Hundreds of passengers stranded at the airport due to heavy snowfall in Irkutsk

Snow cyclone struck the Irkutsk region on April 22. Two days had the monthly rainfall. Because of the strong storm Irkutsk International Airport was closed to send and receive all types of aircraft. Detained 20 flights, five sent to alternate airports — in Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk, Chita, Ulan-Ude.

Airport resumed operations at 20.00 local time (15.00 MSK).

On Sunday, heavy traffic was halted and public transport on all routes of the regional and federal levels. To clear the roads of attracted 307 people and 147 vehicles.

Eliminate the effects of the snow storm had, and energy. Strong winds snapped power

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Etna volcano eruption threatens Settlements

Sicily has had an new crater of Etna, which is actively spewing lava, volcanic ash and smoke.

A cloud of volcanic ash and smoke razrostaetsya eyes and tightens the sky over the island of Sicily.

Etna is the biggest threat to the port city of Catania. The city is located on the eastern coast of Sicily at the foot of Mount Etna.

Guide Catania Fontanarossa Airport, which is located 5 km from the city, was forced to delay flights. Every hour, take to the sky no more than 6 aircraft.


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Melons continue to kill Americans

In the U.S., the consumption of cantaloupe melons infected with dangerous bacteria Listeria, already 15 people have died, another 84 were infected.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States, located in Atlanta (Georgia), listeriosis outbreak recorded in 19 states. Five people were killed in the state of New Mexico, three — in Colorado, two — in Texas, one by one — in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Dangerous bacteria were first discovered in the melon farm in Granada (Colorado). They were withdrawn from the U.S. market, but managed to reach the territory of many

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In the South Pacific was a strong earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in the South Pacific, the island nation of Vanuatu. Transmitted by warning of a possible origin of a local tsunami that could spread to hundreds of kilometers.

According to the Geophysical Service of the U.S., the epicenter of the earthquake was located 77 kilometers northwest of the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila, its center lies at a depth of 26.6 kilometers. Strong push has been registered by 13:48 local time (05:48 Moscow time) /. Information on the effects of the earthquake have been reported yet, according to ITAR-TASS.

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Taiwan Earthquake

Taiwan earthquake with magnitude 4.8. Tremor was recorded seismic service today at 19:17 local time in the south-western part of the island: the exact position — 23.6 degrees north latitude, 121.5 degrees east longitude. The earthquake was located at a depth of 8 km. Reports of casualties or destruction have been reported yet, the ITAR-TASS

Last acutely felt "shaken" in the spring. May 23 at intervals of a minute recorded seismic service island just two tremors: first — a magnitude of 4.6, the second — 4,1. The epicenters of the disaster were in Nantou County.

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Tsunami and earthquake in Japan


Migratory birds do not fly


Forecasters: Winter is just beginning

Winter in Russia, it seems, is just beginning. In the European part of the country came fierce cold. In Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl, Tver, Vologda, Komi Republic, as well as areas of the Upper Volga frost was intense, and the next two days to reach minus forty. In Moscow, where the temperature dropped too seriously, wait for a very cold front. Winter-2011 lyutovat decided in the midst of February. Coming down from the Arctic in Arkhangelsk, Vologda frost getting to, almost losing the northern low temperatures. Hospitals Vologda — a new wave of frostbite, usually by the end of winter is

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4.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Chile

Earthquake of magnitude 4.4 occurred on Thursday in Chile in 1470 kilometers north of the capital, Santiago, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Quake was recorded at 12.59 to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 15.59 MSK). The epicenter was located 120 kilometers east of the city of Iquique. Its center lies at a depth of 92.1 kilometers.

Information on casualties or damage were reported.

In late February of last year in Chile as a result of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami killed more than 500 people.

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Heat in the center of Russia will fall on the weekend — Weather Center

The heat in the central regions of European Russia last until the weekend, but the long-term period of very hot weather is not expected, told RIA Novosti представительГидрометцентра Russia.

As previously reported, on Tuesday in the Moscow region is expected to very hot weather — up to 30-31 degrees.

According to the source agency, this situation may continue until the end of the week.

"All these days we expect daytime temperatures of 26 to 31 degrees and very warm nights — from 16 to 21 degrees. Sweltering weather will be, because there will be a high relative humidity — up

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