Shortage of drinking water in Afghanistan

The Government of Afghanistan has asked the international community to help solve the problem of shortage of drinking water in the northern and central regions of the country.

According to Afghan authorities, because of their homes has left thousands of people, just as a lack of drinking water affects about two million chelovek.Krome of the Afghan government plans to import about two million tons of grain due to poor harvest this year

Water broke through the dam in Bangkok: flooded downtown

Water broke through the dam in the channel Phra Khanong in Bangkok. Began flooding in Sukhumvit business district. This was announced by the head of the municipal district of Klong Toei Virapat Chayvanukit.

Neelam spinning cyclone in the Indian city of Chennai

Neelam Tsiklonoobrazny storm, which was forecast to fall on the Indian city of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has bypassed this town side. But instead suffered a city Chennai India — Mamllapuram, located 60 km to the south.

Ironically, in an area of the state, where the storm looked in the first place, no one was hurt. But in other towns of Tamil Nadu there are casualties Neelam. According to official figures, the death toll is 4. The entire population of the northern coast of the state is in okoloshokovom condition because the damage caused by the elements,

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6.0 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of New Zealand

Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred on Saturday around the North Island in New Zealand, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to the service, ground level were recorded in 17.16 local time (09.16 MSK). The earthquake lies at a depth of 204 kilometers. The epicenter was located at a distance of 300 km north-east of Auckland.

No casualties or damage were reported.

At the end of February 2011 in the second largest city in New Zealand, Christchurch, a devastating earthquake that almost leveled the center of the city. Many buildings were destroyed, the central cathedral, several areas are uninhabitable.

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100 leopard sharks have been found dead off the coast of California

Dozens of leopard sharks have been found dead off the coast of California in April. An autopsy shows that the sharks died of massive internal bleeding, blood oozing out of the skin, even sharks.

Autopsies conducted the California Department of Fish and Game, uncovered "inflammation, bleeding and damage to the brain, bruises on the skin." Bleeding was also detected in the reproductive organs of female leopard sharks.

The results obtained indicate that 50 sharks found dead in April 2011, died very muchitilnoy death. The death of leopard sharks, continues in May this year, the local people are

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Cleveland, USA: The crack on the St. Clair remains a mystery

August 3, 2011. The incident took place more than a month ago on St. Clair Avenue. The crack is on the sidewalk from Ontario to the East 6th Street.

Experts are at a loss, whether it is caused by weak structure sidewalk, temporary geological fault, or was it something else?

On research planned budget of $ 465 million, funded by taxpayers.

Jeff Applebaum is a representative of the project. He says that a lot of brains and technology have been thrown into the battle, trying to find out what caused the cracks and whether it can happen again.

Tiltmeters, inclinometers,

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Plague epidemic threatens Moscow

Moscow pig in danger. In the capital, a possible outbreak of African swine fever. Whether to abandon the use of the citizens of meat figured out Alexander Pisarev.

Capital threatened outbreak of African swine fever. The cases were recorded in the neighboring areas. Should I refuse to Muscovites from pork, learned radio correspondent "Vesti FM" Alexander Pisarev.

The disease is found in the Kursk region. He died from two pigs in private farms. Moscow police instructed to carefully check the documents of anyone who carries meat or animals themselves. Special control is introduced for those who enter from the Kursk

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Azerbaijan has recorded over two thousand aftershocks

Seismologists meticulously count any tremors in the country.

According, last year registered in Azerbaijan in 2040 earthquake. APA director of the Republican Seismological Service Center of ANAS Gurban Yetirmishli. According to him, last year the seismic situation in Azerbaijan was at background levels.

He also noted that in Azerbaijan operated 25 seismic stations, and the end of this month, the new seismic station will be installed in three regions — Gusar, Gabala and Gobustan.

In April, the stations will be built on the territory of Nakhchivan — in SHAKHBUZ and Ordubad. Ramiz Mamedov

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Snow damaged power lines in Lagodekhi, Georgia

Due to heavy snowfall in Lagodekhi to 7000 subscribers were left without electricity. The city electric power is not supplied to 5 thousand, and in rural areas — up to 2 thousand subscribers, — According to Radio "Hereti".

In A / Energodistributsiya Kakheti claim that severed wiring, and repairing works.

As the Head of Service of Public Relations Distribution Jeanne Didebashvili, within hours of electricity supply in Lagodekhi is restored.

After the invasion of bedbugs in New York, a new trouble. Rats

Of rodents in the city is growing rapidly, and the authorities do not have the money to fight them.

Reporting by Laura Trevelyan.

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