Animal shelter: experts told why the dog is biting

Shelter "Kozhukhovo" — a small dog "village" by 2.5 thousand people, which never subsides barking. On why it is better to live in a four-booth with three neighbors, "drink" instead of water, snow and long wait by the aviary will be a man than to wander around the city, told RIA Novosti employees shelter.

In the mud with no water, medicines and bulbs

Himself a shelter and all the animals living in it — it is the property of the city, which is managed by the company that won the tender. For some reason, January 1, 2013 "property" was left

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6.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Kamchatka

Earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred on the east coast of Kamchatka, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS.

The epicenter was registered in 15.08 local time (08.07 MSK), located in Ust-Kamchatka area at a distance of about 80 kilometers from the district center at a depth of 104 kilometers.

Local communities Kamchatka essential tremors are not felt.

Victims or damage.

Kazakhstan refuses to clean energy

Kazakhstan, which has vast oil reserves, recently officially adopted several programs for the implementation of technologies for alternative sources of energy. But after that, after VII Eurasian Forum Kazenergo leaked allegations that the country will continue to develop and mass-produce its natural field for economic purposes. To "green" energy will be given only 10%.

The forum participants commented his decision by saying that the process of clean and renewable energy is too expensive for their country compared with the traditional one. Slant on alternative energy is planned after the new technologies become cheaper. At the moment, the energy in

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Getting ready for the prom

Spring is in full swing, and that means that graduates of schools comes the busy season — exams, admission to technical schools, colleges and early adult life. In addition to preparing for this difficult test the guys ahead and graduation party, preparation for which also takes a lot of time and effort.

Be this evening particularly beautiful, a little older and young alike dream of all: the guys and gals. To prepare the gala evening and the parents of graduates and their teachers.

Preparing for the ball is not limited to the choice of a beautiful dress or a suit,

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In the Mariana Trench live giant amoeba

Ksenofiofory known giants of the world of unicellular and lovers of extreme ocean depths, set a new record for deep-sea: this time, they were found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench at a depth of ten and a half miles.

Scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA) reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench and discovered the largest modern unicellular — ksenofiofor in size up to 10-20 centimeters. These amazing amoeba known since the XIX century — the truth, then they took a sponge. Over time, zoologists have agreed to consider them relevant to multi foraminifera.

Ksenofiofory wander

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Hurricanes in Minnesota, USA

July 1, 2011. Severe storms hit with large hail, strong winds and heavy rains that caused flooding in the state of Minnesota.

4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Italy

Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 occurred on Wednesday afternoon in the Ionian Sea off the coast of southern Italian girl of Reggio Calabria, said the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy.

Epicenter pozdemnogo jerk who clearly felt population in the southern peninsula and south-vostonoy part of Sicily, at a depth of 48 kilometers and approximately 70 kilometers from the seaside town Brankaleone.

According to seismologists, it's quite a strong earthquake, registered at 13.15 local time (15.15 MSK), is "an isolated incident."

Currently, information about the victims and possible damage were reported.

Six kilometers of roads in the Amur podtopilo by heavy rainfall

Six kilometers of road podtopilo in the Amur region, 12 kilometers from the village of Ivanovka due to a sharp rise of water in the river Urca, there is a risk of flooding gardens, basements and cellars in the village, the press service of the Far Eastern regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry.

"The information that as a result of heavy rainfall in the river there was a sharp rise in urea water, came on Monday. Because of this, about 12 kilometers from the village of Ivanovka Zeya district was flooded six kilometers of the road, came on Monday. According

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Snow storm hit the Midwest U.S.

It is learned that the victims of the snow storms sweeping through Midwest U.S. states, including Utah, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska, were eight. Some of them tried to find help in a blizzard to evacuate jammed the machine, someone died in a traffic accident.

Places in these states have formed snow height 20-27 cm storm was so strong, that due to poor visibility had to cancel 600 flights at Chicago's two airports. Several major carriers, including American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, also declined to provide its services in a snowstorm.

Throughout the state of Iowa bulk

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Cold snap in Florida nearly ruined crops of oranges and strawberries

The warm sunny climate of Florida is considered ideal for growing fruit, but on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday temperatures in Florida dipped below zero degrees Celsius. In some areas it has reached -3 degrees.

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Waking up on Wednesday morning, the farmers discovered that orange trees covered with icicles, and the flowers and ripe strawberry fruit chained in ice. To raise and keep the temperature above freezing, they

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