Heavy snowfall paralyzed Tokyo

For the central part of Tokyo because of snow and low temperatures announcement warning of the danger. For the first time in this year's snowfall in the city has dropped 80 mm of snow, causing canceled or delayed movement of several trains leaving the capital, and a number of domestic flights delayed flights. As a result, about 100,000 passengers have to wait for permission to take off.

Traffic on the roads is also very difficult, many drivers simply leave their cars on the road, unable to continue driving because of snow drifts. A number of taxi companies announced

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Scientists: Global warming will lead to the Earth aliens

Aliens can find Earth on ongoing changes in the atmosphere caused by increasing emissions of "greenhouse gases", and, finding the rapid development of our civilization, decide to destroy it to prevent the possible expansion. Such a hypothesis put forward in the journal Acta Astronautica by researchers from the American University of Pennsylvania.

According to scientists, the inhabitants of an extraterrestrial civilization can "time" the change in the radiation from the Earth's emissions of "greenhouse gases" and decide that we can begin to conquer other "worlds" in the search for resources. "Such a scenario is very unlikely. We are not

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Flood victims in Vetname.Est

In Kostanai region, Kazakhstan, wolves killed a 50 head of cattle

In Kostanai region wolves killed a 50 head of cattle. Told a news agency «BNews.kz» head of the department of natural resources and environmental management Kostanai region Kazbek Tuleubaev.

"Wolves are seen in Kyzbelskogo aul Zhangeldinskogo County area. District leadership appealed to us to shoot wolves. However, in the area of about 70 thousand hectares of cane, predators will not drive out ", — said K.Tuleubaev.

According to him, shoot wolves difficult because land Kyzbelskogo aul District are protected zone.

"There's about three wolf pack. The point is that in this conservation area annually winters approximately 3-4 thousand saiga.

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Ancient Samarkand, when he became a great Timur

The Silk Road once played an important role in bringing artistic values of the East and the West. Each year, wishing to caravan routes, visit museums in the open air, to see the city of relics, is increasing. In Uzbekistan architectural treasures scattered among them gems … Samarkand and Bukhara. Ancient Samarkand, when he became a great Timur and his grandson Ulugbek, during this period era begins flowering. Built walls, the citadel, built large streets, erected a magnificent ensemble of thirteen parks and gardens. On the southern slope of the necropolis stretches: Cemetery Street, Shahi — Zinda. Along the

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In the anomalous heat blame the Earths interior

A new version of explanations for the origin of the heat wave. According to the author of the hypothesis of Dr. Vladimir Syrovotkina Mineralogy, not create it from outside influence, and the bowels of the planet. How is this possible, the expert explained "Russia morning".

"Our main pan — the Sun. My model explains how the activity of the sun, or rather, on solar activity affects the Earth's core. And it always gives off hydrogen, which deplete the ozone layer", — explained Syvorotkin.

He said that the process is scientifically called "deep degassing process." He has two

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Deadly bacterium E.coli reached Thailand

In Thailand's Udon Thani province recorded the first case of human death from infection dangerous type of bacteria E.coli. As reported today in the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom, laboratory studies have shown that the death of Briton Daniel Forgsa was the result of the defeat of the body such as the bacterium Plesiomonas shigelloides. The ministry reported that a citizen of Great Britain arrived in the Kingdom on June 5. Symptoms after 12 days, June 18, in death, according to ITAR-TASS. Specialists are currently conducting an investigation and tests products in places where I could use food tourist.

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Undersea earthquake off the coast of Massachusetts — geological puzzle

May 17, 2011 — BOSTON — People in several Southeastern Massachusetts communities reported feeling a small earthquake on Sunday night, which experts say was concentrated under buzzards bay. An earthquake with 2.1 magnitudes were recorded at 20:39, a bay, 12 miles from Woods Hole and 11 miles from the Corner of Happiness in Dartmouth, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Web site service. USGS collected 10 reports on its website from people who felt the quake. Reports came in from Dracut, Abington, Randolph, Falmouth, Pocasset, Ferheyven, Fall River, Reynhema, as well as Little Compton and Providence, Rhode

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Death of bees near Kaliningrad

23 iyulya.V Kaliningrad Pravdinsk district beekeepers complain about the death of bees due process fields with pesticides.

In the district administration, however, argue that compensate for the damage suffered by beekeepers, there are insufficient grounds. Say, did not send the corpses beekeepers bees for examination, so is safe to say that it was the cause of their death, it is impossible.

Ivestock Pravdinsky district, told the newspaper correspondent network Amber Edge — Online Kaliningrad, held two meetings with representatives of the agricultural company beekeepers, till the fields. To no avail.

Newspaper "Amber Edge"

In Taiwan, the destruction of more than seven thousand chickens

To prevent a possible outbreak of bird flu at a poultry Changhua County of Taiwan on Thursday destroyed more than seven thousand chickens egg production.

Earlier in the chicken farm has more than 13 thousand laying hens, but among them in the last two weeks have been cases of permanent death.

As reported by Taiwanese media, due to the fact that on two poultry farms Changhua County recently, an outbreak of avian influenza H5N2, as well as due to the fact that the mortality of chickens at a poultry farm this was too high, the local sanitary and epidemiological agency

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