Crisis: The rich are getting richer, the poor get poorer

The global economic crisis has led to the growth of average real wages fell sharply. The gap between the minimum and maximum salary is even more pronounced

These data are presented in the report of the International Labour Organization.

The world average in 2008, wages grew by 1.5%, in 2009 — by 1.6%. For comparison, in the pre-crisis 2007, earnings increased by 2.8% per year.

The collected statistics show that in 2008, in most countries, wage growth slowed in the quarter of countries wages have gone down. In a fifth state this trend continued in 2009.

As the New York

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Georezonatory — information systems of our ancestors

The basic experiment, which will be held in the anomalous zone Molebka is construction stone labyrinth — georezonatora. Director Nikolay Subbotin RUFORS speculated that the stone labyrinths of Karelia its helical structure to create passive antenna, which can increase energy fractures in the Earth's crust. Studies have shown that stone labyrinths are built on such sites, so N. Subbotin offered conditionally call them georezonatorami. Another discovery made by researchers RUFORS, is that the structure of the stone mazes in exactly the same longitudinal section of the human brain (resonance effect).

On the basis of this observation

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Here and Now

We built a state Swedes, even before himself. Certainly Normans Rurik Godolyubovich creator states in Russia. Gave us the ability to wash the Europeans, and gave absolutely and without compensation. So that they themselves have even forgotten what it is to hikes in Arabia. Were washed again in the Renaissance. Religion we have presented the Greeks before that Russian was some wild faith, which prohibits drinking alcohol, to give money at interest to deceive people. Before the Greeks have not been writing. Writing has given us Byzantium in order to spread

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Arrival of the new C SUMMER, Slavs!

With 18 hours of September 19 to 18 hours of September 20, 2011 (1 Ramhat S.M.Z.H. 7520) we prazdnuemNovoletie (Ramha-Ita). Congratulations to all of the summer with the new:

Summer 7520 from the Creation (peace treaty) in Star Temple

13020 Summer of the Great cooling 40,016 summer arrival from the Third Wightman Perun 44556 Summer of the Great Creation Colo Russenia Summer 106 790 from the base of the Asgard Erie Summer 111 818 from the Great Migration of Daarija Summer 143 002 from the Three Moons Summer 153,378 from Assa Dei Summer Time 165,042 from Tara Summer Time

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Official data on the extinction of the population in Russia


National composition of the population of Russia according to the 2002 census

Final data published census in 2010.

Since 2002, Russia's population has fallen by 2.3 million people (1.6 percent) and is 142,857,000 people. This is confirmed by the final data of Rosstat on the outcome of the population census of 2010, published on December 16 in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". In terms of population of the Russian Federation is the eighth largest in the world, after China, India, U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Rosstat has come to the conclusion that the rate of decline in Russia's population

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Peculiarities of the National Jewish court

For them, the main thing — good gesheft. A book can wait, even if they are sacred to them.

U.S. court demanded that Russia return Hasidic organization "Chabad" Rabbi Schneerson Library, and until then — to pay 50 thousand dollars a day.

White Russia. Dance, song, music



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Sirte before and after. NATO crimes and PNS

Moscow has to have questions about the NATO operation in Libya

Moscow. November 2. INTERFAX.RU— Russian Foreign Ministry said it has completed the NATO operation in Libya raises many questions and needs analysis in order to draw lessons for the future.

"With regard to the operation" Unified Protector ", it remains a lot of questions to the North Atlantic Alliance and to its members who took part in this operation, as to how in practice the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council," — said in a commentary the Russian Foreign Ministry issued

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Military Secret (01/21/2013)

"Military Secret" — one of the oldest programs on REN TV, which is unique on Russian television. It has a very stable audience. Its content is fully consistent with the intriguing name: the secrets to leading correspondents and programs are divided military and politicians, spies and saboteurs, terrorists and the security services.

Poor Russians for the year was 2 million more

The percentage of poor Russians for the year increased by 2 million people. According to the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), the number of people with incomes below the subsistence minimum in the whole of Russia in I half of 2011 amounted to 21.1 million, while in the I half of 2010 the number of such citizens amounted to 19.1 million

Thus, the level of poverty in the country by the middle of this year has increased year on year from 13.5% to 14.9%. According to official data, the cost of living in Russia in the II quarter of

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