In the human bones found something that can cure infertility and diabetes

Bones not only constitute the "skeleton" of the human body, but also play the role of the glands. They produce the hormone osteocalcin affects the organs and acts as a catalyst in the treatment of diabetes and infertility, according to news agency ANSA.

Biologists from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and the University "Campus Biomedica" proved that this hormone serves as a "language" in which "talk" different bodies in the first place — the bones and the endocrine system. Osteocalcin also plays a role in energy metabolism and the production of sex hormones. This allowed the scientists to conclude

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Australia close to the strongest storm

To the coast of Western Australia Australian approaching storm. In this regard, in the cities of Perth and Mandurah declared a storm warning and postponed the World Cup sailing regatta.

According to the forecasts of local weather services, gathering storm can cause serious damage, such as those that took place in March last year. Recall, then the amount of damage was $ 650 million, reports "Interfax".

Togliatti went under water

Incessant rain in the city today has created a lot of problems tolyattinskim road users. Drainage system on the road, where it is, as such, can not cope with the water flow. Traffic on these roads is almost paralyzed. Thus, according to contact with tltgorod witnesses, in the central region traditionally flooded street Karbysheva (at the entrance to the Komsomolskaya Street) Banykin Street (at the intersection with the street Zilina), Forest Street near the bus station, Lenin Street (near the intersection with Street 50th Anniversary of October).

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Deadly floods in northern Italy

This is not the mountain streams, and the streets of Italian cities. Heavy rains that hit the north-west of the peninsula, do not stop for more than a day and resulted in casualties. Killed at least six people, but about 10 are unaccounted for.

Magnitude earthquake in India was 5.2

Magnitude earthquake on Monday in India was 5.2, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The epicenter was located 48 km north-west of the capital city of India, New Delhi. The earthquake lies at a depth of 19.1 kilometers.

According to RIA Novosti, in New Delhi shivered glass, rocked furniture.

No casualties or damage have been reported yet.

Mushrooms in Chelyabinsk forests appeared two months earlier than usual

The phenomenon has surprised even avid mushroom and caused a lot of issues. As long as people speculated that it was — an anomaly or a pattern, enterprising pickers are already out on the mini-markets with full baskets.

Among the first to react to the surprising phenomenon professional pickers. In cities and towns spontaneously turned mini-markets. Traders vying offer luteus pounds or entire buckets. Those who love mushrooms, but do not know how to collect, eagerly interested in forest products. "Sooner they are, — the mushroom Alexander Antonov. — Few them, they have to go the end of June.

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Emperor penguins third of his life resting on ice floes

Scientists first learned "routine" Emperor penguins, using sensors to track the birds in the water as it turned out, these penguins spend on floating ice a third of life, relaxing and escaping from marine predators, according to a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Japanese and American scientists first studied the "rhythm of life" of emperor penguins. Until now, the lives of these birds, little has been known, since most of the time they spend in the water, where they are difficult to track. However, the use of new technology — special sensors that are mounted on the bird

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Kirov: Environmental disaster

Ukraine. In Nikolaev storm felled trees and tore roofs

According, in Mykolaiv region, the evening of 9 June, from about 17.30 to 23.00 in Krivoozerskogo and Pervomaisky areas experienced heavy downpours with thunderstorms and gale-force winds.

According UMNS in Mykolaiv region, weather deenergized 15 settlements. By surface water runoff were partially damaged farmland private sector in rural areas and large Mechetnaya Ternovate Krivoozerskogo district.

The village Ternovate rain and strong winds knocked down trees in three private houses to commercial buildings partially torn roof. Damaged asphalt 1.5 km local roads along the street of the 1st of May in the village of Bolshaya Mechetnaya.


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Omsk Vodokanal prosecutors fined for air pollution

Omsk environmental prosecutor's office fined OAO "OmskVodokanal" for 30 thousand rubles for excess emissions of hydrogen sulfide 680 times and 140 times the ammonia, a regional office reported Monday.

"Instrumental measurements showed that, contrary to the law of the content of ammonia emissions in industrial emissions of JSC" OmskVodokanal "exceeded the standard release to 878.4 times the ammonia content in the emissions exceeded the standard by 140.3 times and 680.2 times in hydrogen sulfide "- said in a statement.

According to the Office, the audit director general of "OmskVodokanal" the statement was submitted to the requirements to eliminate the violations,

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