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In Lithuania, the flowers blossomed

Watch the news on TV — in Russia for many where the snow fell … And we in the north-eastern Lithuania autumn is warm and endless … smoothly into the spring … The leaves have fallen from the trees, but that flowers … Enjoy yourself:

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In short, as in the fairy tale "The Twelve Months": the grass is green, the sun shines …

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3.3 magnitude earthquake recorded in eastern Georgia

Earthquake of magnitude 3.3 occurred 46 kilometers from Tbilisi on Thursday night, told RIA Novosti the seismic monitoring center in Tbilisi State University, Ilia.

The earthquake occurred at 3.16 local time (2.16 MSK.) In Kakheti region, the epicenter was a kilometer from the village of Tulare Sagaredzhskogo area and a 23-km south-east of the city Sagarejo.

According to the Center of seismic monitoring earthquake caused no damage and injury, there are no data about victims.

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The temperature in Belarus will be 6-14 degrees below normal

Over the weekend weatherman predicts that the cold weather, the average per night temperature will be 6-14 degrees below normal. Such low temperatures in Belarus was not since the beginning of winter. Over the next three days the weather will not change significantly in most of the country will act Scandinavian anticyclone.

That is the reason for this cyclone of cold Arctic air and only on February 18 in the south-western regions of Belarus atmospheric fronts come from the Western Ukraine, reports Belgidromettsentr.

It is expected that on Wednesday, February 16, there will be rain, sometimes there will be a

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First in 36 years chick crested ibis born in the wild in Japan

First in 36 years the birth in the wild chicks Japanese ibises, which are considered an endangered species, was by far the main theme in the land of the rising sun.

Red-or Japanese ibises — Nipponia Nippon — considered one of the most characteristic of the Japanese species of birds and a wide range in occupied territory. However, in the twentieth century, their numbers declined sharply and, as scientists believe, the last chick in the wild appeared in 1976, and since 1981, these birds in Japan remained. In 1999, Japanese scientists began work on artificial breeding ibises on the basis

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Kyrgyz President called snow leopard conservation priority environmental projects

Kyrgyz President considers the protection and conservation of the snow leopard population a Red (ounce) priority environmental project for the country, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the spokesman of the president after the meeting Atambayev with participants of the international seminar on the protection and conservation of rare animals.

"Kyrgyzstan and its nature can not be imagined without a snow leopard. His protection and preservation of the republic is one of the most important environmental projects. Our part, we will take all necessary measures for the organization and worthy of the Forum and the adopted strategies to protect the snow

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Deer Gerda ran out of the zoo in Chelyabinsk and was lost in the woods

Deer Gerda, who escaped from a petting zoo in Chelyabinsk, lost in the woods, zoologists have stopped her search, told RIA Novosti on weekly zoo director Tatyana Podkorytova.

Doe named Gerda ran Wednesday 19 December from a petting zoo park named Tishchenko Chelyabinsk Metallurgical district. Animal-foot jump over the fence and ran away. After leaving the city limits, the animal stuck north. The day deer could run over more than 40 kilometers. To date, under assumptions of zoologists, she reached the Sverdlovsk region.

"We" were "her to Krasnoarmeiskii, two days found riot gear to catch our pitomitsy. However, near the

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On the Spanish resort of Ibiza raging forest fires

More than a thousand people resort island of Ibiza, included in Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, were evacuated fire near Cala Llonga in the north. Forest fire threatened residential buildings. In the area of fire strapped available on the island of fire brigades.

Morning of September 19 to extinguish the fire of special joined the Spanish army. Local authorities report that there is no loss of life, but a few houses to defend the fire failed. Where the raging fire, work as employees of the British Consulate, as in this area there are many British citizens.

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Hurricane grad

Our reader novel from the Arkhangelsk region sent pictures terrible consequences of the hurricane passed there today, the website, "Arguments and Facts". In the Arkhangelsk region in the 29th timber on the night of July 29 was a very powerful hurricane, "I had a feeling it was the end of the world. Around 3 o'clock in the morning, the sky shone every 2 seconds with bright splashes, then began to be heard incredibly strong thunder . After that the horror in the form of a hurricane. Such fear in my life I have never experienced. Wind tended trees to

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Hundreds of olive turtles staged invasion of Mexican beaches

Sea turtles return to the places where were born, finding a way to overcome the smell and sometimes thousands of miles away.

Usually in each clutch of about 300 eggs, which the female buries a depth of 35 cm So the turtle trying to save seed. Hatched out of every thousand babies survive only two or three osobi.V human activities this kind of sea turtles are endangered.

Help in the fight against poachers have ships of the Navy of Mexico, who patrol the Mexican coast in the afternoon and night. Also in the country passed a law under which

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Roasted earth at the poles

Over the last decade, the Earth's atmosphere has warmed more than previously thought. Climate scientists have changed their views on the scope and pace of Global Warming after the data were obtained from meteorological observations in the Arctic, according to The Telegraph.

Materials of the University of East Anglia — one of the few sources of data on changes in global temperature. They reflect the results of the measurements from the end of XIX century. Recently, however, the credibility of this information has been undermined: in 2009, hackers broke into the servers of the University by publishing private correspondence of

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