In Kiev city center filled snake

On Wednesday rescuers Zaporozhye twice had to fight with the Viper. As we were told in the press service oblMChS, first the men carried a dangerous reptile from the basement of an apartment house on the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, and in the evening they were called to Central Avenue to them. Lenin, where adder is located right on the sidewalk.

Both reptiles were taken outside the city and released. It should be noted that despite the fact that the capture of snakes — a profile MOE, local firefighters have always come to the rescue in such situations. So, a

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The road is paved with dead bees

16.05.12. — The neighbor called: "Did you see what the bees?" I go out, and they're cool like they eased dichlorvos — says 54-year-old beekeeper Yuri Volkov from the district center Akimovka Zaporozhye region.

At the May holidays had killed 40 bee colonies. Insects are affected in three districts of the region — Melitopol, Akimov and Berdyansk.

— Only in our village did not become 1,700 families — continues. — I went to the field for the rape Akimovka. Look, no bees there. Arrived and took nectar poisoned and fell. The road was covered with a Akimovka dead bees.


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An earthquake with magnitude 5.2 occurred near the South Sandwich Islands

The earthquake registered a magnitude of 5.2 in the South Sandwich Islands in the Atlantic Ocean at 3.2 thousand kilometers to the south-east of the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires, according to the U.S. Geological Survey website.

The shock was recorded at 21.00 MSK Friday. Its epicenter was located 104 kilometers north of High Island, the center lies at a depth of 47.3 kilometers.

The South Sandwich Islands have the status of overseas territory of the UK (which is claimed by Argentina). High above the island was named after the Russian Lieutenant Thorson, who in the years 1819-1821 on the

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Bad weather has left without light 14 thousand people in Chechnya

More than 14,000 people were left without electricity due to bad weather in the Chechen Republic, the regional government reported Wednesday.

"At 23.32 due to unfavorable weather conditions in the five towns of Gudermes district was power outage," — said in a release.

The government clarified that the light lost 14.1 thousand villagers Koshkeldy, Bilten-Yurt, Kadi-Yurt, Upper Neuber and Ishkhoi-Yurt. In this socially significant objects with night people stay in the area have not been put off.

Stavropol region recorded plague outbreak in pigs

African swine fever virus was found in dead animals in Krasnogvardeisky district of the Stavropol Territory. 40 pigs deaths occurred in administrative and production division LLC LCD "Hope." Spokesman for the Russian Emergencies Ministry General Directorate of the Stavropol Region Oleg Degtyarev said zonal veterinary laboratory identified in five samples the presence of African swine fever virus. Materials are also sent for analysis to the GNU VNIIVVIM (State Scientific Institution "All-Russian Research Institute of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology", Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences) in the city of Moscow Region Protection to confirm the diagnosis, reports "Interfax". The approximate analytical results

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Downpours, hail and wind storms are expected in the Chelyabinsk region

GUMCHS the Chelyabinsk Region has announced the next three days warning of showers, thunderstorms, hail and squally winds increasing to 25-30 meters per second.

"(Tuesday-Thursday), July 17-19, increases the likelihood of accidents at livelihoods, increasing the number of accidents, injuries to people, damage slaboukreplennyh designs windfall trees," — said in a statement.

The Office recommends that business leaders organize activities to reduce the risk of emergencies and mitigation. In particular, GUMCHS advised to check the slaboukreplennyh structures, limiting aerial work, check inventories and technical means to eliminate potential accidents.

Lightning slashed the sky over Europe

According to RIA Novosti, during a storm June 8, 2011 the sky over Belgrade, Serbia COLORS numerous flashes of lightning.

It is worth noting that thunderstorms are pretty private thing for the summer season. Lightning — a giant electric spark discharge in the atmosphere, usually occurs during thunderstorms, manifested a bright flash of light and the accompanying thunder.

Most often, lightning occurs in cumulonimbus clouds, then they are called lightning, sometimes lightning formed in nimbostratus clouds, as well as volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and dust storms.

The average length of lightning is about 2.5 km, although some classes

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The damage from the accident in the Gulf of Mexico low. This was announced experts Nature Geoscience

Journal Nature Geoscience published a detailed research into the consequences of ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, where a year ago there was the largest ever oil spill. Nature Geoscience experts argue that assessment of the damage from the tragedy, published in the press, are underestimated, since there does not include emissions of gaseous hydrocarbons.

The accident at the BP platform has led not only to spill the liquid oil, but also to the release of various gases

Total emission of gaseous hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Mexico was 500 thousand tons. As a result, the background concentration of

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Half a million Chinese suffer from unprecedented in the last 200 years of drought

Because of the drought the lack of water in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong have 496 thousand people. These data are reported to the headquarters of flood control and drought province. This figure had increased to 176 thousand, compared to the figure recorded two weeks ago, reports "Xinhua".

According to the headquarters, the drought in Shandong suffer 4,290,000 hectares of agricultural land, including 2.14 million hectares under winter wheat.

On September 23, 2010 to February 8 this year, the average rainfall in the province was only 12 mm, which is 86% less than in normal years. If by the

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Half a ton of fuel spilled in the port of Nakhodka at refueling ship

Sea rescue in the port of Nakhodka eliminate fuel spill that occurred during refueling Chinese ship, poured out about half a ton of fuel oil, told RIA Novosti the EMERCOM Russia's Primorye Territory.

"The incident occurred at 18.00 local time (11.00 MSK) during refueling with fuel oil Chinese cargo ship. A filler spilled 500 kilograms of excess fuel, some of it fell into the bay," — said the official.

According to him, at the spill site exposed booms, experts are collecting oil port. Assumed to 14.00 Moscow time finish.

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