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Christmas in Italy pouring rain

Italians celebrate Christmas in the pouring rain, tells Radio "Mayak". The peninsula after a wave of cold and snow pouring rain. Has now reached a record level of water in Venice — in the afternoon there is registered a maximum of 144 cm at a rate of no more than 114.

Special warnings and announced Vechentse in the northeast of the country. The same situation in the nearby Padua.

In some northern and central Italy went and sat down. Landslide covered 50 timetrovym clay layer segment of the regional highway near Savona. No injuries were reported.

Bad weather complicates the

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Mass mortality of sardines in the south — west coast of Sakhalin

Scientists explain the reasons SakhNIRO mass ejection sardines on the beach south-west coast of Sakhalin In early October, on the coast of southwestern Sakhalin were fixed mass emissions Far sardines, more known as the herring sardine. According to data collected by experts SakhNIRO emissions of the fish were observed on part of the coast from the village to the town of Apple Novosibirsk on October 2-3. The width of the tidal bands, which are marked emissions sardines, varied from 4 to 1 m length of the coastal area and the density of the layer stranded fish indicate that these

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World population could by the end of the month pass for 7000000000

As noted by the former Minister of Health of Nigeria Babatunde Osotimehin, who now heads the UN Population Fund, the seven billion people — are not so much achievement as a serious challenge for all nations of the earth.

It is a call to review its population policy, and came to think about family planning methods.

According to recommendations of the fund should focus on women's rights, which should not only have access to quality health care, but also more opportunities for self-realization.

According to UN estimates, the main population growth have on the poorest countries in Africa and Asia.

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Cholera on the basics: For 15 cases, the discovery of the sea is delayed

For the holiday season on the Azov Sea are two news — good and bad. Good — yesterday have been discharged from hospital 11 patients with cholera, and another 6 patients are ready to leave home for a few days. All of the infection is treated 9 patients and 5 vibriocarrier. The bad news — June 14, found in another patient with cholera (thus, 15 cases of the disease). The last case — again because of the fish. According to Chief George Gusakova sanvracha Mariupol, the cause of the disease was still fished in the river May

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Magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred in Kamchatka

Magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred in Kamchatka Olyutorsky district, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS.

The epicenter was registered in 09.25 local time (01.25 MSK), located approximately 50 kilometers from the nearest village — the village Hailino at a depth of 53.6 kilometers.

Information on casualties or damage.

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A ball of fire fell from the sky in Argentina

One woman was killed and six others injured in a fall of an unknown celestial body. According to an eyewitness who lives in the neighborhood, fell from the sky burning object that completely destroyed the building and several cars damaged also standing next to the structure, according to the time factor with reference to the channel C5N.

The incident occurred at about 2 am at the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes in Monte Grande, Province of Esteban Echeverría. Causes of the accident has not been fully established, is under investigation. Locals claim to have witnessed

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Residents threaten Russia eye disease

70% of Russia is threatened by diseases of the eye, RIA Novosti reported on the visit of the day open FSI IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" named Fedorov.

"With the vision is a disaster," — said General Director of Complex "Eye Microsurgery" Hristo Tahchidi. By its nature, a person must spend on the near angle not more than 20% of vision. The remaining time is available for the eye muscles. However, urban environment with blizkostoyaschimi houses, small apartment, computer, TV and books require at least 90%-s costs. This leads to a strain on the eye muscles and, as a result, problems

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Heavy rain and hail de-energized several areas of Blagoveshchensk

Powerful shower with squally winds and hail flooded streets Blagoveshchensk, Amur region and caused power outages in several areas of the city.

According to RIA Novosti, the representative of "Amur utility grid," the dispatcher until the list is de-energized areas.

"Heavy rain continues, verse the wind, so the outcome of bad weather just yet. Known that in some cases the cause of outages were fallen trees on wires," — said the interviewee.

According to the duty forecaster, an hour fell 24.5 millimeters, which is 85% of the decadal rates. Wind up to 23 meters per second, knocked a few trees.

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IPad3 finally come to Russia

May 25th in several regions of the country officially launched the iPad third generation (production of Apple). But the big excitement in the stores is not caused.

Entry-level price tag has a number of 21 thousand Russian rubles and older — up to 36 thousand. It should be noted that the cost of more than two years ago, the previous model — iPad2. From start implementation in the Russian market, prices were from 19 000 to 30 990 rubles. In the capital, the number of people who have come on the market since, oddly enough, depended on the entertainment shows

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In Germany, the dioxin scandal grows

In Germany, more than 4 thousand 700 farms closed due to the scandal of dioxin contamination of poultry. Most of the private farms — 4 thousand 468 farms — located in Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, reports Deutsche Welle. All in Germany about 375 thousand farms.

Earlier it was reported that the producer of feed for poultry Harles & Jentzsch added to its products remains of fatty acids obtained with the release of biodiesel. This was the cause of infection of poultry with dioxin.

Reportedly, Harles & Jentzsch delivered 3 tons of additives in feed for poultry of about 25

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