School scandal in Stavropol

In the Stavropol region began a new school scandal. In some areas of the province, teachers no longer allowed into school girls, who are Muslims, wearing head scarves. According to the management of these schools, it was clear that they blame the girls that they do not respect the rules of the school, in which every student has to go to school uniform. Some parents are Muslim girls, have already started to write a complaint to the school management to the prosecutor. The Ministry of Education of the Stavropol Territory, arrived journalists BBC BBC, who wanted to find out details

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In the Czech Republic snowfall paralyzed rail

In North and West Bohemia due to heavy snowfall stopped traffic on the railway, the "news".

It is learned that the train does not go to the four sites that ran through the Ore Mountains and the Giant Mountains.

In Central railway control Republic also reported that interrupted rail links to popular Russian ski resort of Harrachov. Bus service is also not working.

In Giant drifts on the highway littered with international significance only allowed the movement of cars with special snow chains on the wheels.

Snowdrifts and ice pose serious problems for vehicles throughout the Czech Republic and in

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Ukrainians aggressively attacking mites

Ukrainians attack mites. Already this year, only in the Ternopil region a doctor asked about five hundred people.

As reported, all victims appointed preventive treatment with antibiotics. Doctors fear that people can get Lyme disease, which attacks the nervous system and heart.

In addition, people who have suffered from tick bites have to be examined for its own account in private laboratories. Analysis, with which you can identify Lyme disease, costs about 60 hryvnia. In two patients the diagnosis was confirmed.

This year, the mites are so aggressive that people from their bites do not save

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In Bulgaria, 80 children contracted the disease of unknown

As the, a summer camp for children in holiday Kavatsite of 83 children from Stara Zagora 80 contracted unknown illness.

Symptoms include fever, nausea, and fatigue. First, doctors have sinned for food, but the taking of samples of products and analysis of children show that is not the case. Does not determine a viral infection or other cause. One child was taken in serious condition in Burgas hospital.

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Earthquake in Romania

October 26, 2011. In the center of Romania, 46 km away. west of the town Focsani earthquake with magnitude 3.1 points. Tremors were registered at 17:23 MSK. Hearth lies at a depth 139 km, according to the European seismic service.

Earthquake of magnitude 3.9 occurred in central Italy

Earthquake of magnitude 3.9 occurred on Thursday in the central part of Italy, said the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

Quake was recorded about 04.30 local time (07.30 MSK) on the border of two regions of Umbria and Marche, and clearly felt the inhabitants of the town in the province of Perugia, Norcia.

The epicenter was located at a depth of six kilometers.

Information on casualties or damage were reported.

Australia: In about. Fraser huge decay beach


June 25. Massive failure absorbs beach at Inskip, Australia. According to witnesses, the failure of up to 100 feet wide, began to appear at about 11 am. "Lumps of sand falling from the beach into nowhere. Where does the sand? It's unbelievable,'' said one of the tourists.




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Earthquake in Christchurch chance of finding survivors under the rubble there

Vyshivshih likely to find under the rubble of the destroyed by a powerful earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand city remained. Rescue services continue search operations, but in the last 24 hours, they found no survivors. "The rescue operation continues. Perhaps there are still survivors", — assured Dave Cliff, one of the Chiefs of Police of the city destroyed by the disaster. Prime Minister John Key visited the city from the air. After that, he said that the death toll could rise. "Frankly, the city looks like from a helicopter to the combat zone. Everywhere destroyed buildings" — quoted the

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The charm of the flame

It does not matter who you are — the banker or financier, politician or businessman, teacher, or an actor — after a hard day there is nothing more wonderful than to sit by the fireplace with a cup of tea and relax, let the dream to carry you far, far away. Contemplation of an open fire will make you forget about the financial crisis, the problems in their personal lives, breathes in and give you the energy of spiritual forces. From time immemorial, the fireplace was like a family, a symbol of warmth, home comfort and well-being of the family.

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In Seoul, for an unknown reason shaking skyscraper

MOSCOW, July 6 — RIA Novosti. Shopping center TechnoMart height of 39 floors in Seoul, South Korea for some reason began to shake on Tuesday, 300 to 500 people were evacuated from the building, Yonhap news agency reported with reference to the fire service.

The building height of 189 meters, "trembling" for about ten minutes. There are up to three thousand people.

The authorities intend to test the shopping center on security.

Experts believe that the incident was not caused by an earthquake, as at the time of the earthquake characteristics were recorded.

Cause of the "tremor" could be

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