Typhoon Vutip attacks East Asian countries

October 1, 2013. Typhoon Vutip sent their full potential on the coast of China, Thailand and Vietnam. Since the beginning of the week in Vietnam in the struggle with the elements of three people died, 35 were injured, several villages are preparing for serious flooding. In China, the search services are searching 74 sailors from Guangdong province, disappeared in the waters of the South China Sea.

In several central Vietnamese provinces damaged more than 95,000 houses and administrative buildings badly damaged infrastructure in the region and tens of hectares of cultivated fields. From Vietnam received reports of damage

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In Tuvalu declared a disaster due to lack of fresh water

Funafuti Atoll

October 3. The authorities of a small Pacific States said that the situation with the presence of drinking water in the country is critical.

On Monday, on the tiny island of Tuvalu declared a state of emergency due to the lack of fresh water in the country. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of neighboring New Zealand Murray McCully is going to help the impoverished state.

— Lack of water is observed in the capital of Tuvalu — Funafuti, as well as some adjacent areas. We will send some special plane carrying humanitarian aid to Tuvalu —

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Record heat in Australia

Record heat in Australia Weather and Climate

Summer is the season of 2011-2012 was extremely hot for the Australian Perth and already is aiming to book the weather records. Air temperature over the last few days does not fall below 40 ° C. At the weekend the thermometer showed a record 41.6 degrees. Exhausting the March heat continues, forecasters said.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the steady dry weather may contribute to the emergence of large fires that threaten the residents of Perth and the surrounding area. For Australia, which recently survived another flood, this impact will

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In South Louisiana, downpours and flooding

In South Louisiana, downpours and flooding Natural Disasters

In the south of Louisiana declared a state of emergency after dozens of settlements districts Lafayette, Acadia, St. Landry, and St. Martin were flooded constantly coming from the heavy rain water.

As a result of a severe thunderstorm in the streets of some cities gathered from 30 to 45 cm of water, which created a difficult environment movement. Therefore, 16 students had to be evacuated by boat to the department of health care stalled bus directly from the motorway. Of deaths and injuries were reported. However, 77 residents of the commune Karenkro

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In Romania, for the first time in the history of the October snow fell

October 3, 2013. For the first time since 1929 in Romania, winter is coming so early — at the beginning of October. Moreover, marked the beginning of winter here long thick snow storms with gusty winds and strong snow cover. Blizzards were so severe that, in the five areas of the country even had to declare a "yellow" code of danger, and the wind speed in high Carpathians reached 100 km / h

The consequences of the October snowstorms in the Romanian cities can be seen with the naked eye, hundreds of fallen under the weight of snow and

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As a result of climatic disasters in Asia displaced more than 42 million inhabitants

As a result of climatic disasters in Asia displaced more than 42 million people in Weather and Climate

Over the last two years of natural disasters in Asia have forced more than 42 million residents to relocate, according to the Asian Development Bank report calls for prompt action to prevent future crises. "Asia and the Pacific is the area most susceptible to impacts of natural disasters. This applies both to the number of catastrophes themselves, and the number of people affected by them. "

Approximately 31.8 million people in the region were displaced by natural disasters and extreme weather events

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Seychelles idyll in danger

Seychelles idyll in danger Weather and Climate

Sudden heavy rains disrupted idyllic tranquil shores of the Seychelles. Due to climate changes during dry periods are longer and more severe storms, so international organizations help local people keep the world's only country whose territory is 50% of the reserves.

"Seasons mix. Short showers occur more frequently, but periods without rain extended. Of drinking water is rapidly declining, having a negative impact on diet and reproduction of the species, "- said Rolf Payet, an expert on climate change in the Seychelles. Of that, an increase in temperature makes beautiful places of the

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Flooding in northern Chile

Flooding in northern Chile Natural Disasters

As a result of uncontrolled rains in northern areas of the South American nation of Chile rivers burst their banks, coastal homes inundated with water. Some river bridges could not stand the pressure of the water and were damaged. Affected railway lines nearby Peru.

In Chilean military fears that the flow of water can wash landmines from their default location, which is a great threat to civilians. Thus, on 19 February during a similar flood 300 anti-tank mines were carried water to the side of the main transport hub of the region, which has

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The damage caused by natural disasters in 2009

Natural disasters in the past year, according to the reinsurance company Munich Re, have claimed lives and caused less damage less than in 2008, according to December 29 BBC News.

In its annual report, the company notes that the main reasons for this was the absence of major disasters and relatively mild hurricane season in the North Atlantic.

The total economic loss was in 2009, $ 50 billion, compared with $ 200 billion in 2008. However, said Munich Re, the total number of destructive events were above long-term average: in 2009, 850 of them were registered.

"The tendency to

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Volcanic activity on the Greek island

Volcanic activity on the Greek island of Danger Zone

On one of the Greek islands of Santorini (also known as Thera or Thira) notes the increasing volcanic activity. More than 20 monitoring stations indicate that the caldera woke rapidly deformed.

"After decades of low activity, in January 2012, by a series of aftershocks followed the deformation of the caldera, and the equipment in the northern part of the island moved by 5-9 centimeters. Magma chamber is full, so the activity of the volcano is closely watched, "- said Andrew Newman, one of the researchers.

The last eruption of Santorini was

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