Hurricane Hilary weakens and goes to the ocean

MOSCOW, September 25 — RIA Novosti. Hurricane "Hillary", formed Thursday in the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, weakening the fourth to the third category out of five on the Saffir-Simpson scale, according to the National Hurricane Center forecast in Miami (USA).

Currently the cyclone is moving at a speed of 14 kilometers per hour to the west towards the south-west coast of Mexico, where the day before the hurricane killed three sailors that came into the sea, despite the warning of the dangers of weather forecasters.

On Sunday, the rate associated winds "Hilary" is 200 kilometers per hour.

According to the

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2011 has already become a U.S. record number of disasters

According to statistics, in the United States last year was so much natural disasters, it was a real record. About 700 people were killed by hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and forest fires in the U.S. alone. Authorities say that the damage exceeded $ 25 billion, and the year is not over, and that America is waiting on, no one can say. Climate scientists are sounding the alarm, but one voice insists that this has never happened.

This year set a record for the highest possible temperature (sometimes it reached up to 55 degrees) and the precipitation brought by the

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UN report: This year in Asia for 30 million ekobezhentsev

More than 30 million people last year were forced to migrate because of environmental and climatic disasters in Asia, and in the future the problem will likely only get worse, according to

Tens of millions of people will travel to the effects of climate change such as rising sea levels, hurricanes, floods, droughts, coastal erosion, desertification and loss of productivity in agriculture. Such people are likely to migrate to the neighboring regions across Asia, governments should begin to prepare for the challenges ahead, warns the Asian Development Bank.

According to forecasts of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees,

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Hurricane Maria is close to the shores of Canada

MOSCOW, September 16 — RIA Novosti. Meteorologists on Friday declared a storm warning on the coast of the Canadian island of Newfoundland with the approach of a hurricane, "Maria", according to the American National Center for tracking hurricanes (National Hurricane Center, NHC).

Tropical Storm "Maria" was formed in the western Atlantic Ocean on September 7, becoming the 13th of the season a powerful cyclone. A few days later the storm increased to a hurricane.

Currently, the epicenter of the disaster is about 1000 miles west of Cape Verde and is moving to the northeast at a speed of 70

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Hurricane Kate made it to the UK

MOSCOW, September 13 — RIA Novosti. Hurricane "Kate" hit on Monday in the southern and central parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, parts of England and Wales, damaging dozens of cars and leaving thousands of homes without electricity, according to BBC Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Killed at least one person — the driver of the car that crushed a fallen tree. The incident took place in County Durham in the north of England.

According to meteorologists, the rate is accompanied by "Kate" winds up to 128 kilometers per hour.

Cyclone "Kate", which was formed as a tropical storm on August 30 in

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Storm Nate slacked

Tropical storm "Nate", formed in the Gulf of Mexico on September 8, weakened to a tropical depression, said on Monday the National Centre site forecasting hurricanes in Miami. Wind gust speed, followed by "Nate", dropped to 55 kilometers per hour. "Nate" was the 14th this season, a powerful cyclone, which received its name. Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June to November. Tropical storms are named when the speed of an accompanying wind reaches 62 miles per hour. Storm becomes a hurricane when wind speed exceeds 119 kilometers per hour. To the hurricane was awarded the first category on the

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In Ireland, a storm warning, there waiting for Hurricane Katia

Meteorological Service of Ireland declared a storm warning for the passage of the cyclone to the island nation, "Kate", according to a Sunday on the website of British newspaper Belfast Telegraph.

Authorities warn residents of possible flooding and falling trees due to strong wind. Motorists are advised to exercise power of special care, especially on open roads.

Company Irish Ferries, ferry operations engaged, canceled flights in the Irish Sea.

It is expected that the cyclone, hurricane force previously had, while passing through the territory of Ireland, will be accompanied by wind speeds of 50 to 80 kilometers

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U.S. national security is concerned disasters than terrorism

Paul Stockton, the Pentagon in charge of security in the U.S., making plans in the event of an apocalyptic disaster that may forever turn the lives of millions of Americans, tells Newsweek. Stockton, Assistant Secretary of Defense, calls them "complex disasters" and notes that they have a "cascade effect", including social, political, writes journalist Christopher Dickey.

The models featured Stockton disaster that can kill tens of thousands, to undermine the economy, punch a huge hole in national security. "A terrorist, guilty of these atrocities will be Nature", — said the publication.

Stockton and other experts have no doubt: a disaster,

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NASA in 2013 expect space supershtormov

Agency NASA on space supershtorme warned about in 2013, after the Sun 'wakes up from a deep sleep, "cause" is 20 times more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina. "

Leading scientists agency NASA believe supershtorm strike like lightning, and damage everything from emergency services systems, hospital equipment, banking systems and air traffic control devices to household items like computers and smartphones.

And if you do not take precautions, it can lead to disastrous consequences for the health of people around the world, and emergency services, and even threaten national security.

"We know it's coming, but do not know how everything

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Hurricane Irene American eyes

The disaster in the south-eastern United States has become the most discussed topic in the last week

News about struck the southeastern U.S. Hurricane Irene became the most popular over the last week. Along with this came the internet quite a lot of video clips dedicated to disaster. Some users have tried ever need to show not only the effects of the disaster, but also encourage the victims of the disaster.

For example, one of the residents of New York, has decided to support the victims of Hurricane Irene, removing the video on their bicycles walk.


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