Rurik. Lost profits

The famous writer, playwright, satirist, beloved by millions of viewers in our country over a sharp mind and an unusually precise Mikhail Zadornov own words appear in a whole new quality! Serious studies, raising more than one layer of history, having been in various parts of Russia and the world, it will give a truthful answer to the question "What the Russian state was founded: the Russian people and the Vikings?" Film is based on the people's money.

I.A.Globa — Lucid Dreaming

Alien hands stretch of the Golden Land

The inhabitants of Nibiru, approaching Earth, plan to capture all earthly gold to patch up his gold shield around the planet.


Vedagor at large

Vedagora released under about not leaving. February 27 Trehlebov be interrogated in Krasnodar. Interview with Vedagorom.

"Thank the gods and our ancestors! Our cause is just! We won! "

Interview with Vedagorom after the conclusion of the Absheron ITT 26/02/2013

Vedagor on the loose!

On the subject:

Illegal detention and Trehlebova Globa

The genocide of the Russian people

Construction of wooden houses

Video RIA Novosti

Look in the report RIA Novosti Videos for construction of houses from glued beams from the production of material to build the building.

The same thing in an interactive format (with inserts of other subjects on a choice of what to watch).

Beauty of the Earth

Military Secret № 160 (22.10.2012)

In Anapa, archaeologists found the moat over 150 years old

An important archaeological find in Anapa. Found there moat era Russian-Turkish wars. According to experts, it is more than half a century.

Stumbled on it by accident during the construction of the stele "City of Military Glory." At the bottom of the pit for a monument to workers discovered traces of a structure. Archaeologists have determined that the remains of the Turkish fortress.

"The subject is interesting enough, I think, is important to the life of our city. Because the first time we even see a small area studied Turkish moat of the fortress. So now

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Dulles plan. Confirmation. Officially and openly


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