Against deadly diseases and save cobra spiders

Deadly insects, scorpions and aggressive, of course, snakes can serve. They are poisons produced by nature, are also drugs, and diseases such medicine which has not yet been able to win.

Selection of the three most powerful substances that can both kill and save the man, leads the American edition of Popular Mechanics. One of the deadliest toxins — cobra venom — can be used to treat severe arthritis. Substance that die each year several thousand people, reduces the intensity of inflammation in the joints. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Calcutta.

In their

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Ancient Greenland was full of flowering fields and forests

Studies of Danish scientists say that about 500,000 years ago Greenland was not covered with snow and ice cap, and was a flourishing island with the development of flora and fauna. Danish and Swedish experts argue that ancient Greenland climate was relatively mild.

"About 10% of the Earth is covered with a thick layer of ice. No one knows what is on the kilometer depth — is the most mysterious regions of our planet "- says Professor at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) Eske Willerslev. With the help of kilometer of wells drilled in the area of permanent ice

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Weather forecasts come to an end!

The system has become unbalanced and unpredictable. Christina Rudnickaya, George Veremiychik of reversible and irreversible climate

According to scientists, global warming — an inevitable process. But in the last 20 years, it has accelerated — largely due to too vigorous activity Homo Sapiens, inhabiting the planet. The effect of human and other factors on the Earth's climate, and the fact that he expects the planet and, in particular, in the case of the Ukraine unwanted scenarios, the press center of "Observer" explained: Deputy Director of the Environmental Department of the Institute of Ecology and Energy Conservation George Veremiychik and Coordinator

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Poplar fluff. Heat. November!

November 11, Gurzuf, beaches many who want to swim in 16-degree sea waters.

In the late fall — to plus 29! Such in Ukraine was not more than 80 years. For a week all over the country kept warm. People got light jackets and shoes and enjoy the sun. And here at home people tend to visit less often — because of the heat to be there, to say the least, uncomfortable. But most of all the spring mood on the eve of winter imbued insects, animals and plants …

Crimea: the bathing season opened


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Mosquitoes mutants sow death

Genetically modified mosquitoes released to populate space Cayman Islands as part of the fight against the deadly dengue fever. Meanwhile, environmentalists are afraid that this innovation will crash.

Check-sterile mutants threatens environmental and epidemiological conditions for about 20% of the Earth, experts say. "Every form of nature determines the delicate balance. And if we remove the mosquito from the ecosystem, the consequences would be unpredictable and almost certainly difficult "- warned Pete Riley, the head of GM Freeze — nonprofit groups opposed to similar experiments in the wild.

Mosquito larvae feed on various species of animals and birds, and

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Plants love and protect each other

According to Dutch researchers, many plants, including strawberry, clover or cane, can communicate by transmitting vital information, for example, to warn each other of approaching a potential enemy or attack. To do this, they use so-called horizontal stems ("whiskers"), which are located on the ground level.

To test the theory of the existence of such a warning system of plants, scientists from the University of Nijmegen conducted the following experiment: they are produced on the leaves of the clover group tracks and allow predators to eat one leaf of a plant. Then, the first track was removed and brought to

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Conspiracy theories are not that fiction!

Rumors and urban legends usually do not occur in a vacuum. Even the most absurd conspiracy theories tend to confirm the actual historical facts — at least indirectly.

The government controls our minds!

This is perhaps the most common conspiracy theory. At least among patients in psychiatric hospitals. It is known as a "cap foil," and is as follows: the government has the ability to penetrate into our heads with special light and inspire us what it sees fit. For this, supposedly, the technology Illuminati (the sinister organization of conspirators who tried to secretly control world affairs in Europe.) This

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Migratory birds disgrace physicists

Recently, German scientists have found that the power of the birds that can not be for many years to do all the great physicists of the world. No, we're not talking about the flight. Birds, it turns out, can be long enough to hold their electrons photoreceptors in the state of the quantum entanglement. And this ability allows them to see the lines of the magnetic field of the Earth.

So far, science knew only one animal that can act in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics — and then, frankly, it was fictional. I think you will

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