In Novosibirsk, the Mercedes fell into a hole in the asphalt

In Zaeltsovsky District June 21 under the car Mercedes, which was parked in the yard, failed asphalt, says "NGS.NOVOSTI."

According to the owner of the car Dmitry Chekunova at 13:30 he came out of the house at Line, 37/1, and saw that the front wheels of his car went under the asphalt. To get the car, called the tow truck owner, as the place was invited to the insurance company.

Car has a few scratches and it was a little past the bumper, damage to the host is not appreciated. To compensate call a tow truck (insurance company

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Flood victims in the Philippines, 14 people were

At least 14 people have died in recent days because of severe flooding in the Philippines caused by Do not stop for more than two weeks of rain, according to RIA Novosti. Twelve people drowned as a result of river flooding on the southern island of Mindanao. Here flood affected more than 700,000 residents. The northern Philippines as a result of river flooding caused by Hurricane "Igey" drowned two girls, one person was missing. Meteorologists reported the threat of a new storm "Falcon." It is unknown whether he will reach the Philippines, or will be moving to Japan. Every year

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Global Atlas with information about renewable energy is open to the public

The International Renewable Energy Agency finally allowed access to the "Global Atlas", which contains information on the distribution of environmentally friendly types of energy in the world. The researchers, who worked on the development of the first of its kind of this atlas, explained that currently there are registered and fully integrated data only on local production of wind and solar.

However, all of the scientific community, the power industry, as well as potential investors are hoping that very soon the description of the other types of renewable energy sources to fully get to the page of the atlas.

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Sandstorms have covered the north of China

Starting on 16 April, in many parts of northern China raging dust storms, accompanied by gale-force winds. In Beijing, felled many trees, collapsed fence to take life doubles.

As reported by the Chinese media in Beijing is the third sandstorm this year. Dasinhuan The village, located in a suburb of the capital, a hurricane fence blocked the construction site. Fence collapsed on the trailer builders, completely destroying it. Inside were 10 people, two of them life could not be saved.

Sand storms also took place in the provinces of Gansu, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, and others.

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Forced off avalanches are in Kamchatka

Employees Kamchatka avalanche center together with the military to begin preventive Elizovsky off avalanches in the region of Kamchatka, Russia reported GUMCHS for Kamchatka region.

"Due to the heavy snowfall and blizzards, passed last week, there was accumulation of large masses of snow on the slopes and hills in the basin Paratunka Elizovo district. Arose danger of avalanches in the high-voltage power line linking Mutnovskaya geothermal station with the central power unit end, and also Paratunski highway, "- said in a statement.

According to rescuers, forced off avalanches controlled by shelling will be held over two days in Vilyuchinsky, hills

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Tropical storms have killed 22 people in Guatemala

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 16 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Znamensky. Showers coming in Guatemala on Monday, has already led to the deaths of at least 22 people, said the National Coordination for Disaster Reduction.

The number of victims because of the elements close to 95 thousand people. Among them — 4.3 thousand people left homeless, two missing and three wounded.

Most — 13 people — were killed in the city of Quetzaltenango (Quetzaltenango) to the south-west of the country. As a result of heavy rains severely damaged roads, on the border with El Salvador washed away the bridge

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Popokatepetel not stop erupting

Ash emitted Mexican volcano Popokatepetel, forced authorities to close the airport for 14 hours of Puebla — the nearest city to the volcano. Such measures are needed to clear the runways of ash and volcanic rock. Airport work was resumed on the same day, May 9, 2012. Luckily, was canceled only one flight from Puebla to Houston, Texas, USA.

For several weeks, there is increased activity Popokatepetelya: volcano stops spewing gas, hot rock and ash at a distance of 1.6 kilometers from the crater. In addition, the volcano regularly emits steam and ash. Local authorities report that the temporary

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In Cherkasy massive fish die

In the river, cyanosis, on the border of Cherkasy and Kirovogoradskoi areas, fish dying en masse, according to "The newspaper in Ukrainian."

— A few days ago, went to Chesnopil, wanted to rest, — the resident Zvenigorodka Igor Vasilenko. — As soon descended into the bed of the river below the village, I heard an incredible smell. Several miles downstream floating dead fish. Most polukilogrammovyh carp. In the reeds belly lay dead otter. It is swollen and looked like a large dog.

Cyanosis river begins at the confluence of three rivers — the Mountain and River Rotten Tikich and height.

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Environmental disaster in Dzerzhinsk


Dzerzhinsk, June 9. Dzerzhinsk residents live in dangerous proximity to the millions of tons of chemical othodov.Kak RIA "News", the city has about 50 companies that produce ethylene oxide, caustic soda, chlorine, phenol-formaldehyde resin. Especially dangerous is tens of polygons, which stores the chemical waste.

In the city there is a systematic excess of content standards in the air health risk phenol.

Many residents report that the streets present chemical smell from the tap flowing mud. Environmental specialists do not even hide the fact that almost everywhere you can detect dangerous toxins in high

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Caviar seized half a million rubles from a resident of Khabarovsk Krai

Police seized from a resident of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Krai almost 30 kilograms of caviar sturgeon species, the catch of which is prohibited by Russian law, the price of the black market value of the seized goods is about half a million rubles, said on Thursday GUMVD Russian Far Eastern Federal District.

Because of the threat of extinction of Amur sturgeon and sturgeon ban on commercial fishing of these species. The catch is only for research purposes and for artificial reproduction. One reason for the poor state of the population is poaching. In 2001, unauthorized catch reached 280 tons, and its

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