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Avalanche danger is declared in Kolyma because of snowfall

Rescuers Kolyma announced on Wednesday that the avalanche hazard arising due to heavy snowfall, which brought in the Magadan Region active cyclone, told RIA Novosti the Regional Search and Rescue Center (PSC).

Snow cyclone came from the south to the Kolyma Kuril Islands on Monday, he brought rain and snow.

"Precipitation markedly increased snow in the mountains, which can cause avalanches. Therefore, the real message is directed avalanche danger to all city and district administrations Kolyma," — said the source.

He noted that rescuers asks residents to refrain from out on all kinds of vehicles through mountain passes and in

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Snowplows failed due to frost show in Novosibirsk

Organizers national conference on technology of winter road maintenance, which takes place on Friday in Novosibirsk, because the 35-degree cold could not demonstrate the latest machinery, designed for snow removal.

"Hydraulics can fly" — said the reporters one of the event organizers.

Euro-road equipment worth 135 million rubles, which bought the company "Novosibirskavtodor", the largest contractor of road construction works in the region (share of the regional market -42%), and was left standing on a platform in front of "Expocentre", where the conference .

This year, the machinery company added 10 combined road machines (CDM) Scania, appointed distributors agents, brushes.

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred in Yakutia

In Yakutia, an earthquake of magnitude 6.9, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to seismologists, the quake was recorded at 17.13 MSK at a point located in 389 kilometers to the east of the Verkhoyansk and 340 kilometers north of the Ust-Nera. The earthquake was located at a depth of 9 km.

According to RIA Novosti, the representative of the republican central board MOE, in Yakutsk, the tremors were not felt, the information on specified areas of the republic.

"The epicenter — in Abyyskom area, the nearest town — Syaganah — 54 miles to White Mountain — 150

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China will spend $ 315 million each year on the development of hybrid and electric cars

The Chinese government plans to invest in the development of vehicles that use alternative fuel, to 2 billion yuan (about 315 million U.S. dollars) each year. Thus, the authorities intend to not only reduce the level of pollution of cities, but also to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

As reported by Automotive News, citing data from the Ministry of Finance of China, the government will also encourage the use of public transport, equipped with a hybrid power plant in the largest cities of the country. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Finance Zhang Shaochun.

Various organizations and

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A massive power outage in Krasnoyarsk

Massive power in almost all districts of Krasnoyarsk on Monday, February 6, occurred because of a system failure at the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.

In this connection, the equipment "IDGC of Siberia" worked control automatics. Damage to the lines of "IDGC of Siberia" was not recorded. "At 20.05 on February 6 after checking automation and powered by a set of power all the consumers of the Kuzbass and Altai power systems. At 20.39 voltage is applied to main consumers of Krasnoyarsk, and 22.19 — all consumers Krasnoyarsk power. Socio important facilities were not shut down by the coordinated action of

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The hurricane swept through Gryazovets (Vologda region)

The hurricane swept through the city Gryazovets Vologda region. As reported by IA SeverInform eyewitnesses of the incident, elements raged in the district center at about 15:00. Squally wind tore the wires on poles street lighting, road signs knocked, broken branches of large trees in the center of the city. According to testimony gryazovchan, all accompanied by a powerful rain — visibility in the streets no more than five to ten meters.

At the same time, the agency EMERCOM told rescuers that calls on the hurricane were reported. Details are being clarified.

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U.S. says talks with Russia

Gosdepartament U.S. will not be raskryvat zhurnalistam soderzhanie svoih peregovorov with RF o vossoedinenii rossiyskih sirot, nahodivshihsya in protsesse usynovleniya amerikantsami nA Moment of decision "zakona Dima Yakovleva," CO svoimi adoptive families.

"We are in intensive peregovory vlastyami with finishing of the complex RF naschet nachatyh protsessov usynovleniya. Dumayu not, chto peregovoram poydet nA polzu if I unto you rasskazyvat their ob detalyah. Dayte nam prorabotat voprosy these, and if so rezultaty we unto you o them rasskazhem" — skazala nA briefing FO vtornik ofitsialny predstavitel gosdepartamenta U.S. Viktoriya Nuland.

Ona rasskazala, chto sotrudniki gosdepartamenta proveli Specials briefing for families

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Livni Apastovo

Animal lovers near Beijing blocked a truck with 500 dogs

Beijing animal welfare advocates to block the entrance to the Chinese capital of a truck, transported to the northeast of the country, in Changchun city, more than 500 dogs, purchased for resale in the local restaurants, said on Saturday the agency Zhongguo sinven.

A truck filled with dogs and found one of the participants in a voluntary organization for the protection of animals at the entrance to the sixth ring road of Beijing. Fearing that the animals are transported illegally and may soon suffer at the hands of the people, a volunteer posted this information in his microblog. On Friday

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