Tornado in Ireland, Dublin (video)

April 13. Delfin (Dolphin) near Bray (Bray), Ireland.

The hottest week of the year began in Italy, meteorologists warn

Italian meteorologists warn of the hottest start in their forecasts, week of the year in a country where in some regions the temperature is very close to the 40-degree mark.

Last weekend, the Apennines, came under the North African anticyclone formidable name "Lucifer", which brought the huge mass of hot air from the Sahara desert. As a result, in many parts of the country the temperature has risen to nearly 40-degree mark.

According to forecasters, on Monday in Florence the temperature rises to 40 degrees, in Rome, Bologna, Ferrara, Rieti — up to 39 degrees. Record high temperatures are expected

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Fish kills in the river

Inspectors' Hersongosrybohrany "May 14 found fish kills in the lower part Ingulets, in the river and the Dnieper-Bug estuary. According gouspravleniya protection of the natural environment in the Kherson region, in the waters of the Lower Dnieper killed 95 Koropi, 428 carp, 3 carp and 1 pike perch and pike. In the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary killed 57 Koropi, 933 carp.

Ichthyological selected material (dead fish) and sent to a laboratory of veterinary medicine. According to studies conducted by the Kherson regional laboratory of veterinary medicine immediately disappear signs of poisoning (due to accumulated toxins, heavy metals) and bacteriological

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Sinkhole in Tver

Initially it was assumed that the destruction was due to the road surface rupture of utilities owned by OOO "Tver Vodokanal". However, as reported in the Road patrol LLC "Tver Vodokanal" sewer is not damaged. The reason for the failure of the asphalt can become groundwater.

At the moment, dangerous area fenced and pour sand.

The Kuril Islands earthquake with magnitude 5.0

Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 occurred on Saturday morning on the Kuril Islands, said Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The earthquake lies at a depth of 100 km, the epicenter was located on the eastern side of the strait Vries separating Iturup and Urup, ITAR-TASS reported.

From the epicenter to the nearest town, city Kurilsk on Iturup, about 150 km. According to local seismologists tectonic impact on the inhabited islands of the Kuril not felt, no tsunami threat.

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Arctic ice set antirecord

Upper limit of the Arctic ice this winter was minimal in the history of satellite observations.

14.6 million km? — This was the area of sea ice in the Arctic on March 7, and it is 1.2 million km? less than the average 1979-2000 period. Over the past decade since the seven were recorded the lowest area of the Arctic winter ice.

The vast majority of climate scientists linked the reduction of Arctic ice to the warming caused by the anthropogenic greenhouse effect. If the trend continues, in a few decades the Arctic Ocean in the summer will be

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A new case of mass death of birds — this time in New York

Dozens of dead birds strewn alleys and lawns of the famous Gramercy Park in the heart of New York. Specialists have identified the zebra finches — pichuzhek family of finches weaverbirds. Landscaper private park in Manhattan Lisa Anastasi told the newspaper New-York Daily News, which was shocked by the discovery. At first I thought it was a couple of birds, but it was real horror in the spirit of Hitchcock, the woman said.

Internet users connect event called eccentric president of the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park Oldonyo James. He recently described himself as "Ptitselyubom Gremersi Park." Naturalist

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In Western Siberia, expected adverse weather conditions

Western Siberia came under the influence of extensive cyclone, which is involved in a wave of Central Asian heat. This factor increases the temperature contrasts in the area of atmospheric front and contributes to its aggravation. Currently active front crosses the southern part of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, Tyumen and Kurgan regions, where there is a set of adverse weather: snow, sleet, glaze phenomenon storm. Meteorologists predict Siberia offset front to the east. According to estimates, 22-23 November in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo region, the Altai region of its passage will be accompanied by snow, blowing snow, in the Kemerovo region,

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Enraged wasp swarm attacked a woman with children in Yerevan

Unprecedented for Yerevan incident occurred on one of the main crossroads of the Armenian capital. The woman and her two children of school age, which she walked me home after school, lashed wasp swarm. As told to the site "Erevan.Ru" Emma, who asked not to call her family, all attempts to get rid of something angry insects ended inconclusively, wasp stung the woman and her children, and pursued them to the very threshold of the house.

According to Emma, wasps attacked out of the blue. "My children and severely bitten. We tried to brush off, run away, but they are

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That carries the rain?

We are often told as a child that "the rain has passed, and the city seemed to wash." So what is an urban rain and whether cleaning storm water?

At first glance, only the rain washes away the sand and debris, such as fallen leaves and cigarette butts, which successfully caught large grills. However, on closer examination, it appears that surface runoff is necessary, and not just rough, mechanical. In addition to the above roads washed away debris from the spot gasoline and oil after vehicle, with buildings and structures, as well as plants washed dust, containing a variety of

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