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Bialowieza Forest hurricane struck the greatest damage in the last 20 years

Storm blowing over the Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the third week of July, caused the most severe damage in the past 20 years. Even a tornado in 2002, which destroyed about 60,000 cubic meters of wood in the queen-Masty forestry on an area of about 180 hectares, compared with the current weather looks like an easy trick.

This time, the damage more in times: from the height forest looks like it walked on giant road roller.

Particularly affected pine stands aged 40-60 years in the business district and Porozovskogo Novodvorsky forestry (Grodno region).

According to preliminary data, damaged

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In Samara Gazelle went into the ground on the road

Morning rain did the dirty deed. Water flooded pit at the intersection Krasnodonskoye and Young Pioneers. And it landed with all his "Gazelle". I was in a hurry to work, drove under 100 kilometers — has admitted to "KP" driver. — Heavy rain, the road was flooded, nothing to see, I thought that he was a puddle. It all happened in seconds, stroke, and put his face on the steering wheel. Out of the car and saw that she's bumper went under ground.

An eyewitness of the accident, Alexander Malakhov said that if the pit landed passenger car,

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China is coming to the most powerful typhoon in recent years

BEIJING, Aug. 5. Central Meteorological Service of China today raised the level of alert with the approach of a powerful typhoon Muifa from "yellow" to "orange." According to its forecasts, tonight Typhoon Muifa — 9 th in a row this year — will be released in the East China Sea, gradually losing strength.

According to the news agency "Xinhua", on Friday morning Muifa was located in the north-western Pacific Ocean, about 770 kilometers from the city of Ningbo in eastern China. The minimum air pressure in its epicenter was 950 hPa and wind power — 14 points (45 m /

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Sandy hurricane hit the U.S. east coast

As expected, Sandy hurricane hit the east coast of the U.S.. Wind speed in the states of New York and New Jersey has reached 144 km / h The appearance of a storm of such force has been called "historic" event.

The authorities are seriously concerned for the fate of Atlantic City, as the Sandy mainly raged just next to this settlement. According to witnesses, the water from the rain and from the coastal wave was everywhere, and it was possible to fish from the windows of their homes. In the press is informed of the first victims.

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Dead dolphins found again on the coast of Peru

On the northern coast of Peru once again found numerous remains of dolphins and other representatives of the ocean fauna, said on Thursday the Mexican media.

According to the Institute of the sea of Peru, we are talking about at least 12 dolphins, 35 killer whales and 12 pelicans, whose cause of death has not yet been established.

A year ago, also on the northern coast of the country have been found about 900 dead dolphins, which caused the death, according to scientists, could be the impact of the acoustic equipment used for oil exploration nearby. In addition to

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In Silicon Valley there zamletryasenie

Two tremors 4.1 and 2.6 on the Richter scale occurred on Friday night in California's Silicon Valley.

No casualties or damage were reported.

The epicenter of tremors was about five miles south of San Jose, the largest city of the region known as the center of high-tech industry.

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Australians have witnessed a rare snow shtorma.Foto, video

Abnormally cold weather, come to the south of Australia, brought to the country the first in the last hundred years, the October snowfall. Such events do not remember even older Australians. White veil taker has hidden land at Mount Lofty and southern Flinders chain, in the east and north of Adelaide, South Australia. More low-lying areas of the snow never came, there was observed a drop in temperature to +4,4 ° C and rain.

All residents of the South Australian were in shock of this happening, and readily removed suddenly fallen out of season snow on cameras and

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Dolphins suffer from decompression sickness

Researchers found in the blood of beached dolphins gas bubbles definitely speak for the fact that these marine animals, like humans, are subject to decompression sickness.

If people are too quick to rise from the depths to the surface happens to him bends. Components of a gas mixture such as nitrogen, helium, etc., are diluted oxygen, due to the high pressure at the depth dissolve in the blood, but, of course, are not digested by the body. Lifted to the surface pressure drops and the dissolved gases begin again to move to a gaseous state, forming multiple bubbles in the

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Massive earthquake in Romania will be felt in Ukraine and Moldova

Yesterday, in Romania there was a strong earthquake measuring 5.7 points with the epicenter in Vrancea mountain range in the southern part of the Eastern Carpathians.

The earthquake was also felt in the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. And, although seismologists said tremors were only in western Ukraine, at night they were felt even in Kiev, according to witnesses.

Fortunately severe damage and no casualties, as the epicenter was far in Vrancea Mountains in bending Srednekarpatskogo ridge at a depth of 140 km.

At the same time George Mermuryanu, director of the Romanian Institute of Earth Physics, noted that

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South of Russia was under the disaster

1 paralyzed not only highways, but also partly rail. In the area between the station and Adler Lazarus on a landslide.

In Sochi airport because of thick fog — do not sit down and take off aircraft. Most of the passengers were placed in hotels. Total delayed or canceled about 30 flights, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In North Ossetia, a thunderstorm accompanied by squally winds with gusts up to 18 meters per second. Livni added places to hail. In Vladikavkaz, flooded basements and first floors of dozens of houses. According to forecasts, the weather will continue

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