Croatia can not cope with snow

Heavy snowfall began in Croatia. Road services can not cope with cleaning up the streets and help local residents. Roads A huge traffic jams. Complicating the situation is a strong northerly wind.

Authorities banned from traveling on the road trucks, buses and motorcycles. And drivers of passenger cars is recommended to change summer tires to winter and take precautions — primarily, keep your distance. According to weather forecasts, snow in the country in the near future will not stop, TV channel "Russia 24".

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In Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region flowered lilac

In September, the Troitsk flowered lilac.

Troichanin Vladimir Karamyshev not believe his eyes. The resort "Sunny", where retired recently vacationing with his family on a hillside near the river bloomed lilac.

— Miracle, and only. Autumn in the yard, and the lilacs are in full bloom. Grapes of course small, with May not compare to the mesmerizing aroma, this spring. And the smell is much stronger than in the May lilac — says observant man. — The wife also was surprised to see an unexpected phenomenon. We unanimously decided that this is some anomaly.

An employee of the department

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Because of Chinas earthquake homeless has 80 thousand people

According to local authorities, in an earthquake of magnitude 4.8 were damaged 678 residential buildings. Homeless were 80.5 thousand. More than 64 thousand have been evacuated from the disaster zone.

Chinese authorities have reported sending the earthquake victims of tents, blankets and clothing, as well as rice. In addition, officials have promised to do everything possible to make the people of Yunnan Province were able to properly meet the Lunar New Year, which this year is celebrated in China on February 3

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Deposit Insurance Agency has required bankrupt BTA Bank

According to RIA Novosti, the Moscow Arbitration Court was held in registration statements, which requires bankrupt BTA Bank. Filed the statement, "Deposit Insurance Agency" liquidator appointed AMT Bank.

This bank is one of the largest financial services organizations, which in 2011 withdrew the license. BTA Bank — member of CERs (deposit insurance), which suggests the possibility for the customers, the amount of deposits that are not more than 700 thousand, to get a guaranteed payment. Given the allowance for losses, the value of the bank's assets equals 8.6 billion rubles. All creditors' requests were 32 billion rubles, including payments to

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China: the failures in the southern provinces in the north of the faults

August 16, 2011. Sinkhole depth of 15 meters was formed in Huangshi — urban district of Hubei Province (photos 1-3),

August 16, 2011. The failure of 7-8 meters in depth Boshan Road, Shanghai (photo 4),

August 12, 2011. Collapse of the embankment width of 20 meters in Xiaolanzhen Zhongshan, Guangdong Province (photo 5),

August 15, 2011. Cracks in the ground reached alarming levels in a village in Shanxi Province in northern China — they even absorb the house. Some families still do

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Summary of the effects of Typhoon Talas in Primorye and Sakhalin

Former typhoon «Talas», breaking many stereotypes, went to the Maritime Territory and continues to move north. In most parts of Primorye, Sakhalin and southern Khabarovsk Territory are strong and very heavy rain. And a half days (5-6 September) the amount of rainfall in eastern Primorye was 1.5-2 monthly norm. The highest number recorded in the Ore Docks — 254 mm, of which 176 mm — for the day. However, despite the relatively small size of the Primorye compared with the radius of the cloud system ex-typhoon, Vladivostok was a symbolic rain (0.3 mm), and the finding is not a drop

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Yellow rain held in India

Rare yellow precipitation occurred in India, district Hebri on Sunday, 27 March, reports

Were deposited in an area of 5 square meters. kilometers. It is noted odor and pigment residue on cars and foliage as yellow spots. The phenomenon has caused apprehension among the locals, many are wondering if it was not acidic or radioactive rain, brought from Japan.

Some explained the phenomenon of pollution by nitrates from fertilized farmland. Other — waste air emissions of heavy industry. However, so far no definitive explanation for the laboratory analysis is not, experts say.

Less than a week ago, a similar

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Earthquake in Puerto Rico — 5.2

Earthquake magnitude 5.2 occurred off the coast of the island territory of the United States Puerto-Rico. It is reported by the U.S. Geological Survey website. According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred at 06:35 local time (13:35 MSK), located 94 km north-west of the capital of Puerto Rico in San Juan. The earthquake lies at a depth of 15 kilometers. Information on casualties or damage were reported. The threat of a tsunami is also not reported.

Summer solstice

Midsummer — important astronomical and geographical event, occurring in the solar system. In moments of solstice sun in its apparent motion along the ecliptic (the imaginary line in the heavens, on which moves the sun in its apparent annual motion, ie, the circle described by the Earth around the Sun) is the most removed from the celestial equator, reaches its greatest declination north or Southern.

The point of the ecliptic, the maximum distance from the celestial equator, through which the passage of the Sun, called the solstices. This is a moment in the annual rotation of the Earth around the

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In the Alps back wild wolves

In the Alps, the wolf population is growing, which 30 years ago were considered extinct in the region.

Scientists found that the population is not only preserved, but even doubled between 1999 and 2005, and by 2012 increased to a few more times. Slowly but surely, the animals winning back their original living space, reports Euromag.

At the moment there are about 33 wolf packs in the Western Alps between Liguria and Mont Blanc. Most likely, these wolves have returned to the Alps in the 80 years of the Italian Apennines impassable areas. Biologists are very interested in the process

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