In Yekaterinburg, at the Feast of apple blossom flowers

Nature seemed made a gift to the City Day. August 20 was held on October Square City flower festival "Space extravaganza." Holiday theme selected at random: 2011 — the year of the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into space. Representatives of all the seven urban districts have prepared a variety of floral arrangements on space issues. Creation of the colors in the form of missiles, ikebana with attributes of space could not remain indifferent citizens and guests of the Urals.

In an urban festival of colors "Space extravaganza" took part and the leaders of the city and the

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What can and can not do with frostbite?

How to determine what cold?

If you have a little chilly, there was weakness, headache, and lips become cyanotic hue — a sure sign of chill. And the greatest undercooling are feet, according to doctors.

WHAT TO DO WHEN hypothermia?

1. Try to get into a warm room.

2. Lightly rub, massage and wrap up.

3. Drink something hot. But in any case, alcohol! Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is a great loss of heat.


Hypothermia accompanies frostbite — skin lesions associated with partial necrosis. Depending on the length and depth of action, there are

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Because of melting snow flooded Luhansk region (video)

Luhansk on the sharp snow melts rapidly raise the water level in rivers and lakes.

According, in the village of Krasny Luch hours was flooded bridge over the river Lugan therefore recommended to use two drivers bypass road.

Lower the water level auto service and repair managed only after clearing the river bed.

Donetsk airport does not take flight

This morning the Donetsk airport due to heavy fog does not accept and does not send flights

It is reported with reference to UNIAN information Flight information.

"The airport is not closed, but due to heavy fog delayed flights so far," — said the airport, adding that as of 9:00 delayed the arrival and departure of flights to Kiev, Moscow, Istanbul and Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) .

According to the schedule, today, during the day the airport should take and send flights to Kiev, Moscow, Tbilisi, Vienna, Munich, Istanbul and Sharm el-Sheikh, according to "focus."

Dmitry Medvedev visited Cherepovets

During a working visit to the city of Cherepovets, Russian Prime Minister participated in the expansion of fertilizer production in the North-West Federal District, and was present at the fun event, whose perpetrators were waiters.

Dmitry Medvedev witnessed the launch of a division "FosAgro" newest plants for urea, high-performance — about 500 000 tonnes of urea per year. Also, began operating a gas turbine power plant, which together with the installation can reduce energy consumption by 2.5 times. The costs of upgrading equipment amounted to 7.6 billion rubles.

With improvements, the performance division of Cherepovets "FosAgro" in terms of fertilizer

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In the Far East to replace the heavy rains are severe frosts

Kamchatka, Magadan and Khabarovsk territories under the blows of nature. The morning began with a real tropical showers in the region which was already 80 years old. By the evening promises to freeze -35 ° C. The airport is on the actual weather, schools were closed, and even on normal roads without much need do not travel.

Report Daniel Gorchakov,

This has not happened in Kamchatka in 80 years of continuous weather observations. In mid-December pours in torrents. Motorists more than a month as pereobulsya their cars winter tires. But instead of the usual for this time of year,

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In Tomsk downpour podtopil several streets and dozens of electrical substations

TOMSK, July 13 — RIA Novosti, Sergei Levanenkov. Heavy rain, held in Tomsk on Wednesday night, podtopil homes and an electrical substation, has led to falling trees, said the mayor's office.

According to meteorologist Tomsk, from 19.00 (16.00 MSK) Tuesday to 7.00 (4.00 MSK) medium in 47 millimeters of rain fell at a monthly rate of July 77 millimeters.

"In the village and the area Stepanovka Cheremoshnikov (outskirts Tomsk) storm drainage could not cope with the volume of water … it turned out flooded basements and ground floors in a number of houses in the streets of Vershinin, Siberian

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Zoo visitors will Yakut couple of polar bears

Visitors to the zoo, "I'll get Ortho" in March will see the found in the north of Yakutia Kolymanu white bear and her partner — Bear University, according to the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic.

A lone polar bear, which the inhabitants of Yakutia later given the name Kolymana, was picked up by the inspectors of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Yakutia, April 14, 2012 during a survey of the Arctic archipelago of Bear Island in the East Siberian Sea as part of the WWF Russia "Bear Patrol".

Several days of searching mother bear did not lead

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A wave of suicides among teenagers worried Russians

MOSCOW. For Russia, a wave similar to each other teen suicide is so noticeable that President Dmitry Medvedev was forced on Thursday to warn the media not dwell too much attention to the subject, not to encourage other young people to follow these examples.

"The problem is really very disturbing and difficult, but it does not mean that it is a snowball, which every year becomes more and more — said Medvedev. — To this must be treated very carefully. "

Outbreak of teenage suicides began in February, two 14-year-old girls, hand in hand, jumped from the roof of a

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Main Christmas tree felled by the slogans of protest

Today in Klin near Moscow felled spruce forest area, in order to, as always, the New Year, set it on the Cathedral Square. Reported by the Ministry of Press and Information of the Moscow region. Environmentalists have expressed outrage, and in the management of the Russian president to say to that, that the tree still has to cut down on age.

"This year's Christmas tree, which will establish the tradition at the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin, delivered from Klin district of Moscow region. Trees more than 30 meters will be cut down in the Klin forestry December 15"

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