Testament Dagirov Hasavova: Moscow is turning into a bloody dead lake

Time is gone, leaving only terms.

AV Trehlebov

In Moscow, was attacked migrants police. As the press service of the Moscow Research Affairs, participated in the attack about 100 people. The incident occurred on the eve of the street Durov. The police detained several citizens of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, who were engaged in illegal trade on the roadway. In response, about 100 people returning from the mosque after Friday prayers started throwing in the Ministry of Interior stones and pieces of rebar.

According to official information, the incident hit five policemen, suffered multiple bruises, broken

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About Christianity

Father Alexander dy in Sevastopol, answers questions.


Dig or loosen?

Hardly pages summer editions settled longstanding debate dedicated to the "Passion of Mittlayder" enlightened gardeners again found, as to argue, and dispute no end in sight. Moreover, cross swords mostly citizens who dedicate their sites on weekends. This is only natural — after two days and the rest want to recover from the work week.

Will focus on the cultivation of the land, with the turnover of the reservoir or without it. Russian gardener centuries shovels his allotment twice a year. Autumn rough and deep, spring smaller, breaking clods of frozen during the winter and razboronovyvaya soil. Basic tools

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Russia and Europe: the story of an inverted

Russian thinkers saw one of the problems of our country to lead mankind from the one-sided development. Categories of identity, not stereotypes imposed image of Russia, its true place in the world community offers a comparison of Western and Russian past writer and historian Valery Shambarov:

Appolinary Vasnetsov · Novgorod bargaining

"In our country since the XVIII-XIX centuries. infiltrated a very peculiar method of studying history. Separately presented world (and in fact, the history of Western civilization) and individual domestic. And for selected estimates only criterion of "progress" — when and at what stage of Russia "catches up" Europe.

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Why modern men and women can not be happy?

My answer to you — WAR. The war between man and woman, which began long ago — when the goddess was gone from this world, retired to his cradle, leaving her smile in the hearts of women. So in any case, they say myths. And soon, when the darkness crept into the souls of people — I do not know who or what opened the gates to the human soul — the war began. The greatest and destructive, which has lasted for thousands of years, but every year carrying away millions of souls. This war is not

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Hypotheses enslavement Midgard — Earth

They are the most dangerous enemies of all mirov.Oni stronger all the dragons in all respects, they are worse than Satan. In Rome, there is a legend about the two babies, the future emperor Romulus and Remus, milk fed to volchihi.Eto about them pravda.Oni continue the work of the quiet subjugation of the planet.

«The Terra Papers». The history of the creation of man

In our galaxy billions of star beings in different life forms: reptiles, insects, dinosaurs, birds and others that mankind can not imagine.

One of the oldest stellar races in this sector of the universe — reptiles

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Word about Rodnoverie

Photo from: meditation-portal.com

Slavic Rodnoverie — a natural, traditional, national faith. Endoethnonym religions speaks for itself: the Buddha — Buddhism, Christ — Christianity, Krishna — Krishnaism. Slavic native Rod — Rodnoverie. That it holds claim to adequate understanding of the world.

Rodnoverie relies on the natural system of natural values, the way is really like this world. Rodnoverie is, by and large, only an adequate understanding of the world, that is, understanding of the world as it really is and learning how to live in this world. It helps people to recognize themselves as part of nature, living

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Where the dog lay there, build a house

Where the dog lay down, says one of the proverbs — build a house, where the village of forty — second well. The dog — a mammal, and all mammals, including people, react to a bad area deteriorating health. Even in the cold of a wild dog would not be lying in a kennel if the kennel is above fault.

With forty too, everything is easily explained: it looks for insects, and they prefer to geopathic zones are usually wet. So the observations of our ancestors helped them pinpoint where the person will live easily and safely.

Modern scientists

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History of the Russian mittens

Russian word "glove" comes from the phrase "Varangian glove" may, it is said that this garment was borrowed from the Vikings. Vikings in Russia called people from the Nordic countries.

Another version of the origin of the word — from the ancient verb "cooking", "varovati," ie, "protect", "protect". From what? So cold! But there is a third: the word "Waregem" — from the "cook", ie before knitted woolen mittens brewed in boiling water to become more dense and warm. In different regions of Russia mittens called differently: valyanki, rods, Braids, fagot, messengers — the method of manufacture. Were

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Astrakhan underground Hiroshima

Created by nuclear explosions underground gas poisoning all life. Why "Gazprom" hides information about the threat of environmental catastrophe in Astrakhan.

In early September, the inhabitants of Astrakhan, once again swept the slight panic about the secret gas storage Astrakhan gas processing plant. They are known to have been created almost thirty years ago with a series of underground nuclear explosions and now considered "uncontrolled storage sites highly radioactive waste."

Constant measurement of radiation at the sites of the "Vega" near Astrakhan

Panic arose after one small Moscow newspaper published an article about how to "Gazprom"

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