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In Tuva storm burned forest

In Tere-Khol district of Tuva, September 31, about 40 km south-east of the village Kungurtug recorded forest fire, the total area of distribution which was 105 ha: forest land — 35 hectares of non-forest of 70 hectares. It is established that the fire was the result of a lightning strike during a thunderstorm. The Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Forestry Andrew Popelyaev. "Paratroopers firefighters were taken to a place of fire, on September 1, the An-2, — said Andrei Popelyaev. — In case of fire at the moment involved six the smoke jumpers Kyzyl Tuva aviaotdeleniya airbase forest

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Police officers arrested the poacher who killed five deer in the Altai

Police officers detained Altai poacher who killed five deer in the area Uglovsky region, said on Tuesday the press office GUMVD region.

According to authorities, the traces of blood, hair and other evidence of the crime were found on January 25 in seven kilometers from the village of Lake-Kuznetsovo gosohotnadzoru by state inspectors. At the crime scene were found sleeve 12-caliber buckshot and snowmobile tracks.

A few hours the police literally walked on the trail of the vehicle the offender, which led to the village.

"In the course of working out citizens with guns and snowmobiles, it was found that

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Hurricane Katia was the second category

MOSCOW, September 4 — RIA Novosti.Hurricane "Kate" formed Tuesday in the eastern Atlantic and was awarded the second category on the Saffir-Simpson scale, said on Sunday, Reuters reports with reference to the U.S. National Hurricane Warning Center (US National Hurricane Center).

Gust speed accompanying the hurricane was 160 miles per hour.

According to experts from the NHC, it is too early to talk about a possible threat to the U.S. East Coast. It is expected that on Monday, the rate of accompanying hurricane winds reached 178 kilometers per hour.

Earlier on Sunday reported that "Kate", weakened to a tropical storm

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Hurricane in Kakheti, Georgia


The hurricane caused extensive damage Gurjaani district in eastern Georgia. Several homes were left without roofs, toppled dozens of trees and damaged power lines. In addition to the hurricane in the area for several days, do not stop torrential rains.

Damaged roads in some areas stopped the movement of vehicles.

Special Commission calculates damage.

Source: Channel Peak

Kakheti areas hit by strong wind and rain

Strong wind and rain caused damage Gurjaani region Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), leaving it without power on Saturday, according to the TV company "Imedi" on Sunday, June 12.


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The situation is becoming critical to the ASF

13.07.11.Zafiksirovany cases in Pskov, Tver, Rostov, and in the Stavropol and Krasnodar.

Suffered and our nearest neighbor — the Nizhny Novgorod region. In Mordovia, fortunately, cases have been identified. But six weeks ago, the site of infection was recorded in the village of Mulino Nizhny Novgorod region. The same day, on the border of the two regions were displayed around the clock positions.

According to the deputy head of the national Office of Rosselkhoznadzor Rinat Chumarin, in the case of an outbreak would be disastrous consequences for agriculture. After treatment and vaccination has not yet developed. Therefore,

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In the Black Sea near Novorossiysk liquidated oil spill

Experts dismantled oil spill in the Black Sea near the port city of Novorossiysk, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the Azov-Black Sea environmental prosecutor Timothy Degtyarev.

According to authorities, oily liquid enters the waters of the bay Tsemess Saturday during a rainstorm. Area of contamination to nearly 300 square meters.

"Now oil spill completely eradicated, collected 82 cubic meters of contaminated sea water," — said the source.

On Saturday, during the rainy season there was a fracture of waste oil from the two open containers of "Chernomortransneft" (tank farm "Sheskharis"), as it was reported regional prosecutor's office, "by pushing the

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Forest lit by lava flows near the active volcano on Kamchatka

In the vicinity of the volcano Flat Tolbachik started a forest fire. The lava flow length of 10 kilometers destroys trees. Look at the video footage from the area of the eruption.

More than 15 thousand rubles collected in Vladivostok for the maintenance of an orphaned cub

Environmentalists Primorye during Tiger Day celebrations in Vladivostok have collected more than 15 thousand rubles for the maintenance cubs orphaned Cinderella, found at the end of last winter in a weakened area of the Ussuri region, told RIA Novosti EcoFund "Phoenix".

Tiger five to six months of age in the extreme exhaustion was discovered by hunters on February 25 in a forest near the village of Borisovka in the Ussuri region. The little tiger was sent for treatment and rehabilitation centers, where she received the name of Cinderella. In late February, the edge protection of wildlife management specialists have begun

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Combine near Belgorod ordered to pay 14 million rubles for the death of fish

Sugar factory in the Belgorod region, which was found guilty of mass death of fish in the river Silent Pine, at the request of the authorities obliged to pay 14 million rubles, and to clean up the waste water treatment systems, told a government of Alexander Panin.

As previously reported, the mass death of fish in the river in the Belgorod region near the city Alexeevka occurred in August of this year. Prosecutor's investigation results showed that on August 26 of the cooling pond CJSC "Sugar Mill" Alexis "led to the release of waste water into the river Quiet

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Poland collapsed unusual for this time of year a heavy snowfall

Because of it has already happened many accidents, motorists have to stand for hours in traffic jams. Traffic on some highways paralyzed.

Could not withstand the weight of snow trees and power lines. No light left thousands of homes. Seriously disrupted train schedule. Some of them followed a long delay, some even canceled.

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