Foam storm in UK

A small town in the English county of Lancashire covered foam storm. Phenomenon not uncommon, but amazingly beautiful. The wind from the ocean brought so much foam that town Cleaves was as if buried under a thick layer of snow.

The largest such storms have recently been reported in Cape Town and Australia. Scientists say that such a huge amount of foam is formed from the interaction of a strong storm, salt water and waste products of marine organisms.


Forest fires in Spain threatened villages and resorts

In the province of Malaga in Spain is a fire destroyed 1,200 hectares of forest. The fire is approaching homes and resort areas. Rescuers evacuate people and even thoroughbred horses. Extinguishing the flame complicates strong wind.


Prediction of dangerous and adverse events in the Far East

VLADIVOSTOK, September 5, PrimaMedia. Typhoon TALAS, slightly weakened and turned into a tropical cyclone, we still note by heavy rain in the eastern regions of the Far East. Hydrometeorological Center of Russia published forecast of dangerous and adverse events in the coming days, according to RIA PrimaMedia.

Precipitation will be September 5 at most of the Khabarovsk Territory, September 6 — in the east, and September 7 very heavy rain, accompanied by winds of 15-20 m / s are expected in the northern areas of the province.

Heavy rain held September 5-7 in Sakhalin, and September 6-7, its intensity increases.

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Corals use chemical signals to call the fish

Tropical corals are protected from toxic algae to them by signaling molecules that attract the "bodyguards" in the form of fish, gobies, destroying the invaders and saving the colony of polyps from extinction, according to an article published in the journal Science.

"This type of coral recruits small fishes" bodyguards "of an inch long. Trigger for their call is fine-tuned and complex system of odors. As a result of the evolution of the fish have learned to recognize a chemical signal produced by corals, and quickly solve the problem with algae," — said one of the authors, Mark Hay (Mark

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Tourist Office in Khakassia talk about the places inhabited by leopards

The visitor center for tourists, which will provide information on hard to reach areas of the reserve "Khakassia", such as "Zaimka Lykovy" and reserve for the conservation of the snow leopard (snow leopard) "Pozar", opens on Wednesday in the town of Abaza in Khakassia, said reserve.

"Zaimka Lykov '- mountain taiga site called by the name of the family-conservatives Lykovy hermits who settled there in the 20th century and where he still lives the last representative of the family — Agafea Lykov. The Federal Reserve "Pozar" created by the Russian government in 2011 on the border of Khakassia and

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Ishmael tremors shake every day

According to the Romanian National Institute of Physics of the Earth, the stress in the crust of the region is growing.

Almost every day, seismic Romania recorded a one-two pushes, according

Fortunately, we do not feel them almost — their magnitude does not exceed four. But it is alarming frequency. Judge for yourself: in August recorded 29 aftershocks, 27 of them — in the region of Vrancea mountain. Almost half of shocks (12) — a magnitude greater than three. Such shocks can already feel the people.

At the same time, scientists still do not associate rapid "breathing" of

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In Sicily, the newly awakened the highest European volcano Etna

Sudden eruption began on the night of 24 to 25 October. Lava fountains and hot stone no harm surrounding municipalities — the eruption was more like bright fireworks. Natural show lasted only a few hours, after which the volcano was still. In Catania, just in case the airport was temporarily closed. He is now working normally.

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To Moscow is 30-degree heat

This summer's heat will come to Moscow at the beginning of next week, weather forecasters promise. Warming will begin on the weekend.

The next two days will remain dry and cool weather, told the "Ytra" leading expert Meteocentrum "Phobos" Leonid Starkov. "The capital region will remain on the eastern periphery of Scandinavian anticyclone, and South Stream will continue to spread and cool dry air from the north of the country," — he said. The temperature in the coming night will fall to 3 … +5 ° C, the field of possible weak frosts. On Thursday in northern wind air warms

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Landslide in Georgia

Mud flows have gone to the road leading to the village of Orta Batumi Khelvachauri rayona.Okolo 10 families have been cut off from the outside world who damaged area under reconstruction raboty.Poka locals enjoy detour putyami.Prichinoy crash debris began pouring rain, which did not stop in the region several dney.Mestnoe population was not affected, disrupted road transport dvizhenie.Etoy are 20-26 families who have the time to get to the village in other ways.

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Rosprirodnadzor revoked in Omsk refinery emissions permits

Rosprirodnadzor an inspection decided to withdraw from the Omsk oil refinery "Gazprom Neft" permission for the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

"For the facts of violations of requirements in the field of air quality management order Rosprirodnadzor in Omsk region suspended permit the emission of harmful substances (pollutants) in the atmosphere of" Gazprom Neft-Omsk ", — stated in the RPN.

According to the agency, while checking on the LFS "Gazprom Neft" experts Rosprirodnadzor revealed multiple violations of the law, including waste management, non-compliance with environmental requirements for operation of waste disposal facilities, violation of the land laws and

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