An explosion in a restaurant in Volgograd. Video

Several explosions rocked the Italian cafe in the center of Volgograd. The room broke out a large fire. People ran out of the building with flaming hair on the go tearing clothes. On this day there was crowded — celebrate Valentine's Day.

Lightning fire spread to neighboring apartments — one of them burnt out completely …. injured more than twenty people — visitors and employees cafe. Most … — severe burns … some people are in critical condition … Six aircraft MES today sent to Moscow. The fire was extinguished at the cafe for about two hours.

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Primary school pupils in Kyzyl not go to school because of the cold

Primary school pupils of all schools in Kyzyl again miss classes because of the cold — the temperature in the capital of Tuva in the morning fell to 40 degrees below zero, according to the city administration.

Severe frosts came after a two week break to the country on Tuesday. The temperature in the morning in Kyzyl was 40 degrees below zero.

"Today at 6:00 am in Kyzyl, according to the National Center Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, there have been 40 degrees below zero. According to the decision of the City Hall, in this temperature range the students do not

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In St. Petersburg, crows terrorize kindergarten

Parents are advised to wait for pupils officials thaw and destroy the nest. Every morning kindergarten playgrounds number 51 on the street Demian Poor have cleaned out the debris of branches and feces. Crows chosen trees growing there, under the crash pad. Flock as soon as it gets dark, taking with them their belongings back-breaking labor for the day — the dregs. As dawn — go hunting, throwing crumbs to the ground.

— Even dozens, hundreds of crows — complain to parents of kindergarten students. — Slides, swings all the morning covered with crow droppings. Birds bring waste from the

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Earths magnetic field is weakening

The magnetic field of the Earth is weakened more and more. About mechanisms protect us, the Earth's core and Earth's magnetic field weakens. Why weaken protection from solar radiation?

The cholera epidemic has sunk into Kramatorsk

In the children's clinic Kramatorsk asked mom with a child 5 years with complaints of diarrhea. Then joined vomiting, marked weakness and rumbling in the abdomen. Family consisting of 3 persons (parents and son) was vacationing in Egypt. During the rest ate shrimp, mussels, swimming in the Red Sea. After the return of the patient to start the first signs of the disease

Was the legend of the training sessions to localize and eliminate the source of cholera, which had Kramatorsk in CMU DTMO.

In class, in addition to health care workers in children's clinics № 3,

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Warning: Giant Sinkhole on the New — Madrid fault line — Planet crazy


Kaluga was a crimson river Protva

Day ecologist Kaluga river Protva became crimson. Last week, the water in the river Protva vorsinovskogo bridge in the Kaluga region stained crimson. Writes about this Obninsk weekly "You and We", "Basically, our river and had not shone pure color and blue waters. But sunbathing on its banks, people were absolutely amazed by the fantastic picture. Witnessed the incident believe that what- then combine in Ermolino obviously threw something Protva suffering. "

Currently, local authorities are trying to find out: who is so stressed holiday — ecologist.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature

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Krasnoyarsk will now be able to take the cats rent

Krasnoyarsk activist charity protection of homeless animals, "tails" Alain Temerova organized in a unique service — hire cats, relevant ads she posted on the websites of several local animal lovers.

According to the price list, the cost of hiring one cat is about 300 rubles for two hours, instead of the client is guaranteed to relieve stress and positive emotions.

"Even the doctors will not argue that a person who is stroking a cat, the pressure quickly to normal, a state of peace of mind. These animals a powerful positive energy, they relieve stress one of its purr" — explains

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Deep earthquake in the Sea of Japan

In the center of the Sea of Japan at a depth of 445 km under his bottom tonight earthquake with magnitude 4.8. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the push is registered at 02:44 Vladivostok time (19:44 MSK 1 October).

Sea of Japan earthquake deep quite rare, usually characteristic of the Sea of Okhotsk, where the tectonic upheavals at depths of 400 to 600 km recorded frequently.

The epicenter was in the Sea of Japan lay about 330 km north of the city of Tottori, located on the west coast of the Japanese island of

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Geomagnetic anomaly or dry thunderstorm over Moscow 13-14.08.2011

Across the sky strange glow, as if thunder and lightning every few seconds. Outbreaks sometimes yellow and reddish. No thunder, no rain, no wind, the sky overcast. Began around 23.00 ended at about 04.00 d Never seen!

Videos uploaded by user zveroboyfotog. 


This phenomenon has been observed in different parts of Moscow:

Uploaded MEGABOS86 Strange lightning in Shchelkovo highway




Uploaded bobermaniac1 According to one lightning every 15 seconds from the comfort of home! Moscow, south, facing southeast.


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