Medicine Russia

Doctors and professionals came mainly from among the wise men, magicians, sorcerers, healers, magicians — contributed to this natural observation, and the desire to find the answer to the phenomena of nature, the mysteries of the human body. Respect for the natural science knowledges Magi permeated many of the early chronicles. The Magi were experts "potions", ie medicinal plants. Magi successfully played the role of pediatricians providing assistance to women with infertility, they were invited into homes for the sick, suffering from contagious diseases, the wounded and the "ulcer" patients. In earlier written materials dominates complete indivisibility

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Source of power shaman

By tradition, shamans are only men. It is rare that a woman can achieve excellence and power in this case. In some cultures, the definition of who becomes a shaman, depending on the spirits. Future shaman learns about his mission by signs. Most often it is a serious disease that leads a person to the brink of life and death, and only the inner strength helps heal.

In other cultures, the definition of man with the makings of a shaman is still young. Elected first taught by experienced shamans, and then he passes initiation ritual.

The main feature that

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Million for Bigfoot

In Russia, Kuzbass, a new holiday. From now on November 11 — the opening day of the ski season in the Mountain Shoria — we will celebrate the snowman. And try to catch him, of course! Anyone who finds the Yeti and bring it to the administration of the Kemerovo region governor Tuleyev promised to pay one million rubles! I must say, is risking Tuleyev: Bigfoot in the Kemerovo region in the last time they see now and then. But especially meeting with the yeti are taking place in the Mountain Shoreyand.


The famous boxer arrived in

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What kind of wood is best for building a house

The tree is the most common natural material in Russia. Ever since the days of ancient. Unfortunately because of the wealth tree — until we almost did not reach an ancient Slavic alphabet. It has long been known that the Slavs had a written language and highest culture long before the Baptism of Russia. In Scandinavia, wrote on the stones. Natural stone which is more practical for its durability and reliability. But with the Slavic written language was a tragedy — largely due to the fact that it was written on the tree.

But otherwise the wood is very good

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Russ — direct descendants of the Aryans

C'est un danger d'aimer les hommes,

Un malheur de les gouverner;

Les servir — un effort, que bient? T on oublie,

Les? Clairer — une folie, quelle n'ont jamais su par donner.

La Harpe

It is dangerous to love people,

Misfortune — they rehabilitate;

Ministry — burden, quickly forgotten

Enlightenment — ungrateful folly.

(My amateurish translation)

One species of animal, homo sapiens, proudly imagines himself king of his mother nature. He conquered all. He explained the nature anthropomorphically as convenient to his vanity. In his scientific opinion no one else, can not think. Even dolphins, monkeys and dogs living nearby.

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Latent abilities of bees

Recently, life is not so kind to bees. About five years ago, beekeepers began to report that their students leave the hive and die together (first reported on this phenomenon OnEarth summer of 2006). Syndrome destruction of colonies, the scientists gave its name to this mysterious phenomenon. It is reported that each year in the United States, about 30 percent of the insects exposed to phenomena. The reason for this phenomenon may be of any stressor, from pesticides to pathogens. Meanwhile, about a third of the world's grain crops require pollination by honey bees. Therefore, this problem worries both scientists

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Earth will have to get rid of humanity

What will the world after the "Fukushima"? Why can not you live near a nuclear power plant? Is it always right environmentalists and which of them to believe? These questions of "MK" said corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the faction "green" party "Yabloko", Professor Alexey Yablokov.

— What are the consequences of the accident at the nuclear power plant in Japan, you can predict and can we assume that the worst is over?

— Such a nuclear disaster as a "Fukushima" has never happened before. By some measures it worse Chernobyl. In

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Nemesis — the cause of accidents

Soon the Earth will pass through a physical disaster. Pole shifts characteristic of such times. The earth's crust moves relative to the soft molten core, core moves in one direction, and the core, which has a stronger magnetic field in the other. This is a time of strong geological upheaval inevitable for humans. There will be many deaths. Most people on Earth at that time will be in the dark. They may know of a drought, the reddish glow during heat of the day, perhaps even the reddish dust, ink water and imparts a bitter taste of the water they

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Our Vedic Divine Names

Which God was worshiped in Russia? For all existing current confusion of the ancient gods, in general, it is not difficult to guess what was the chief god of the Russian people. The word Russia (the old Ra-sion or Ra-Xiyun) indicates the god Ra. Other words also confirm this:

Time (in Pa + + I)

Culture (the cult of Ra +)

Tomorrow (covenant + pa)

Vera (Veda + pa)

Dawn (light + pa)

Early (top + pa)

Rainbow (Ra + arc)

Joy (Ra + Dusty)

City Hall — City Council building (Pa + soul)

Men (gods

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What you need to know about food dyes

What's wrong with the natural color of pickled peppers? That's what surprised me last year when I had matured the decision to avoid food with artificial colors, when possible, and I found that canned Greek peppers are only "yellow number 5 FD & C». Ready to admit that my commitment to natural products may directly rooted in my past "eccentric hippie" I was driving in the direction of mental mania, this year, I met myself marinate your peppers. Besides there is a good reason: artificial food colors associated with many side effects.

They are associated with allergies,

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