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In Armenia, the sect invaded virtually all spheres of life

In Armenia, the sect invaded almost every sphere of life from politics to show business, said at a press conference, the head of the Centre and rehabilitation of victims of destructive cults Alexander Amaryan.

He noted that the influx of sects in Armenia began in the late 80's, after the Spitak earthquake. The population at that time was in a state of stress, which facilitated opportunities through a variety of treatments to attract people into sects. In reality, no spiritual food these sects were not given and do not provide, their main objective — brainwashing people, money and power, said

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The tradition of the Tschudi


In the twenty-minute "The tradition of the Chud" two storylines. The first is based on the traditions, obtained from written and oral folklore sources. Most of them belong to Udora region, where, according to researchers, and lived Chud. The second line refers to the present day. The people whose life is shrouded in mystery and has acquired many myths tell of scientists. Scientific advisors Igor Andriyanova become ethnographers Institute of Language, Literature and History of the KSC UB RAS Paul Leamer, Oleg Ulyashev, archaeologist Eleanor Saveliev.

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Conversations with the Magi. First transfer

The structure of the universe in terms of Slavic Vedic tradition. What is the soul? What is the path of the soul on the path of spiritual development? The unity of opposites. How to live in love, happiness and harmony? These questions are answered sorcerer Generic Ohnište Vladimir Kurowski.


How are money — American Dream (Cartoon)

The magnificent 30-minute animated movie (cartoon) "exploded views online ratings" explains the meaning and implications of the global monetary system.

How many of us tend to cherished American mechte, and the film shows why your dream is all away from you.

Do you know how to create the money you earn or take a loan? How does the banking system of slavery? Why housing prices have soared? Do you really know what the "Federal Reserve System» (FRS) who and how her deception created and how it affects us every day?

* If you want to have answered?

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Demotivators to make you think


Total chipizatsiya under any pretext

In Brazil, the students began to implant chips in clothing as a means of combating strolling lessons.

Chips should notify parents through SMS-messages late. Photo

According, sewn into the uniforms computer chips must notify parents via SMS-messages when children enter school, and to report being late to class. Now chips sewn into the sleeves of about 20 thousand school children of the city of Vitoria da Conquista in Bahia.

"We have noticed that parents bring their children to school, but do not watch, they entered into the building. In adults, this is not always the time,

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ArchivariusVideo. Kolovrat — How to understand the expression Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

Finders. Riddle serpents shafts (10/05/2012)

"Serpents trees" — is the popular name of the ancient, grand in size of defensive walls. Fortifications are artificial embankments, at the foot of which were dug ditches. They are located on the banks of the Dnieper River tributaries south of Kiev. The total length of shaft is more than a thousand kilometers! Scientists now can not clearly answer the question of who and when built these great fortifications. There are several versions. It is believed that trees could build and the tribes of the Scythians, and the ancient Goths and Slavs. And they all have their own versions of

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Facts of GRU Colonel Kvachkov B.

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