Rescuers warn of high avalanche danger in the Khibiny

The high degree of avalanche danger forecast in the mountains of the Murmansk region, the collapse of the snow with most slopes with little additional burden, said the regional Emergencies Ministry.

"Perhaps the collapse of individual medium and large-size rarely showers," — warn rescuers.

EMERCOM Russia in the Murmansk region, avoid movement on the slopes of the non-equipped, and travel groups ask before going to join in the Murmansk route search and rescue team — a subsidiary of the North-West Regional Search and Rescue Team Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Impact on the stability of the snow mass is heavy snow, blizzard,

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The collapse of the tower in the Netherlands because of the fire

Short circuit and emerged after this fire led to the collapse of the upper part of the tower broadcasting transmitter in Hogersmilde in eastern Netherlands.

This 300-meter structure was one of the highest in the country.

During collapse no one was hurt, as firefighters struggled to cope with the fire, had to leave the dangerous object, and the area around the transmitting station has been fenced off by the time the police.

However, as a result of a failure of the transmitter towers of 80 Dutch territory were without broadcasting in FM-band reception. Radio stations switched to

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Mass death of fish in the Vinogradovschine

Last Saturday, near the village Fanchikovo in small tributary of the Tisza River Tisza fisheries inspectors discovered massive fish kills.

As they said at the scene there was a terrible, acrid stench, and the whole area was covered pond brown film. When looking at the terrible picture could not believe that a week ago, this place was a neat little water pond, where even children were swimming. Now it looks more like a swamp.

Besides the dead, because even the frogs do not have survived. Killed dozens of fish heads. The announcement came from the local residents, the scene went

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China electric cars will bring more pollution than their gasoline counterparts

The researchers found that electric cars sometimes cause more harm to environment than cars with traditional gasoline engine. The main source of emissions are not the electric vehicles, and the stations that produce electricity for them.

A team of scientists from China and the U.S., who worked under the direction of Christopher Cherry (Christopher Cherry), associate professor at the University of Tennessee, analyzed the emissions of the 34 largest cities in China.

Experts compared the emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons produced by cars, and also felt their contribution to the deterioration of the urban atmosphere of suspended particles.

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In South Korea, fear spread a virus that infects the lungs

In South Korea registered the first time that members of a family are found unidentified lung disease. This was announced today, the CDC / CDC /.

In one of the rural hospitals received 32-year-old mother and her six year old daughter. They were hospitalized after their lung tissue hardens, and breathing is difficult.

Now both the patient can breathe only with the help of a special apparatus and are awaiting lung transplant. Doctors are conducting a study of samples taken from patients with lung tissue. It led to this serious concern about the possibility of spread of

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Company Registration Company in Serpukhov

One of the small towns not far from Moscow is a city of Serpukhov. This is a very active city, with a large population, despite the fact that the area of the city itself is not so great.

So, it is well known that in the city there are 147 enterprises. Some of them are large, others smaller. Know 33 major enterprises in Serpukhov.

Suppose you are a young entrepreneur who is full of energy and desire to achieve something in the industry. Perhaps you are interested in registration of OOO in Serpukhov. Emphasize — you think and move in

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Half hectare under the oil will have to cut down because of Ivanovo bark beetles

More than 14.7 thousand square meters (about half a hectare) oil, damaged forest pests — bugs, rodents, and cut down on the outskirts of Ivanovo, said the city administration.

Last year, the improvement in the management of the administration of Ivanovo received complaints from residents about the massive loss of trees in the Forest m. In the spring of 2012 in a wooded area adjacent to the street Plyos regional center, as part of fire prevention was conducted sanitary cutting of dead trees.

At the end of the year there were an order of Rosselkhoznadzor for Kostroma and Ivanovo regions

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In the Atlantic, gaining another tropical storm — Ophelia

Tropical Storm "Ophelia", which was the fifteenth in the current hurricane season, gaining strength over the central Atlantic. This was reported by the National Institute of Meteorology forecasting center of Cuba.

Wind speed at the center of the storm is 95 miles per hour. As of 18:00 local time (02:00 MSK) "Ophelia" was in the 1850 km to the east of the Lesser Antilles and was shifted to the west at a speed of 26 km per hour, according to ITAR-TASS.

Cuban meteorologists expect that in the next two days the storm will continue to move in that direction.

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Severe thunderstorm with wind gusts in Vladivostok

Beijing, September 22, PrimaMedia. Strong gusts of wind, suddenly flown to Beijing on Thursday evening, caused temporary power outages in parts of the city. As reported by a correspondent. RIA PrimaMedia dispatching service in Vladivostok, disconnection occurs in the central regions.

"Power supply facilities was quickly restored," — said the official.

Strong wind, thunder and lightning struck the Vladivostok unexpectedly as forecasters predicted moderate northwest winds with the possibility of sunny.

Earthquake in Xinjiang, China

In the night from Thursday to Friday in Yutian County District Hetyan Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region / North-West China / earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale. To date, data on injuries were reported, we are actively working to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

As reported Seismological Service, the earthquake occurred on September 15 at 23:27 Beijing time. The epicenter of earthquake was located at coordinates: 36.4 degrees north latitude and 82.4 degrees east longitude. Hypocenter lies at a depth of 6 km.

After the earthquake, were immediately convened a meeting for the organization of work in the

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