Heavy rain floods in Poland and the metro station

Strong thunderstorms with squally winds and rain struck the central and north-eastern Poland, one woman was killed, five people were injured, according to a representative of the Fire security Fratczak Paul.

The deceased was a 30 year old woman who fell on the roof of her own home in Kolodzhach, located 50 kilometers east of the Polish capital Warsaw.

Strong wind roofs torn off, dropped a large number of trees in some areas began power outages.

In Warsaw rainfall led to flooding of one of the stations, and several subway stations.

According to weather forecasts, on Thursday, the situation

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Showers with thunder squalls swept through Belarus

Atmospheric front, which brought to Moscow on Wednesday rain, increasingly manifested itself in Belarus, the meteonovosti.ru. Because of the squally wind only in the Minsk region was de-energized 48 settlements. In Bobruisk due to heavy rains in the river level rose sharply Bobruyke water. The result was flooded 70 private residential homesteads. On two city trolleybus routes were suspended motion.

Suffered most from showers Vitebsk, Minsk, Mogilev and Gomel regions. Rain for almost an hour paralyzed traffic in Mogilev. Places for 12 hours had the half monthly rainfall!

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Wolf hunting banned in the Belgorod region

Government resolution of the Belgorod region banned hunting of wolves, whose numbers in the region amounts to little more than a dozen individuals, according to regional government.

According to RIA Novosti Head of the protection and use of wildlife, aquatic resources and their habitat Belgorod region Victor Galygin that the ban will apply only in the season of 2012-2013.

Decree banning the production wolf approved on 19 November.

According Galygina, since 2003, the number of wolves in the Belgorod region decreased from 60-70 to 8-13 individuals. Moreover, the population is unstable, as it consists mainly of animals migrating from other

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Hundreds of dead seals in Canada

Residents of the northern areas of Labrador, Canada, according to the multitude of dead seals are nailed to the bank since the beginning of December.

The representative of the environmental department of the Government of Inuit last week issued a preliminary estimate that hundreds of adult and young seals have died in the area between Hopdeylom and Makkovik this winter.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) conducts studies of animal remains, however, many believe that DFO acted quickly enough, said Jan Winters, the environmental officer of Nunatsiavuta.

"If you ask me, I think they (DFO) should have been here

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At the metro station Paveletskaya killed man

In the Moscow subway was the fall of man to the rails.

According to the press service of the police department in the Moscow subway, the incident was reported at 12:15 pm at the metro station environment "Paveletskaya" Zamoskvoretskaya line.

Specifies that the result of an incident on the metro Zamoskvoretskaya line was interrupted for five minutes to remove the body of the deceased from the track.

The last such incident occurred in the Moscow subway on April 27. Then at the station at the Kaluga-Riga line metro man fell onto the tracks.

Desna river was covered with dead fish

Desna River in Novomoskovsk Troitsk in the week, as the carpet was covered with dead fish.

Officials suggest that carp and white cupids suffocated because of the massive dumping of sewage, but the townspeople believe that the situation is far more serious: the river is polluted for many years, but this was the first time a massive plague. "Yesterday we sailed on a boat, assessed the situation. The exact number of fish pops up I will not tell you, but a lot, I've never seen this, "- said the" MK "Head of Civil Defense, Emergencies, environmental and territorial security

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Rosprirodnadzor will check VSZHD in connection with an accident on the Trans-Siberian

Rosprirodnadzor will check the East-Siberian Railway (East-Siberian Railway, a subsidiary of Russian Railways) on the fact of a major accident on the Trans-Siberian Railway, last week, when more than 20 cars with coal derailed, said the administration Rosprirodnadzor in the Irkutsk region.

Agency said that the update will be held from 17 to 29 January "due to the possibility of a threat of harm to the environment caused by the vanishing of cars."

"Scan tasks — prevention, detection and suppression of violations of JSC" Russian Railways "(branch VSZHD) requirements established by law for the protection of the environment", — the

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In Azerbaijan, lightning hit a 67-year-old man

As a resident of Tovuz region of Azerbaijan was struck by lightning. As reported in the Western APA Tovuz district police, the incident took place yesterday at about 16:00 in the Yukhari Oysyuzlyu Tovuz. In rural secondary school teachers Hakim Sadigov, born in 1944, was struck by lightning at a time when he was driving cattle to pasture. He was immediately taken to Tovuz central hospital. Today, after receiving first aid he was allowed to go home.

3.7-magnitude earthquake occurred in western Georgia

Earthquake of magnitude 3.7 was recorded in the Imereti region near the city of Bagdati Tuesday, told RIA Novosti the Seismic Monitoring Center, Tbilisi State University, Ilia. "The earthquake occurred 17 kilometers from Bagdati at 16.57 local time (15.57 MSK)", — said the representative of the center of seismic monitoring. Data on damage were reported.

In Europe, a campaign to monitor the arrival of the birds

European campaign began bird-watching "Living Spring", which was organized in Belarus stands PA "APB ptushak Fatherland" (APB).

As BelaPAN expert on environmental education APB Ruslan Shaikin, purpose of the action — to draw people to the observation of the spring bird migration. All those who wish to watch the five species of birds, which arrive in Belarus in the spring, — the white stork, barn swallows, cuckoos, Swifts, golden bee-eater. And then place the information on the form of birds, date and place of observation site www.springalive.net. You can also call at 8 (017) 263-06-13

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