The melting of Arctic ice is killing polar bears

Melting Arctic ice makes polar bears take long voyage, which kills half of offspring, the scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

"Climate change" knocks "the ice under the feet of a bear, forcing them to swim farther in search of food and suitable habitat" — said of the research, an expert on polar bears in the WWF Jeff York (Geoff York) in an interview with Washington Post .

A team of researchers led by USGS biologist Anthony Pagano (Anthony Pagano) has provided 68 bears collared with satellite transmitters and GPS-collected information about their movements in the period from

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On the growing instability of the global climate

In Britain, will remember how in 2012, weather stability derailed, and the country is visited by drought, flooding, drought again. British showers were so powerful that quite resembled the Deluge. And so in every corner of the world began to happen a lot more abnormal natural disasters. Recently they have started to become particularly predictable.

In the new winter season, China had to fight with the coldest winter in almost 30 years. Brazil is dominated by the terrible heat wave. Eastern Russia so hard frost in late 2012 that the cold in Yakutsk recently stopped working traffic light. Cold

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Scientists predict that in the near future we will pay for the damage caused to nature

According to a recent study in the framework of the UN Environment Programme, entitled "The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity» (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, TEEB), the damage caused to the environment by man in 2008, estimated at $ 2-4.5 trillion, according to BBC News . This compares with an annual production of Great Britain or Italy. However, another similar research group Trucost, also organized by the UN, a figure of $ 6.6 trillion, representing 11% of world production.

Very often, people act based on the fact that natural resources are inexhaustible. However, it is not. You can give

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Climate change — a real threat to international peace and security

Throughout the world, millions of people are at risk. They are faced with a shortage of food and water and other challenges associated with climate change. This was announced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking at a public meeting of the Security Council on "Maintenance of international peace and security: the impact of climate change."

UN Secretary-General stressed that climate change is real. It is accelerating at an alarming rate and poses a real threat to international peace and security. Ban Ki-moon stressed that increasingly rich and poor countries are faced with extreme weather events, which take the lives

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80% of climate data is digitized

Cotton field in Tajikistan. How climate change is affecting the country here. (Photo by Oxfam.)


To better understand what is happening with the climate — whether global warming is a natural variation, — be aware of the recent past. However, staff at the University Rovira i Virgili, and (Spain) with the help of colleagues found that the scientific community can analyze only 20% of the collected material: others have not yet digitized and made public.

Some data on the climate in Europe date back to the XVII century. On other continents — especially in Africa

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Bangkok dives

Day after day, Bangkok is sinking deeper and deeper into the sea. Immersion is inevitable. The most pessimistic experts fear that some of the Thai capital might disappear under the water by the 2030th year. That prospect — the next challenge that will respond to the new government in Thailand: it is formed after the elections on July 3. The specialists complain about the lack of a policy that can prevent programmed catastrophe.

Climate change, sea level rise, coastal erosion, subsidence of clay soil … A combination of factors doomed to crash a great city in the delta of the

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Steppes of Tuva and Mongolia threatens ecological disaster

Steppe ecosystems protected Uvs Nuur Basin in Tuva are in critical condition. The cause was unbalanced grazing sheep, said experts at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

Russian State Nature Reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin" located on the border with Mongolia and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The total area of the reserve on both sides is about 898,000 hectares, RIA "Novosti".

Analyzing data from 1980 to 2010, the researchers found that climate change in Tuva, such as warming, heavy snowfalls and long term, to a much lesser extent, influence the state of the steppes than

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Heat on the eve of the global chill

The top of the summer. Temperature hits record. However, scientists claim — it is not a sign of the coming global warming, but a symptom of global cooling. Actual solar activity is declining. And the forecast for the next 20 years could be repeated Maunder minimum, which is also called the Small Ice Age. It has already happened in the XVII century. 70 years at the Sun was almost no sunspots. Thames in London and the Seine in Paris covered with ice: the temperature in the capitals of Europe dropped to minus 30. "Changing the number of black spots

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It will be much warmer than the predicted worst-case scenario

According to a new study by the end of the century could be much warmer than previously estimated. They say that the average temperature will be much higher than indicated in the worst case scenario of IPCC. In the event of an accident at a nuclear power plant in the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima reality was far worse than expected in theory. The same applies to the debate about climate change.

A team of American and Swiss scientists simply took into account the global population growth, resulting from the UN projections, per capita energy consumption and the possible combinations

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Most of the country sinking


All over the planet constantly observed redistribution surface, and quite active. Not long ago, the water had gone the whole island New Moor (New Moore) in the Bay of Bengal. And on the West Australian coast marked by an annual increase of water level by 8.6 mm, 5.6 mm above the average for the world. All this is accompanied by an active seismic and volcanic processes. The question arises: why Sumatra and Indonesia sink, and Britain, Japan and other coastal countries not? Maybe the reason is the lithospheric plates that are sinking, sink into the ocean?


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