40 years. Hydrometeorological Center argue that it does not threaten the supply of water to the population. Part of the water is taken for consumption in the Dnieper basin, and the situation is quite normal for this time of year.

Heat in South Korea caused a massive power outage

South Korea was plunged into darkness. Because of the extreme heat, turn off tens of electrical substations. As a result, in Seoul and other major cities, the lights went out.

Were without power and more than 300 million homes, businesses stopped. Hundreds of people were stuck in elevators. In some areas, stopped working telephone. Roads disconnected traffic lights, in the end was a large cork.

Now the situation is returning to normal. Energy Minister has apologized to residents. According to him, the heat added to the unprecedented plan of work for large industrial projects, and the government

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Iceland in a matter of days can submerge

Europe can cover the ash cloud. Old World threatens eruption — the most powerful in the past century. In Iceland, Katla volcano wakes, also known as the "big brother Eyjafjallajokull." Because of him last year in the Northern Hemisphere occurred aviakollaps — canceled thousands of flights, said channel "Russia 24". But now the situation is much more serious. Iceland can literally go under water. The fact that the volcano is hidden under a layer of ancient ice. If they melt, then flood the entire east coast. Katla last erupted in 1918. Then the water flows into the

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