Lad, Lada, Sweetness

Lad, Lada, Sweetness, Rook, Fount, Treasure, Warehouse, get along, Palm, Salary, pancakes, well, stroking, cold, young, Marmalade, Chocolate, Pallas, Hellas, Discord, messy, luggage, etc.? Many in the language of words with the root of "LA" ("LAD-"). First try at least approximate the value of sounds that make up the root, based on data fusion of various linguistic studies of language.

These data suggest that the modern letter "L" includes several options for the original sound "L" — from hard to soft (in between there is a semi-soft and semi-hard versions of sound). Besides these options sound

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California time washed

Suffer a "golden state" the fate of Atlantis?

Sixteen major tectonic plates of the planet is in motion. The fact that they do not stand still, we are reminded of the earthquake, which resulted in the last 7 years have killed more than half a million people. The most devastating were shaking the ground in Southeast Asia in 2004, Haiti in 2010 and in Japan in early March. Where is the next can occur a powerful burst of energy to the surface of the Earth's crust? One of the most unstable places tectonic scientists believe the San

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Fundamentals of Orthodox (pagan) world

Note: The article is good, only one comment! That outlook on which hung a brand Paganism, in fact is our native Goiskoye Orthodoxy and has nothing to do withIudoOrtodoksalnym Byzantine orthodoxy Tolka, which is covered by the term Orthodoxy. It was another trick of the chosen people — drawing on slavish mirrovozrenie Christianity ours Goiskoye Orthodoxy! Now read and replace Paganism to Orthodoxy! Let's go …

Orthodoxy ( Paganism ) Is returned. Today, as a half thousand years ago, at the houses of carved wood are placed images of gods and in front of them lit the

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Living Water

Dozhdenosnye clouds, sending its fertile land showers, seemed primitive tribe of Aryans celestial sources and wells: a metaphor, this is so simple, so natural, that it involuntarily in the mind, and led to the identification of the wandering clouds in the sky with the earth keys. Word utsa — well used in the Vedas to describe clouds. As the seat of the life-giving, inexhaustible rain that no matter how much is poured on the field and the fields, but it is always going to new evaporation, cloud sources is itself immortal, vsemolodyaschuyu moisture (Amrita). Along with this crowded mass of

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For the ancient Slavs worshiped … hedgehog?

Oddly enough, in Slavic mythology special place small prickly hedgehog.

Since ancient times, the Slavs fought with evil spirits mascots associated with the hedgehog, with these little creatures treating serious diseases.

According to legend, the hedgehog is so wise that even God created the earth, listened to his advice. While other legends hedgehog has dubious origins: the devil was sitting on a stump, brushed his skin, and hair thrown to the ground, and the hair turned later into a hedgehog.

Bulgaria is considered the wisest hedgehog, so long as he lives in the world and remembers everything that ever before,

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Humanity and the Jews. Knowledge of the Ancients

In the ancient Jewish — a Jew means alien. One should not think that a Jew is a visitor from other countries. Jew — a visitor from another world, which operate and manage the nature of things and the natural world very different energy, are fundamentally different from the energy of the world Svarga in which we live! Particles Grey Worldwide, access to which is possible through the black hole of the universe (as well as feedback) in direct contact with the particles of the World Svarga explode, forming superheavy substance. This explosion of physics called annihilation. But, despite the

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Our Vedic Divine Names

Which God was worshiped in Russia?

For all existing current confusion of the ancient gods, in general, it is not difficult to guess what was the chief god of the Russian people. The word Russia (the old Ra-sion or Ra-Xiyun) indicates the god Ra. Other words also confirm this:

Time (in Pa + + I) Culture (the cult of Ra +) Tomorrow (covenant + pa) Vera (Veda + pa) Dawn (light + pa) Early (top + pa) Rainbow (Ra + arc) Joy (Ra

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Vievichi, naga serpent people and others — the oldest representatives of the human race

When we lived Fomhoires, Rakshasas, vievichi, nagas and other such things? How many are there types? Whether the many-headed and many-armed Rakshasas, nayrrity, Hecatonchires and giant werewolves Fomhoires, Yakshas, pishachi, bhutams and other creatures to the snake-people, and if so, why it has changed their appearance? Or whether they belonged to the giant intelligent insects and mammals?

Vievichi and Nagas live before the Rakshasa and Fomorian

Try to answer on this page to the last question first. In Irish, Slavic and Indian legends contain hidden information that is naked and vievichi lived before Fomorian and Rakshasas. During the most recent

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Oleg: RUSSIAN moderate. Site Sanity

Carefully look around yourself, brother, Ocean view their past, extending deep into the centuries, and you will realize that the only real truth of this so-called "civilization" — a genocide of Slavs. Consistent, and persistent covert destruction of our history, culture, traditions, our semey.I first we see endless attempts to destroy rusichej — descendants of the Rus, anciently existed on the vast lands of Asia and Europe.

No wonder the word "race" tune «Rasha». It is easy to see how our spaces in the native Russian quietly but relentlessly squeezed out all the key positions in the

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Russian language — the language of the world free people

"I will express my opinion right: verbal speech rights — is the gift of God, revelation, How long a person lives in the simplicity of his heart, until he has the mind of the mind is not gone, it is simple, direct and strong, as the contention of the Heart and pillows when the person zaumnichaetsya, it takes more than this artificial setting, the hostel poshleet, and in the scientific community receives special, conditional value "

VI Distance

From ancient times, the relationship between people in the world basically have only two ways of life. One was

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