The eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily

15/07/11In Italy, on the island of Sicily newly awakened volcano Etna. Was closed due to the eruption of the local airport. Reports of destruction and deaths have been reported yet.

Heavy snowfall paralyzed Turkey

Heavy snow fell in the north-western Turkey, reports METEOPROG.

In some areas, dropped 25 cm of snow and the temperature dropped to minus two degrees Celsius.

As reported by Cihan, snow cyclone violated traffic in Edirne and Kırklareli, as well as checkpoint Hamzabeyli which connects Turkey with Europe. It formed a convoy of trucks and trailers, which can not cross the border.

In those areas where the greatest amount of precipitation fell, utilities transferred to intensive work schedule.

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In Japan, there was another earthquake

In the north-east Japan earthquake proioshlo another 5.3 bylla. Tremors felt residents 14 prefectures of the country, including Tokyo.

As the Zman, the epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 50 kilometers off the coast of Miyagi prefecture. Earlier it was reported that in Japan declined scale search operation, which started on April 1. Rescuers have found 70 bodies.

Death toll from the devastating earthquake in Japan and ensuing tsunami has exceeded 12 thousand.

According to published reports, the official death toll of 12,009 people, and missing are listed 15 000 472. Most

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In Siberia waiting aftershocks

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport resumed work after an interruption due to cyclone

The Black Sea coast want to turn into a national park

To stop the progress of construction of malware on the Black Sea, Bulgarian environmental activists made a proposal to make the Black Sea coast in the national park.

Was supported by several environmentally oriented organizations, including political parties the Greens. The composition of the future national park is planned to include 10 resort beaches and adjacent lands that extend into the interior of at least 350 meters. National Park can also take their guard lakes and wetlands, which are close to the coastline. It is currently known that the composition of the park can be quite popular beaches as

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CSKA bought a Brazilian football player for a record price

21-year-old Brazilian club "Gremio" Mario Fernandez signed a contract with the Moscow football club CSKA. In accordance with this agreement, in August this year goes to the Russian football club, that is, before the end of the Cup in Brazil defender remains in his current club, for which he serves in 2009. Fernandez participated in thirty-three games in the Brazilian championship in 2011, scoring one goal.

Buying a talented player cost the club a huge amount — fifteen million, and the deal the Brazilian club would go only seven and a half million, and the rest will be other holders

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In the bowels of the Earth found primeval heat

About half of the heat emanating from the bowels of the Earth, left over from the formation of planets. Such a conclusion is made by scientists, the article is published in the journalNature Geoscience. Full article available here, and briefly on writes portal ScienceNOW.

Land, which was formed as the other planets in the solar system, from a single cloud of gas and dust about 4.5 billion years ago, all the time from now on is hot. Planet receives heat from two main sources: the first — the decay of radioactive elements in the Earth's interior (uranium and thorium), and

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Humpback whale washed up on Bering Island

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, October 20 — RIA Novosti. Residents Commander found on the shore of Bering Island baby humpback whale, cast ashore, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director for Science Commander Sergei Zagrebelny State Reserve.

"Live baby whale found on the west coast of the island near the mouth of the river Fedoskino last night," — said Zagrebelny.

According to him, a beached animal — a cub at about 7-8 months. Length of its body reaches 7.5 meters.

"Most likely, the cub lost its mother's milk which he had fed, ill or something," — said the source.

Zagrebelny explained that while this is

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Solar eruption fixed cameras NASA (prominence)

Camcorders NASA solar eruption recorded in the north-east of the Sun. This occurred in the active region of the sun, which may be responsible for the solar storm that occurred on Sunday, writes Daily Mail.Vzryv, seen NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory was actually superheated plasma jet in the form of an arc thrown into space. The eruption was classified in category M scale solar eruptions, which means that he was umerennym.Solnechnye eruption measured on a logarithmic scale, and are classified in category C, M and X. Class X is the most powerful and can be dangerous to astronauts and spacecraft

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