The court ordered the Volgograd power industry to protect birds from electrocution death

Central District Court granted the Volgograd prosecutor to energy conservation to install on a power pole in the area of Bykovsky spetsustroystv because of the mass destruction of rare birds of prey, said on Wednesday Volgograd Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office.

According to authorities, the reason for filing the lawsuit was the prosecutor's check the site of the distribution network of 10kV overhead line substation "Katrichevo" Autograph district area, where they found the remains of 36 red-listed species of rare birds, including the steppe eagle, buzzard and saker.

According to experts of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Nature of the

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In Eastern Europe, established unprecedented heat

In Bulgaria, the average temperature reaches 38 degrees. People bathe in any waters. Escape the heat for hours, sitting in the water.

According to weather forecasts, the temperature will rise. The same situation in Hungary. In Budapest, the tourists and residents of the capital occupied city fountains. The sky is cloudless, the hot asphalt is difficult to walk even in the shoe. In Romania — plus 39. Of water treatments do not give up, even the dog. The hardest hit in Serbia. In Belgrade — 40 degrees in the shade. For all the hungry in the streets

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Seismic activity in Washington silenced scientists

Strange thing. If you look at the seismic data, we can see that Washington is still shaking and shaking. Moreover, the activity of concussions and their number is steadily increasing. But — the data on seismic stations, immediately erased or edited, by understating shocks to a minimum. Posts in the official media, because it is not.

Stromboli volcano active again

The slopes of the volcano Stromboli, north of Sicily, began again covered with fresh emissions of lava flows that reached the shoreline. What began as an active Stromboli behave lately, worrying residents of Sicily and watching mountain seismologists.

Volcano erupts regularly gases in the space above the top, and the lava flows from the crater of constantly refreshing the old deposits, which gives considerable cause for panic, even in spite of the fact that geophysicists believe there is no direct threat to the 500 people who are on Stromboli, and even more so in Sicily. Near the volcano is

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In France, the storm raged

On Wednesday night in the north-west coast of France hit a powerful storm. Thousands of families were left without electricity due to high winds and waves.

According to the data of French media, wind gusts reached 105 kilometers per hour. Wave height near the coast of Brittany in the night of Thursday to reach 8-10 meters, the sea level on the coast could rise by 10-20 centimeters.

Trouble for the inhabitants of the north-west of France in the next few days will continue, as will provoke a storm flood.

According to local meteorologists, wind north-west of France

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Scientists fear waking supervolcanoes

Seismic activity in the world in recent years is alarming: even relatively stable in terms of the tectonic regions, such as the American Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, USA, gives cause for concern. The so-called supervolcanoes, which concerns the Yellowstone, according to scientists, now pose a major threat. Any one of them has a catastrophic destructive.

It is believed that the Yellowstone supervolcano has a volume greater than 1,000 cubic kilometers. There are three known supervolcano eruption of this occurring at a frequency of about 600 thousand years — 2.1 million years ago, the next — about 1.2 million years

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Americans have found a way to make wind farms more efficient and cheaper

Eue negivingbut DMDsavy sense suggests that as we get closer to the theoretical limit capacities of wind turbines, the wind energy can already be considered a mature technology. But at the California Institute of Technology researchers have reviewed some fundamental points that guided the wind in 30 years.

Now researchers believe that improving the efficiency of the wind power can a new approach to design. It's simple: just place the wind turbines are not far away and as close as possible to each other.

But recently it was believed that the advancement of wind power will help unless the

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Cholera outbreak in Kenya

NAIROBI, 16 November. UN reports cholera outbreak in a Somali refugee camp in Kenya.

According to BBC, in a camp in Dadaab on the border with Somalia are 450 thousand Somalis. According to the UN, it was confirmed 60 cases of cholera, killing one.

Efforts to assist patients complicated by torrential rains and insecurity in the region.

Recall that in October, Kenyan troops crossed the border into Somalia to pursue Islamist movement of "Al-Shabab" suspected of repeated attacks in Kenya and kidnapping. Representatives of the "Al-Shabab" in response to the military operation carried out at least two attacks in Nairobi.

Rosrybolovstvo can quickly limit the catches during the fishing season

Rosrybolovstvo may be entitled to make decisions quickly to limit catches during the fishing season, based on the recommendation of research organizations and gosmonitoringa — the amendments to the federal law on fisheries and conservation of marine biological resources developed the Ministry of Agriculture.

"The adoption of the bill will ensure the effectiveness of conservation and management of living aquatic resources and to improve fisheries management," — said in an explanatory note to the draft published on the ministry website for regulatory impact assessment.

In particular, Rosrybolovstvo may be entitled to promptly ban fishing in certain areas of individual species

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The second in two days earthquake in Azerbaijan

Earthquake of magnitude 3.4 occurred on Wednesday in 11.29 local time (time coincides with Moscow) 18 kilometers south of the Azerbaijani town of Shamakhi, reports Seismological Service Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

The epicenter was located at a depth of four kilometers. No injuries or damage.

On Monday, 12 March, 28 kilometers west of Shamakhi also the case not strong earthquake of magnitude 3.8. In the city the power of the earthquake, with the epicenter at a depth of eight kilometers, was three points, in the settlements located near the town of Ismayilli — 2.5 points.

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