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Snowfall in Georgia

Because of continuing for the third day in Georgia heavy snowfall hampered the movement of cars on some roads, de-energized dozens of settlements.

To clear the road from snowdrifts, mobile road service work for 14-16 hours a day. In some areas of the country the snow depth reached 1-1.5 meters.

Snow damaged several power lines, which led to the closure of the current few dozen villages. Repairers managed to restore a number of the damaged sections of transmission lines, which will partially restore the power supply. Reports of loss of life for this reason has yet been received, according to

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Flooding on the border of Chile and Peru

Severe flooding on the border of Chile and Peru. Due to heavy rainfall from the coast out of the river, destroyed houses and roads, evacuated the region. However, that is — not so bad.

Streams of water unleashed from the ground anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. Explosive shells float on the water in the flooded Pan-American Highway. Traffic is suspended. Also stopped the movement of trains in the coastal areas, fishermen are prohibited from moving into the sea.

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Element disrupted the October Railway Moscow

Outages are marked on the main course of the October Railway in Moscow region. It is a line of "Moscow — St. Petersburg" on the site belonging to the Moscow branch line, said the JSC "Russian Railways". Interruptions in power supply are also associated with the supply from the power industry. At the same time Moscow Railway stated "short cuts" in the supply of electricity from "Mosenergo" and "Ryazanenergo." "The movement of trains on the main directions of the capital line can be difficult," — spokesman Vladimir road gently. "Today at 06:30 by" Mosenergo "vanished power to the feeder stations,

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In Azerbaijan, there was an earthquake

The epicenter of the earthquake in Hajigabul was at a depth of 33 km.

As reported Seismological Service Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, today Hajigabul Azerbaijan earthquake.

March 5 at 00:06 local time in Hajigabul, 21 km north of the city of Shirvan, an earthquake. Power quake was 3.5 points. Sayyad Azizov

In Houston, increased levels of ozone pollution

Officials of the fourth largest city in the United States from Houston recently announced that due to increased levels of ozone in the air of the village to alarming figures they have, will make public the environmental danger warning.

According to the online report, the newspaper Houston Chronicle, currently warning applies directly to Houston and several other cities, including Galveston and Brazoriya. It is in these communities atmospheric conditions are most pleasing to the increase in concentration of ozone in the air breathed by the locals. Ozone is a highly reactive gaseous substance and is usually found in large

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A huge sinkhole in Texas, USA

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The drought in Niger has threatened the lives of 5 million people

Prime Minister of the West African republic of Rafina Brigitte said that "34.9% of families in Niger, or more than 5.4 million people suffer from malnutrition, of whom 1.3 million — in the acute form. An urgent need to take action, "the ITAR-TASS news agency.

Niger is missing 519 tons of grain to feed the 15-million population. Affected by low yields, predefined drought.

Shared the concern of the authorities of Niger are in the country to visit the European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, Kristalina Georgieva, said that 1.7 million children Niger are

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Hurricane destroyed dozens of homes in Australia

A strong storm hit Western Australia. Brunt of the disaster was in the state capital — the city of Perth.

According to forecasters, the wind speed exceeding 150 kilometers per hour. Destroyed dozens of homes, fallen trees, broken wire, resulting in no light left more than 55,000 dwellings. In Sydney for a six-day rainfall fell. He started a real flood. Many high-speed roads are flooded, we already know of one who died. People from schools and hospitals rescued by helicopters.

Previous flood of this magnitude occurred in Australia in December 2010. Then the damage amounted to

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Crocodiles Australian zoo changed color

Two crocodile in Australian zoo suddenly changed color from green to orange.

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