In Colombia, a strange light has killed the fish. Video

Residents of the small town of El Lianito in Colombia observed a strange light over the river. On his impressions says Maria Pedrozo — "First there is a strong growing sound, then the sound stopped when we saw a shining light, it illuminates not only the river and marsh"

The next day, residents of neighborhoods were surprised at the place where they last saw the flashes of light are many dead ryby.Predstaviteli authorities visited the area, that would be an investigation on the spot.

We could not find the cause of this phenomenon, there was no leakage of gas,

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On Mayachkovskom reservoir fish died

In early May, the fishermen noticed that Mayachkovskom reservoir, popularly referred to as "Kramatorsk sea", emerged a large number of dead (or dying) fish. To the coast and islands of profit tolstolobov lot, can be observed and the dead carp and carp. Enterprising locals and fishermen tried to snap up catch those fish, which, while surfaced, but signs of life. Fish died of starvation Rumours of the population was increasing very different. It has been suggested that fish kills occurred because the water was poisoned, or because the winter has not been done well and underwater inhabitants

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The consequences of the hurricane in the heart of Moscow

Moscow, Manege Square

June 20 in the afternoon on Moscow suddenly blew a perfect storm — Heavy rain accompanied by squally winds. As a result of the hurricane near Manezh Square were turned tent with drinks and ice cream, as well as the fence that were pushed down by the wind on the ground right next to the subway station, pass Okhotny Ryad.

An earthquake with magnitude 5.4 occurred near the Northern Kurile

An earthquake measuring 5.4 on Monday occurred in the Pacific Ocean, 140 miles from the Northern Kuriles, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS.

"The earthquake occurred at 12:28 local time (4.28 MSK) in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 16 kilometers. Nearest town — North Kuril — located 140 kilometers from the epicenter," — said the source.

According to him, the threat to the population due to the earthquake there, the danger of a tsunami has not been announced.

About the geomagnetic field on a new week

Last week, solar activity varied from low to moderate levels. On the sun always have been several groups of spots, among them were a large group, which generated numerous outbreaks of average power.

Geomagnetic conditions varied from calm to slightly perturbed.

According to the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation. NV Propagation, expected this week, solar activity is predominantly moderate. Possible outbreak of the middle classes and some large outbreaks.

Geomagnetic situation is expected to mainly small perturbations. Individual disturbed periods are possible on 29 and 30 March.

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Ignore the media about the new fire at Fukushima


These frames of Fukushima, indicate the presence of fire. According to Alexander Higgins and other bloggers, the Japanese cut off webcam after the images have appeared on the Internet. Lucas White Field Hixson and posted pictures last night. Video with images are also available on YouTube. The situation at the plant is out of control and still going out dangerous levels of radiation. At this point in the media made no mention of a possible fire or explosion at the nuclear power plant.

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Storm warning announced in Belgorod region

MOE announced a storm warning in the Belgorod region due to heavy rain with thunder and hail, and strong winds.

"In the region Aug. 29 at night and in the morning set of expected adverse weather events. Patchy rain, storm, hail in some areas. Wind northwest seven to twelve meters per second, sometimes gusts of 15 — 20 meters per second. High at night and 13-18 degrees at night, 17-22 degrees Celsius ", — the press-service of EMERCOM in the region. In this regard, in the field declared a storm warning.

Currently, the temperature is kept around 20 degrees, set

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June 5 Russian environmentalists celebrate their professional holiday

Today is not only the World Environment Day. June 5 celebrate their professional holiday and Russian environmentalists. The corresponding decree was June 21, 2007 was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

Ecologist's Day — a celebration of all environmental agencies, public and private environmental organizations, and all those who take an active part in protecting the environment and protecting the environment.

Today, environmental issues are the priority issues of political, economic and social life of the country, being one of the objectives of national security. The right of citizens of the Russian Federation to a healthy environment is enshrined in the

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Authorities in Malaysia have banned a number of eating seafood

Malaysian authorities have forbidden to eat a lot of seafood because of the appearance of containing dangerous neurotoxins microscopic unicellular algae on the coast of Sabah, located in the north of the island of Kalimantan (Borneo), which Malaysia shares with Indonesia and Brunei, said on Thursday the newspaper Star.

The emergence of dangerous algae (phytoplankton) called red tide because the water often becomes reddish-brown hue.

According to the head of Fisheries Sabah Stuela Rainer (Rayner Stuel), the prohibition applies in the first place, the various species of molluscs, but the shrimp and crabs, and coral and fish predators.


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In Tokyo, the radiation level is increased a hundredfold

In Tokyo's Setagaya detected "hot" point with high radiation levels. The radiation background at the paving of a street is 2.7 microsieverts per hour at a rate of 0.05 for the average person — 0.35 microsieverts per hour.

Information on the "hot" at the Tokyo authorities received from residents Setagaya.

According to the specialists of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Japan, the level of accumulated radiation at the site was 14.2 mSv per year.

This is below the norm in Japanese law 20 millisieverts per year, above which declared evacuated.

However, the authorities advised Tokyo residents to stay

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