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In Iran, the snow fell

In the Iranian province of Mazandaran, the snow fell, the news agency ISNA.

According to the agency, heavy snowfall took place in cities Kilardesht, Alam Kuh, Takht Suleiman and Siyah Kaman and the surrounding mountain areas.

In Kilardeshte snow accompanied by hail. It is reported that some areas of the city as a result of bad weather were flooded.

It is also reported that in the same area due to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions disappeared single plane. His search has already begun.

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Europe — the drinking region of the world

BRUSSELS, April 20. According to WHO, Europe is the drinking region of the world. European average adult drinks 3 glasses of wine a day, in terms of pure alcohol is 12.5 liters per year.

This amount is 2 times higher than the average consumption of alcohol, reports Kedem.

Among European countries, there are significant differences: Eastern Europe most drinks (14.5 liters per person per year), the south of Europe consumes about 11.2 liters, and the Nordic countries show the lowest in Europe, the result — 10.4 liters.

While in southern Europe alcohol is usually used in conjunction with food —

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Mexico experienced another earthquake

Earthquake in Mexico — not uncommon. That March 20, 2012 was a fairly strong earthquake near the city of Acapulco, the location of which — the state Guerrero, that the Mexican Pacific coast. Power tremors reached 7.9 magnitude. There have been seven.

Fortunately, the recent earthquake there were no casualties, though seven people still received various injuries. As a result of aftershocks have been damaged almost six hundred houses, on the walls of some buildings went crack, but experts believe that these injuries do not lead to collapse. People who have lost as a result of exposure to the elements

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The strongest snowstorm struck the north-west U.S.

Tens of thousands of people were left without electricity due to severe snow storm, collapsed on Monday in the north-west United States.

The snow cover in northern New England and parts of New York on Monday reached 80 cm, the movement on a number of tracks for several hours was blocked, and Vermont authorities canceled classes in schools and the work of local government institutions.

Connecticut suffered Monday by heavy rains. A flood of some buildings were demolished and two cars in the river Hyusatonik.

Residents of the northern part of the state of Maine for the day have witnessed

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Near-Earth asteroid swept large

Today, next to the Earth swept a large asteroid. It reaches 46 meters in diameter, and was the closest to our planet in half of the fourth Tbilisi time.

The asteroid passed the safe path away 230,000 miles from Earth. This is almost twice closer than the orbit of the moon. But it is much more than the distance to the two asteroids, which flew past Earth on March 26 with a difference of a few hours.

NASA experts say that this is — quite rare, and such asteroids are not dangerous to humans. Threaten Earth can

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In Chernihiv lightning burned church cross

29.07.11.Vchera July 28 at p. Hillfort Mensky area about 5 am, and a bolt of lightning hit the cross on the dome of the local St. Michael's Church. It was built of wood in 1887 After a few minutes the scene firefighters arrived. Extinguishing the fire was complicated by the lack of nearby water sources are located. In the water tower water quickly over, but its content did not occur because the village the night before the last day due to weather conditions remained without electricity. So rescuers had to refuel 2 kilometers at the local pond.

One and

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An earthquake with magnitude 6.3 occurred near the Commander Islands

Earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred in the Pacific Ocean to the east of the Commander Islands, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS.

The epicenter was registered at 14.40 local time (6.40 MSK), located 150 kilometers south-east of the southern tip of the island's only town Commander ridge — Bering Island and 200 kilometers from the regional center of the Aleutian Region Kamchatka — village Nikolsky. Hotbed of seismic events occur at depths 61.1 miles under the sea floor.

In communities peninsular Kamchatka Territory significant aftershocks was not felt. Information about the strength of shocks in

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The unusually early winter roads paralyzed Austria

In Austria came unusually early winter. Even on the weekend there was a temperature within normal. And now dropped to 10-15 degrees. Because of the snow and ice road situation became critical. Local residents had to pick up a shovel, and motorists rushed to remember winter driving skills.

In the state of Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia in the streets brought snowplows. Several roads in the mountainous areas of the country are closed, said "Russia-24".


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In Australia, the two-headed fish found

In the basin of the river Australian Noosa (Noosa) was marked by the mass death of fish fry. Matt Landos (Matt Landos), a specialist in the field of ichthyology Australian Veterinary College, discovered that the reason for this genetic mutation.

Changes in the structure of the fry were such that more than two days, they did not survive. Most often fry hatched from the eggs two-headed. Similar changes were seen in embryos and animals in the areas adjacent to the plantation house and sheep farms.

According to the scientist, for all the work he first encountered this phenomenon. Conducted

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Artificial salt licks help animal sanctuary Buryatia winter

Additional artificial salt licks (soil, rich in mineral salts) and fields with winter crops will help to wild boars, red deer and roe deer in Altacheyskom Federal Reserve Buryatia survive the winter, according to the website of the Baikal Biosphere Reserve.

"Held rassolka salt licks, planting forage plants, manufacture and putting up nesting houses for Goldeneye, Ogar (200 pieces), the device feeding and harvesting birch brooms for ungulates in the wintering grounds, acquisition and calculation formulas for fertilizing boar, boar … vaccination, conduct complex accounting activities in all seasons. Today reserve "Altacheysky" There are 30 artificial salt licks, their

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