The link between disasters MiG-31 and Yak-42

The MiG-31 crashed on September 6 near Perm in 6.41. MSK. The Yak-42 crashed near Yaroslavl on September 7 at 16.05. MSK. The fall of both aircraft were very similar — took off, tilted to the left wing, have fallen. It is unknown what conclusions come specialists who investigate these catastrophes, but from the perspective of an ordinary observer, in both cases were sudden and very severe problems with the handling of aircraft.

Where she could take this lack of control? After all, both aircraft were flying in front of quite serviceable. I think no need to convince anyone that

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Surfaced real Russian statistics

We have somehow come to terms with the fact that the official (in the person of Rosstat and other agencies), statistics, fixing the "achievements" of Russia, to us, to say the least, does not always tell the truth. Sometimes stretching the truth. To put it mildly. Okay, will survive. All the more so yourself, then we are already around us appreciate life to his measure. But that she lied to the way it has recently opened a former director of the Institute of Statistics of the Federal State Statistics Service Vasily Simchera?! This is, to put it mildly,

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History of Russia have become a hopeless liar

Facts about social networks in figures

Manege. Rally. Video.

Fiction under unclassified. Russia after 2012.

Azhazha speech at a closed meeting of the presence of aliens on Earth

Word about the consumer outlook

For more than 10 years — since the days when I was a student of modest means — I do not get tired of repeating: money overrated, because creation is much more interesting consumption, and the internal state of a disproportionately powerful external. Once you make a cult of money and share "to be" on "sound", you send yourself into voluntary slavery. Debts due to the status of tinsel, a boring job with sad cowards need to lie and betray his own world — that's a fraction of the price you pay for the excessive desire to paper. There is

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Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

News chipizatsii: Odnotsentovy chip will change the world

Cheap electronic device that can print millions of pieces, can change the way you interact with everyday objects.

A device called a rectenna (antenna with built-in rectifier) was created by specialists of the National University and Sunchon couple. At a price of one cent per share, such devices can be placed on any subjects: food packaging, clothing, logos, signs, magazines, etc.

The device is a combination antenna and rectifier, ie sends and receives data and can convert AC to DC.

Rectenna can be printed on a plastic film using 5 different electronic ink. Rectenna can directly convert radio

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