The medical examination of drivers required!

To the State Duma a bill on compulsory medical examinations of drivers of public transport .. Government submitted to the State Duma recently developed a draft law providing for the introduction of compulsory medical examinations for drivers of public transport. Document changes pass inspection frequency for drivers of private vehicles, so that we will have to get another certificate every five years.

Professional driver impose more stringent standards. Drivers coming to work, must undergo mandatory medical examination for employment, plus every two years. Of the employer should check whether an employee survey. According to the bill, will be introduced as

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In Wales, a landslide

Wake up on the edge of the abyss. This story happened in the UK. In vans parked on the mountain were sleeping people — they come to Wales to the fair. In the night — part of the rock suddenly collapsed. Morning people could not believe their eyes — the trailers were on the very edge of the cliff. This is clearly seen in the pictures taken from a helicopter. Van was driven away to a safe distance, said more TV.

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In Venice, a period of high water

In a famous Italian city of Venice in the north once again there was an increase in water level in the canals. By imposing a layer of water were almost all the streets and town squares, including those that are run through the most popular tourist destinations.

Because of the sudden change in the water level in the city government announced a "yellow" code of danger. It is expected that water is able to reach a peak of 1.05 meters. Particularly impressive is the water column formed on St. Mark's Square.

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In Crimea, a storm washed away the family

38-year-old woman died. In the village of holiday-Razdolnoye Donetsk region — 38-year-old woman with her sister's husband and teenage son — in spite of a storm warning and signs on the beach, "No swimming", climbed into the sea. Soon they were picked up and carried over.

"We still have time to save the boy, he pulled out first. Women, unfortunately, died, but the man was gone. Half an hour looking for it, along with a group Rozdolnenskogo timber enterprises and guards, and found on the island of ravines north of Bakal Spit it drifted over there, and he sat

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Dust devils in Brazil

The largest over 2 million years moving ocean inhabitants

6.28 Global warming ocean waters become the cause of the largest movement of marine life for 2 million years. Fish, shellfish, living previously only in tropical areas, are increasingly common in northern waters.

These data have become a major research project output seventeen research institutes. Among some of the most studied is the fact that changes in the appearance of warm-poisonous jellyfish in the North Atlantic. Subspecies jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca (Purple strongly stinging jellyfish, which have a very frightening appearance and glow in the dark!) Have increasingly become a cause of massive private beach, where they had

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In Nizhny Novgorod, the forest bear attacked a pensioner

The bear attacked a woman in the Nizhny Novgorod region, when she went to look for mushrooms in the woods. Pensioner came across a clearing, on which the game bears. Bear woman noticed immediately.

When the animal began to attack, the woman tried to defend himself. Life she had saved little bear cubs. They were frightened and began to run away, and the bear ran after them.

The victim is now in CRH Resurrection. At this point in her life is not in danger. Head hunting department Semenov — witness the incident — said the developments and how to protect

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Tornado in the town of Krasnoyarsk, Orenburg region

Forest conservation for one day put out wildfires in the Far East

Forest protection staff put out for the last day in the Far East, one natural fire, reported Friday forestry department for the Far Eastern Federal District.

"Over the past day in the Far East was registered one natural fire in the Jewish Autonomous Region. Specialists managed to eliminate it on the same day," — said in a statement.

It is noted that the area affected by fire for the last day, was 60 acres. Were involved in fire Ten people, two pieces of equipment, one aircraft.

During the night the wind blew in Kiev more than 200 trees

The hurricane that swept the capital from 8 to 10 February, pushed only to the roadway for more than two hundred trees. Throughout the night from Tuesday to Wednesday employees "Kievzelenstroya" sawed collapsed trunks and branches removed from the roads of the capital. Places gusts reaching 15-20 m / s. "From 19.00 to 06.00 Tuesday environment our staff were clearing the road — a spokesman for" Kievzelenstroya "Elena Oganesova — Greatest rooted trees uprooted wind outside Dehtiarivska, Lepse Boulevard and Victory Avenue. In general, falling poplar. A Podol collapsed on the roadway old maple — 84 cm in diameter. "

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