Three cars collided in Moscow

Three cars collided on Saturday afternoon in the east of Moscow, is injured, told RIA Novosti source in the law enforcement bodies of the capital.

The accident occurred at the intersection of streets and Chusovoy Shchelkovo highway.

"Faced three cars suffered several people," — told the agency.

The exact number of victims is specified. On the scene for a possible evacuation of the wounded arrived helicopter sat Shchelkovo highway.

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In Japan, the dog who survived the earthquake and tsunami, returned to owner

In Japan, on Monday was continued touching story of a dog that was removed from the roof, drifting at sea. Her owner a report of an animal rescue on television and immediately contacted the zoological center. And they met after a long separation, because the dog is held on a makeshift raft for three weeks. April 1 saw it from a helicopter coastguardsman — roof of the house, he was sitting on the animal was almost two kilometers from the coast. Used for rescue boat. Extraordinarily lucky dog, she survived the earthquake, tsunami, survived without food or fresh water,

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Avalanche danger because of the weather declared in nine regions of Sakhalin

Rescuers in Sakhalin announced warning of avalanche danger in the nine districts of the region in a strong snowstorm, said regional GUMCHS.

Active cyclone approached the south of Sakhalin. Friday-Saturday in seven districts of the southern part of Sakhalin expected strong snowstorm with visibility less than 500 meters in winds of 25-30 meters per second. Snow depth reaches 7-19 millimeters in some places — up to 20 millimeters or more. Declared a storm warning.

"According to the forecast of the regional avalanche center FSBI" Sakhalin AHEM "avalanche Friday in nine districts of the Sakhalin region: Dolinsky, Makarov, Uglegorsk, Tomari,

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U.S. attacked on pests

U.S. authorities engaged a reflection of the terrorist threat, missed pests, which caused somewhat more serious damage to the country than Bin Laden and his gang.

After the tragedy of September 11, 2001 established the Ministry of Homeland Security, and hundreds of agricultural scientists have new challenges. According to experts, it cost U.S. billions of dollars: hit vineyards in California and Florida citrus orchards, prices for fresh herbs, increased use of pesticides.

"… As a result of losing everyone in the country", — stressed entomologist Mark Hoddle from University of California at Riverside. Officials have begun to recognize the excesses

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About 10 streets in Minsk were flooded due to heavy rain

About ten streets in Minsk were flooded as a result of heavy rain, which was held in the city on Thursday night, told RIA Novosti spokesman MOE Belarus Vitaly Novitsky.

"In particular, the streets are flooded areas Kalinowski, International, Shevchenko boulevard. On some sections of streets interrupted public transport" — said Nowicki.

According to him, due to the flooding in the city announced a plan to "Poseidon."

"Information has been received about the victims, rescue and evacuate anyone not have, is pumping water," — said Nowicki.

More information on flooding, according to him, will be known by the morning of

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Abnormally warm weather will come to southern Russia on Friday

Meteorologists warn of the coming of the unusually warm weather in the Southern Federal District.

"Starting from the eighth of February in the area will be abnormally high temperature. Specifically, in Krasnodar 9.7 of the maximum daily temperature can be from 16 to 19 degrees above zero", — said the head of the Situation Centre Roshydromet Yuri Varakin.

According to him, a strong positive anomaly in the region will continue until at least February 13.

Renewed seismic activity off the coast of Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake in the region, Hokkaido, Japan. In recent days, the seismic activity off the coast of Japan increases. While victims and destructions.

Flood victims in Beijing are already 77 people

The number of victims of flooding caused by torrential rains last Saturday in Beijing, has grown from 37 to 77 people, reports Xinhua news agency on Thursday, citing the city government.

Record in 1951 were deposited in the Chinese capital on Saturday. Heavy rain had stopped by Sunday morning, but rescuers several days Debris clearing, in which found new body.

According to local media, in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the city limits has fallen over 220 millimeters of rain in some parts of the city received more than 460 millimeters of rain.

Due to bad weather closed

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Outlook: Europe waiting winters

If the forecasts of solar activity are correct, then in the coming decades Europe expect snow and cold winters, not global warming. In an interview with the Financial Times, said of the British Meteorological Office Met Office Professor Brian Golding.

The latest research shows that solar activity affects the Earth's climate is much stronger than previously thought. "We now believe that about half of the differences in weather conditions between the different forms over the years is a change in the activity of the Sun" — said Golding.

The previous two winters that Europe remembers unusually frosty and snowy

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Tornado in Blagoveshchensk absorbed balcony on the 14th floor, 22 October 2011

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