Pertussis epidemic swept California

The beginning of school in California, some high schools marked by long queues of students lined up for a mandatory vaccination … pertussis.

This is the new rule of the Joint Department of school education in Los Angeles (LA Unified School District), entered this school year in schools. Parents should accept these terms not so much out of fear of possible infection, how much of the need to comply with the conditions of LAUSD, if they want their children to go to a new campus.

Many of them even before the start of the school year found medical facilities

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Wholesale insanity in Europe

According to the latest survey by the German psychologists, more than 160 million Europeans suffer mental illness — it's almost 40% of the European population. Social scientists from Dresden made a list of the most common mental disorders among the Europeans, writes German magazine Spiegel.

The scientists from the Technical University of Dresden claim that 164 million people across Europe suffering from various mental illnesses. Most of them are caused by epidemics of drug addiction and depression for years rocked Europe. The data on the mental health of the residents of the 30 EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland,

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The mass death of birds in Perm

To the Editor called user, who spoke about the deaths of birds as recorded in the private sector Nagorno neighborhood.

According to the Climate Kanaeva, the morning of 9 August, at its garden plot, he found more than a dozen dead tits. The same situation was observed in the neighboring areas. Klim channel, user In all there are no traces of any injuries. Ditto on the neighboring site. Maybe a lot of them and they did not die in one place, but everywhere, and, apparently, all at once.

According to men, the situation is no better in

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In Obolensk study strain E.coli, CPS approves delivery of vegetables from Europe

According, the virus in Europe for 43 people died on June 24, 2011 3000 802 registered cases in Europe, USA and South America.

Until recently, the Federal Service banned the import of European vegetables to the Russian market, for fear of the terrible explosion of an intestinal infection. However, on June 24 received information that Gennady Onishchenko discussed revenues vegetables to Russia in five EU countries, and said that sign agreements with these countries will be possible in the evening of the same day, reports Life News Online.

It is noteworthy how the approach the chief sanitary doctor

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