The victims of the weather in Italy were six

As a result of the collapse of the largest in the Ligurian port of Genoa, heavy rains and gale force winds, six people were killed and two were seriously injured and several people were missing. This was reported by the National Civil Defence Italy. According to them, drowning in the streams of water flooded many neighborhoods of the city, found a young Albanian with two young children.

It is worth noting that in one decade the region of Liguria was at the center of the front of bad weather for the second time. Warning of impending abnormal

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The asteroid, called 2011 CQ1 sweep close to Earth

An asteroid with a diameter of several meters fly very close to the Earth tonight. This will occur at 23:45 MSK. Cosmic body was discovered a few hours ago.

The object, called 2011 CQ1 found this afternoon, said the observatory ISON-NM. According to the calculations of astronomers, the asteroid will fly away five thousand miles away from our planet, which is less than the geostationary orbit (36 thousand kilometers), and even smaller than the diameter of the Earth (6.3 thousand kilometers).

See visitor from outer space will be available in large amateur telescopes, but only far from the big cities,

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Ten Himalayan black bears in Primorye trusteeship over specialists

Maritime experts ohotupravleniya trusteeship over Ussuri Hunting and Fishing ten Himalayan bears, contained in the elderly couple on their money, according to the regional administration.

Four females and six males Himalayan Himalayan bears aged between four and seven years were kept in backyard of the family in the village of Oak Leshchenko key Ussuri region.

Earlier, in 1995, under the tutelage of the regional department of hunting was established here "Item overexposure of young wild animals", but in ten years it has been disbanded, and a shelter for abandoned animals existed on two pensioners money and donations from individuals.


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Pollen can affect the climate

Substance on the surface of the pollen grains are washed with water and rise to the clouds, where the temperature is increased freezing. With increasing clouds of ice crystals is passed less sunlight — and thus on the ground and in the air under such a cloud gets colder.

weight is too heavy, so that any significant quantities climb so high and affect the chemistry of clouds. New data from researchers at the Vienna University of Technology (Austria), suggest plant pollen full climatic factor.

It is easy to imagine that the pollen, rising into the air, can serve as nucleation

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In the yard in Murmansk sailed seal

In the dock of the 35th shipyard in Murmansk on 27 January swollen puppy, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Flounder in the dock seal noticed employees Shipyard. Animal could to get out of the dock and sail to the bay, so the factory workers decided to call for a rescue. After some time, came to the scene three representatives of Murmansk search and rescue team of MOE.

Seal was aggressive, and rescuers decided to have some drive him on the dock, so that it was exhausted and did not attack them. After that na200-pound animal threw tarp tied him with ropes

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In Vorkuta suddenly returned winter

The temperature in a matter of hours dropped from plus 20 to minus one degree. I. .. snow.

All made in winter white. True snow citizens not surprised or scared. This year, they have become accustomed to anything Mother Nature. In May, there was a thunderstorm in Vorkuta. During 65 years of observation, it has happened only four times.

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The weather in the last week of spring in central Russia will be unstable

Unstable weather with variations in temperature and precipitation are expected this week in the center of the European part of Russia, said the Russian meteorologist.

"The last days of May in the center of European Russia (CFD) will be characterized by unstable weather on the background of low atmospheric pressure — with rain and temperature fluctuations near normal. At the weekend the weather in most of the region is stabilized" — noted experts Ministry.

According to meteorologist, on Monday will rain in the center and north of the Central Federal District, in places are expected thunderstorm with strong winds, the

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Hail fell on France


May 5. Hail the size of 3 centimeters hit the south of France. Damaged buildings, vehicles, and destroyed crops in the fields.

Googles algorithm to learn to determine the importance of species

It turns out that the algorithm of search engine Google is not just for search sites. It can also sort the most important species and determine which of them should be gone to was a global environmental disaster.

PageRank algorithm has been adapted in order to determine the types of organisms that are food chains and major biosphere without which other can not exist.

Each species is important in its own way, and the disappearance of one species does not go in vain for any community of organisms. A large number of species and many more food links makes them

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Tornado seedy North Carolina in the U.S.

A powerful tornado swept through the United States on two districts in western North Carolina, resulting in the injury of at least three people.

According to the National Weather Service weather observation, also from a tornado in North Carolina hit several houses and other property.

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