Shark almost ate 10-year-old girl

The incident, which took place in North Carolina, shocked the public. Typical American family came for vacation. Girl bathing in the shallows, where the water depth is less than one meter. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in his leg and screamed. Cassidy grabbed a shark and dragged along. For a moment, her predator was released, but only to stronger grasp prey. Parents rushed to the aid of his daughter, and were able to pull her to shore. Fortunately, the girl was still alive. Doctors pulled out her legs tooth shark.

Parents said they were not even aware of the

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A huge oil slick measuring more than 600 square meters found in the Sevastopol bay

20.06 Court Environmental Services Black Sea Fleet eliminate oil spill in the Bay of Sevastopol, working together with the Ukrainian ecologists.

On the north side of Sevastopol, in the Engineering Bay, local residents discovered a huge oil slick, roughly the size of over 600 square meters. Meanwhile, experts have not been able to explain its origin.

Official comments on the origin of the spot of the Azov-Black Sea Ecological Service currently can not give. Is under investigation. At the same time, as reported by Sevastopol prints, residents north saw slick passed by Ukrainian ships berth.


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In Japan, the most calm agitated volcano

Most stable in Japan Sakurajima volcano woke up. Webcam recorded eruption October 9 eruption height of 1600 meters, and the height of the October 10 release of 1500 meters.

Sakurajima (Sakurajima) — an active volcano and the island of the same name (now connected to the mainland). This is a complex volcano with a peak split into three peaks, Kitadake (northern peak), Nakadake (central peak) and Minamidake (southern peak), the most active. The island — about 77 square kilometers

North Peak volcano has a height of 1117 m in 1914, there was a big eruption of

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In the Tokyo earthquake

Magnitude 4 earthquake occurred today in the capital of Japan. Information on casualties or damage were reported. According to the National Meteorological Administration, no tsunami threat.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the northern part of Ibaraki prefecture northeast of Tokyo, and the focus lies at a depth of 70 km from the Earth's surface. The strongest tremors were felt residents Ibaraki Prefecture, Fukushima, Tochigi, Gunma and Tokyo's neighboring prefectures of Saitama and Chiba.

The Japanese archipelago is located on the junction of four tectonic plates, so every year there are up to 20% of the seating

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Land subsidence in the South China

June 2. Preliminary expert analysis showed that subsidence in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China could be caused by pumping water in karst terrain.

In the karst landscape increase underground wells for water supply may lead to the collapse of karst and thus increase the likelihood of subsidence, the chief engineer of Electric Power Design Institute of Guangxi Zhunguan Ma.

Investigation into the cause of the incident is continuing.

No injuries were reported, but 844 villagers were evacuated after subsidence near the school in the village Tanlo, administratively subordinate Sisyantan District of Nanning City — the administrative

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Moscow pours freezing rain

On Friday, December 24, in the Catholic Christmas Eve, Moscow snow covered the strongest cyclone. In this case, the evening began to thaw and the snow turned to rain, reports News. Ru. This weather has seriously complicated traffic situation that service "News. Stoppers" as of 17:30 evaluation is 10 points. In some places there is black ice on the roads and snow piles. This can cause a minor traffic accident. Traffic police urge drivers to be extremely careful. Meanwhile, meteorologists promise Muscovites further warming. Expert of the PHOBOS Leonid Starkov said that Moscow is in range atmospheric front with waves

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Photo paper wholesale

People who are professionally engaged in the photography, constantly in need of resources, which bring them profit. Therefore, it is there for those buyers great deals, for example, buy photo paper in bulk. It's no secret that the goods at wholesale prices much cheaper than retail. But do not forget that not only reasonable cost, but the quality is the most important part of any production.

Choose paper that recreates the colorful and vivid image, has protective properties on the solubility of ink in water or alkali, and also protects your photos from the sun, the test of time, etc.

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Kaliningrad under the bus hit the ball lightning

August 8 on the road Kaliningrad Sovetsk a bus with German tourists got a fireball.

This was "Klops.Ru" said chairman of the association tourism enterprises Kaliningrad Tamara Toropova.

"A group of German tourists came to us on August 6. They had prepared an extensive "nostalgic" program: excursions to Kaliningrad Svetlogorsk Chernyakhovsk ", — said Tamara Toropova.

On that day, a group of 19 German pensioners rode the bus from the Soviet. On the road, 30 kilometers from Kaliningrad are caught driving rain.

"No thunder, no lightning, we have not. It was therefore a surprise to us was the appearance of

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Vladivostok Airport reverse the effects of Hurricane Sunbeam

Vladivostok International Airport continues to operate normally after the aftermath of tropical storm "Sunbeam", said the airport "Sheremetyevo" (shareholder Vladivostok Airport).

"Flights in departure and arrival are fully met within the central scheduling. Airfield infrastructure continues to work smoothly. Flight delays at departure and arrival has been recorded," — said in a statement.

Powerful typhoon "Sunbeam" appeared on September 10 in the Philippines. He became the 16th of the season in the northwest Pacific Ocean. According to the center of tracking and forecasting of typhoons in Tokyo, the maximum wind speed at the center of "Sunbeam" was 50 meters

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In Russia will introduce a school uniform

As we approach the first of September, once parents have weight worries, because every child should be collected in school. However, but in our country wearing a school uniform is still not mandatory in most schools.

If the majority of EU countries are dressed about the same and only a few can feel wronged, we have in this respect the situation is no better. Some of the children are dressed in expensive boutiques, while others are forced to buy only the cheapest clothes.

Today, the 18th October 2012, Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion on the introduction of school uniforms. Buy

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