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The world is on the verge of cholera pandemic

Mankind of the Earth threatens new global pandemic of cholera — a forecast chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko.

Source of spread of the deadly disease — in Haiti, where the virus had died more than two and a half thousand people.

From the words of Gennady Onishchenko, the latest figures in Haiti was hospitalized 58,000 people diagnosed with cholera, 335 cases and 27 hospitalizations recorded in the Dominican Republic. Cholera cases were diagnosed in all provinces of the country loved by Russian tourists.

"Perhaps we are approaching the first pandemic of cholera in the XXI Century" —

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Nineteen flights delayed at Moscows Sheremetyevo airport

Nineteen flights delayed at Moscow's international airport "Sheremetyevo" on the night of Sunday to Monday, according to an online scoreboard on the airport site.

On Sunday night, according to the airport in the "Sheremetyevo" delayed 30 flights.

In Moscow on Sunday night for a few hours it was snowing, the amount of snow, according to the weather center "Phobos", was about six inches. Then it started to rain in the capital, which does not end until now. MOE announced in the capital and its suburbs storm warning due to snowfall and gusty winds.

Earlier, the press service of the

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Vietnamese Saigon rains caused flooding

At home, sweeping the snow, and in the capital — the stable weather for mid-May

Winter in Russia will not gone, it entertains, appearing suddenly in the one or the other region. Moscow lucky in this sense — night frost is out, compared to what was happening in the Irkutsk region — they are flowers. There followed a 25-degree heat of snow fell. It all started with a storm and blowing dust in the afternoon, then took a shower, and is closer to the night loaded snow. Temperature suddenly dropped from 25 degrees to 13 … According to this same scenario weather mayhem in Buryatia. With one "but" — there was snow up to 30

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North Atlantic from Iceland to the Azores declared reserve

The protected waters of the North Atlantic will increase by 180,000 square kilometers and stretch, so, from Iceland to the Azores, the decision to admit the party to the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR), according to the World Wildlife Fund ( WWF) Germany.

"The decision was announced on the 15 th member countries OSPAR agreement on Friday, the last day of the conference in Bonn. Talks about increasing the protected area from 290 to 470 thousand square kilometers, lasted two years. Additional 180,000 square kilometers of the reserve appeared in the northern

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In India, an unknown virus killing people

Unknown to science virus epidemic in India. Many patients with symptoms similar to dengue fever and chikungunya, but a completely different type. Virologists are confused, drugs against the virus — no. High fever, joint pain, are symptoms of the disease. The blood samples of cases, sent to the World Health Organization to study.

Two dead after landslide in Afghanistan

Two people were killed and 12 injured in the city of Charikar, the capital of Parwan province, Afghanistan, as a result of descent from the mountains mudslides caused by heavy rains, told journalists the head of the provincial security director Shirahmad Maldani police.

According to police, agriculture hit the city on Tuesday at 23:00 local time, when residents were asleep. Mud rivers washed away or partially destroyed more than 100 homes in the area Barch Yazdah. Killed two children aged eight and 12 years old, among the wounded — four women and six children.

In the disaster area were rushed

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In Tbilisi, frozen reservoir. Video

For the first time in half a century frozen Tbilisi Sea — a large reservoir on the outskirts of the Georgian stolitsy.Pered morning locals appeared amazing picture. The eastern part of the basin is covered with ice so thick that you can walk on it.

Since February 8, that is tomorrow, in Georgia again expected snowy weather. According to weather forecasts, the entire country is expected rainfall. Now West Georgia weather cleared a bit warmer.

In Kobuleti, Poti and temperatures warmed up to 10 degrees Celsius. But rain is expected tomorrow night, turning into

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A new species of mites appeared in the Novosibirsk region

Familiar to Novosibirsk region taiga tick Ixodes displaced bloodsucker, which occurs mainly in the south of Siberia.

Epidemiologists are not seriously concerned about the activity of the new species to the region mites. The fact that a new species, in contrast to the taiga tick is not picky about the climate, for example, is not as sensitive to heat. In addition, it is practically not afraid of drugs insect repellent, so aerosols from it will not help, says "KP in Novosibirsk."

"Most of these mites bite birds. And birds, in contrast to the declining number of rodents, we have plenty,

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For one night Kharkov covered with snow

In one night, covered by snow Kharkov: people woke up and saw through the window the snow-white tale. Children happily — can finally get out of the closet and play sled in the snow, but the adults grab first for the head, and then — for a shovel.

Correctly say "out of the blue": the wipers do not have time to cope with the unexpected snow plague. City Council website reported today in Kharkiv struggling with bad weather in 1751 janitors, who came to the aid of eight tractors with schetkami.Kak reported earlier DELFI, snowfall prevented hundreds of people in

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