Global warming — the evidence from skeptics

A group of scientists known for their skepticism about the theories of climate change, to re-examine two centuries of global temperature data and found strong evidence for the fact that the Earth is hotter.

Lead author Richard Muller of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) only at the beginning of this year, members of Congress, there are concerns that in the XX century, there was a significant warming.

And his project Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) has completed processing of the temperature, since 1800, from 15 sources, including the World Meteorological Organization and meteovedomstva U.S. and UK. Conclusion: Since

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Siberia are predicting a very cold winter

Upcoming winter in the Kuzbass and neighboring regions of Western Siberia will be more snow and frost than last year.

As the head of department of the Kemerovo Hydrometeorological Buzunova Raisa, and temperatures will be below normal, frost will reach 40 degrees below zero. In November and December will be heavy snowfalls. By the end of the calendar in the region will fall arctic air, accompanied by strong winds, rain, and sleet, and in early November, the temperature drops to minus 10.5 degrees. This can lead to wet snow on the electrical wires.

Kuzbass — the second in

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Climatologists on the impact of climate change

In London, an international scientific conference, summarized the views of the geopolitical implications of climate change. The final paper discusses the major problems for the relatively poor tropical countries, including possible conflicts of vital resources (food and water). As suggested by Rear Admiral Neil Morisette, a representative of the British Ministry of Defence on the climate and energy security, conflicts such may increase costs and hamper the delivery of goods that are in demand in the developed countries. "Energy prices will go up, and become more expensive goods produced in Southeast Asia, many of which we import", —

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Fishermen on the Volga attacked a flock of piranhas

In the district of Saratov in the Volga fishermen caught large piranhas. Fish actively resisted and tried to attack the fisherman, but have ended up on the shore. A few hours later at the same place at the bait pecked another piranha and a half times larger. It undershot the line and returned to the Volga. Fisheries in panic — caught piranha weighs almost a kilogram. In order to gain that weight, she had to live in the river at least a year. The capture of two large specimens in one place says that in Saratov was

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Global warming: melting not only ice, but animals

Global warming, as it turns out, affects not only the size of the ice cover in the Arctic, but animals with plants. According to a recent study, the gradual increase in the Earth's temperature will lead to the fact that even large predators over time much ground. But this is not the worst.

According to the Singapore scientists, many animals and plants are gradually reduced in size by global warming, according to Sky News. This is due to the fact that by increasing the temperature of the planet, the animals will have to spend more energy and this decrease,

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Microchamber environmentalists helped uncover the secrets of hunting penguins

Japanese environmentalists miniature cameras attached to the heads of several Adelie penguins, which allowed them to find out the secrets of hunting birds and count the number of fish and krill are caught in the middle of one dive, according to a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Food habits of many birds, mammals and other vertebrates are large scientific mystery. The reason for this is their habitat — marine life is extremely difficult to find in the interior of ocean waters, and even harder to keep track of their movements and the

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Sun and cooled the Siberia Europe

Cold winter of 2009-2010 in Russia can be explained by the reduction of UV radiation from the sun in the 11-year cycle. A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

In December 2009, the Copenhagen UN summit was held to discuss the problems of climate change and, in particular, "the successor to the Kyoto Protocol": a document that limits greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global warming. In Russia at that time were cold "at 30 degrees," which gave rise to the skeptical remarks about the summit, "they say, what kind of global warming can be discussed if there

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Rains caused shoaling ocean

2010 was the worst in the history of global observations of the most destructive floods. However, only the first 3 weeks of 2011 has proved to be a mega-flood as for the whole year ", — said meteorologist Jeff Mesters.

The whole day was spent in the study of what columnist New York Times, Thomas Friedman calls "global meteohaosom": the destabilization of our meteosystems, shakes 3 million tons of emissions that enter the atmosphere, thanks to us the use of natural resources. So today is a rare day when I was so shocked by recent statements from NASA about the

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UN: Hunger in the world begins

Global food prices will continue to remain high and volatile, which is dangerous, especially for the poorest countries. This is the main conclusion of the annual report on the situation of food security in the world, which is published on Monday the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In the area of greatest risk at present were small, dependent on food imports of the country, especially in Africa, is indicated in the document. Many of them still can not cope with the consequences of the global food and economic crises of 2006-2008.

Price fluctuations may result in

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Permafrost continues to melt, and the scientists and officials almost no answers

Take the shovel somewhere in the two thirds of the vast expanses of Russia, and dig a hole at least a meter deep with a small — and you are likely to run into something solid like a rock.

But it is not a stone. This permafrost — technically defined as any type of soil that is constantly frozen state at least two years, but in some areas it goes to hundreds of meters deep into the earth, and the age of its tens of thousands of years. And it melts — exposing roads, railways and buildings across the country

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