Arctic ozone thinning promised record

Europe Ecologie promised ozone layer in the Arctic spring 2011 record thinning, reports ScienceNews. According to the researchers, in just a month rather large region (15 million square kilometers) in the vicinity of the North Pole has lost almost half of ozone. Thus, at present the number of ozone there is 306 Dobson units (units of the ozone layer) with normal to 430-380 units.

According to scientists, this low concentration of ozone is caused by the low temperature of the stratosphere. As one of the reasons for this is called a large amount of greenhouse gases that trap heat

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Birds in the Orenburg region poisoned by toxic substances in the sludge warehouse

The cause of mass death of birds near slurry pits cryolite plant in Kuvandyk (Orenburg region) was poisoned by toxic substances, trapped in the body of water, said on Friday Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Orenburg region.

In the area of slurry pits "Yuzhnouralsky cryolite plant" November 5, along the shoreline of the reservoir were found dead 168 white-fronted geese, nine swans and one duck. Experts during the inspection of the water samples and carcasses of dead birds to determine the cause of mass death, and revealed a large concentration of industrial waste all around the southern and eastern parts of

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Most significant weather in the house

Trying to make your home comfortable, individual and unique, and also trying to emphasize their social status, many homeowners use different design frills, pay more attention interior, surrounding themselves with comfortable furniture and modern appliances to buy. Unfortunately, all these troubles, people often forget about the important stuff, like the creation of a comfortable microclimate in the house. And it was on the air temperature, from its humidity, dust and pollution affects the health and mood. Particularly affected are children and the elderly as well as a violation of climate exacerbates existing chronic diseases and even the emergence of new

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Superkuritsa carried the giant egg

Novorossiysk poultry farmers go for the world record. One of the chickens at the poultry farm carried the huge egg — it weighs 184 grams.

Factory workers have always boasted that it is very good feed their laying hens. But how is such a large egg, no one knows for sure. According to one version, three yolks merged into one shell in the most chicken. For comparison, the weight of a large egg selected is about 65-75 grams. A giant egg is three times more than usual: weight — 184 grams, length —

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The GPS module provides complete monitoring

It should be noted that one of the most important positive aspects of the DVR is its compactness and ease of installation. In most cases, set the DVR bracket included having adhesive. Also, sometimes it can be equipped with a simple suction cup. DVR attached to a car windscreen glass. If necessary, the device is easy to remove, just press on the bracket. Motion sensor — a key component of the DVR. Most sensors have a system for automatic activation, which is triggered at times when there is an abrupt acceleration, braking or stroke occurs. Another positive characteristic Car DVR

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In the Canary Islands for a month ahead of time cherry blossom

Delicate white and pink buds covered with trees in the valleys and on the slopes of the mountains.

Winter on the island always quite mild. Snow — a rarity. But the blossoming orchards in January you can enjoy often. Unprecedented in a hurry to enjoy the beauty of the spectacle of local residents and tourists.

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Under Irbit went underground five-meter piece of road

June 9, 2011. On the road between the village and Baikalovo Irbit failed five "squares" of asphalt. Depth of the well — about three meters, according

As "Uralinformbyuro" in the Office of Highway Sverdlovsk region, the failure is on the 81-kilometer road Gorbunovsky — Baikalovo — Irbit. He appeared after the rain, which was held in the area late in the evening of 7 June 2011. Meter diameter drainage pipe, laid under the track, ran out, and the water washed away the soil. The department noted that the pipe thirty years served flawlessly.

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In Egypt, there was an earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 4.1 was recorded in 09.12 am local time (11.12 MSK) on Saturday in the provinces of South Sinai and the Red Sea in Egypt, transmits radio "Vesti FM". Destructions. According to available information, seismologists have recorded four aftershocks, including two thrust force 4.1 points and two pushes less power.

Drought in Ukraine threatens disruption sowing

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food concerned autumns drought and going to make adjustments to sowing. This, as the correspondent ForUm'a at the briefing, commenting on the progress of autumn field works, said the head of department Nikolay Prysyazhnyuk.

"As of September 27 winter crops sown on the area of 4.1 million hectares. This is 50% of the projected figure. Last year on this day it was planted four million hectares, "- said Prisyazhnyuk.

According to him, today's climatic conditions are of concern, since this fall was dry for 15 years. "We, together with the Academy of Sciences and

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