Drought in the south of Ukraine and on the lower Danube

Drought in southern Ukraine. Only in the Odessa area of 309 lakes and ponds, half dried up, several dozen ponds are filled with water from rain to rain.

Therefore, it is expected in the region "as manna from heaven," said the Head of the environmental management of the Odessa Regional Council Eugene Smolensky.

In his words, "a significant role in climate change has had, of course, global warming, but their role was also played by an ill-conceived economic activity." To save water management in the region, the regional council has decided to rent out the most problematic ponds and lakes.

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Europe is becoming a desert

12 European countries have already lost their land due to the advancing sands. 12 European countries are affected by the transformation of their territories to the desert. According to a recent UN study, it is Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Causes of the phenomenon — in the dramatic deterioration of soil quality, irrational use and climate change.

According to the forecast of the EU Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, while the desert affected 12 European countries, there is a danger that in the next 10 years, this phenomenon will become more prevalent.

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For the first time on record in the Arctic ozone hole opened mega

In the first three months of 2011, the Arctic lost a record amount of ozone. This is reported in a paper published in the journal Nature, a summary of which leads New Scientist. It seems that every year over the Antarctic ozone hole is formed — an area where the ozone layer is much thinner than usual. This phenomenon is observed each spring since the mid 80's of the last century. However, the amount of ozone in the Arctic, though varying from year to year (the minimum thickness of the layer reached in 1996 and 2005), but never reached as

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MOE expects to increase the number of emergencies during spring floods

MES predicts an increase of emergency on the territory of Russia during the spring flood in 2013 compared to last year.

In recent years, the number of natural hazards and major technological disasters is growing. Disaster risks arising from global climate change, and economic activity are a significant threat to the population and the economy.

According to MOE, in areas of possible impact of the damaging factors in accidents at critical and potentially dangerous objects are more than 90 million Russians, or 60% of the population.

The annual economic cost (direct and indirect) from emergencies of various kinds can

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Climate change will hit the Canadian economy

In the report released Thursday pravitelstvennoo Agency "National Round Table" about the environmental situation says that changes in climate will cost Canada is very, very expensive.

By 2020, the government of the country will have to spend about $ 5 billion, and by 2050 — about 90 billion.

According to experts, the financial costs associated with climate change, depends only on how seriously the Government of Canada will be accepted for the problem to reduce the emission of waste, mostly — carbon dioxide.

Earth's polar ice caps are melting fast, which scientists believe the Round Table, will cause numerous floods

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In the Arctic, discovered vast fields of methane emissions

The participants of the Russian-American expedition to the Eastern sector of the Arctic have found new large fields of methane in the northern parts of the Laptev Sea and the Bering Sea. This was said by telephone from aboard the research vessel "Academician Lavrentiev" head of the expedition Arctic Research Laboratory Pacific Oceanological Institute, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a professor at American University of Alaska-Fairbanks Igor Semiletov.

"Gas torches" pass through the entire thickness of the ocean water and thus methane into the atmosphere. Presumably, this is the origin of the deep gas "-

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Puddle of meltwater burn ice in the Arctic, scientists have found

Lakes of meltwater accelerate the melting of the Arctic ice cap — like a lens, they direct focus the sun's rays into the ice, "burn" them, according to a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Global climate change has led to the fact that in recent decades the area of Arctic sea ice is continuously shrinking. However, a more serious problem scientists consider qualitative changes — experts from the National Information Center for Snow and Ice (NSIDC) U.S. found that Arctic ice "younger" in March 2011 to the ice age of about one to two years accounted for

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There is no technology against oil spills

Environmental problems in the Arctic will be discussed at the II International Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk.

"Discussion of environmental issues at the International Forum" The Arctic — Territory of Dialogue ", which began yesterday in Arkhangelsk, help to develop proposals for the prevention of contamination of the Arctic region in oil — said in an interview with RIA Novosti director of WWF Russia (WWF Russia) Igor Chestin. — It is important that Russia takes the initiative, providing a platform for open discussion of a wide range of issues from different countries. Arctic — international territory, and what makes one

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Snake attacked a hospital in Donetsk region

Reptiles crawl into the dining room, wards, and even to the office of the head physician. Snakes attack Dmitrovskaya hospital in Donetsk region for the past week here found eight reptiles. Encounter them in the most unexpected places — in the dining room, the main office of a doctor and even in the House, where villagers have emergency medical care.

Dmitrovka village situated on the outskirts of Donetsk region. From here to the border with Russia just 12 kilometers. According to local residents, is home to a variety of snakes, including venomous viper. But to just eight, and even in

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Southern province of Mozambique hail covered

Castle became the southern Mozambique as a complete surprise — ITAR-TASS. In the center of the province of Manica rooftops down ice balls, all this was accompanied by strong gusts of wind — said an employee of the Institute for the struggle with the elements João yours. We also learned that two people have been seriously damaged, and a total of about a dozen injured.

Residents were not prepared for the disaster, and many buildings were destroyed. Including over hundreds of residential, 10 schools, five churches and three medical institutions. Were also severely damaged two sections of the local

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